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  1. hi man i have one problem its nope possible reset my char have this problem

    You have reached the limit of resets, u have un solucition pls ???? thanks

  2. I dont know why x200 Diablo and x30 Aurora don’t merge it’s better merge two Server why X30 Aurora it’s dead, 80% play Server aurora it’s referal !!
  3. @DeagLe hi man i sold this dl for u you remember man ? Sell for my this bons and u char dl ? How many man ?
  4. Yep, I reinstall client and install again, but this is the same problem i dont undestand why !! @Arthur
  5. Have un solution or nope @Arthur?
  6. Why my SM its not the same for my DL? Its possible i use Mana and E,R potion for My DL bot for my SM nope, its possible to repair @Arthur ?
  7. It's like before I can not push the W, E, R button to use the potion of bless and soul @Arthur its possible repair my char RaPhaEL ?
  8. yes only in this character @Arthur
  9. does not work, I tried several times.
  10. I have a problem for my char SM its impossible use potion of bless and soul and Use MANA with the button W,E,R its possible to repair ? NickName : RaPhaEL @[email protected]@[email protected]@popwar Can someone solve this for me, please?
  11. challenger

    BAGIRA 4.9

    1. My nickname: RaPhaEL2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.9 4. Name the offender: BAGIRA5. Proof:
  12. i have on problem for Free bonuses option XTREMETOP100.COM
  13. @[email protected]@popwar dont respect rules and I insulted.
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