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    because I decided to ban. I'm tired of same topics almost everyday. Use this time to understand your attitude, and why it's not ok to communicate and provoke like
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    you are the main provocateur of the server so no need to be surprised that you get banned
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    shut the f up noob here it is the suricate ! nap nap or never nap?
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    If you want it politicaly correct, here is your warning. Although when considering your penalty, we kept in mind your provokations of other players in recent topics.
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    Hahahahaha crying little girl
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    Screenshot requirements: 1. Nothing should be glossed over or cut. 2. The conversation has to be opened fully (hotkey F4 - until chat will not open fully). Screenshots examples - here. 3. Time and date should be visible. 4. Screenshot expiration date: 3 days from the day it was taken. 5. Screenshot should be readable. Read carefully before you cry here little girl. You really are being so silly and cute thinking you could ban everyone so easily
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    Dear authorized, I have been playing this game for a long time with my character which name is "MeteHan". Whenever I tried to log in, wrong password warning appears. I clicked "password recovery" button however recovery mail has been sent another mail address that is; "met*@salagame.com" . Mail address that I have declared above is not mine, so I think, my account has been stolen. Could you please help me to save my account. Thanks in advance.. Best Regards, Mert Yoldas
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    86 / 5000 Çeviri sonuçları We got worried, our points were dead, we got out of the game, we broke through, we were full, help
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    Can you write it in romanian, i guess it will be easier to understand
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    Sorro ELF HELP PLS
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    admin has had a problem, I want help on my character. We had a problem at endless threw us then the points did not come dying it was left today then all the points became 65000 k.
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    -Mrhope 274 quest volcano set +13 armor luck dd hp pant luck dd hp gloves luck dd boots luck dd impreal sword +13 pvp phantom sheld +13 FO pendant rings +12 wings +12 pvp
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    You meant you? Minimum combo damage of a bk not fully equipped is 30-40k x2. And my combo damage was 50k x2 or around there. *sadface*
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    It was also funny that you having full dd ref set, w3, shield with 300k hp not being able to kill a 90k hp mg, not even once in duels. Don’t bullshit about demon or achievements. You need just 1 or 2 combos to kill a 90k hp mg, while I need 3 or 4 combos to kill you with 300k hp with a shield. So stop bringing demon or achievement or anything else in the topic of not being able to kill me.
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    Of course I die from ts without f10 on. You then started provoking me and me provoking back to you. So who has the problem here again?? Me? Me dying to your ts without f10 on started the provocation?
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    Yeah and I admit I did a lot of provocations, its because you were always killing me afk, and you were always trying to be around me talking shit to me when I never talk a shit. I’m too lazy to quote your screenshot here again. Referring to the screenshots that you reported me yesterday, CEMO asked if -Rogue is me, I didn’t respond to him or anyone. And you suddenly appeared and said yes, -Rogue is me, the kid. I, then responded to you “crying little girl”. From here, you started the provocation. Not to mention that, you always kill me afk and I didn’t say shit. I only asked you to come and kill me again when I’m not afk. Referring to the another screenshot that you posted of me dueling LEnnor-, it was quiet at first because me and lennor kept our conversations in pm, discussing stats etc.... And YOU, again appeared talking shit there saying ez, run, weak etc...... Also, another screenshot you posted, talking shit to me saying “afk no more” to me because you saw me came back on and noticed you killed me again. Therefore, I responded you and you took screenshot of it using it to report me. Isn’t it ridiculous? Most of the screenshots you took, you were the one who started the provocations. Yes, in some screenshots I was the one who started. But like I said, in the recent reports you are the most active reporter reporting several players. Other than those, its just me reporting you, mrhope reporting you. From here, who has the biggest problem? Why didn’t LEnnor- report me? Why didn’t -MrHope report me? Why didn’t DUNCAN report me? Why didn’t the rest of the players report me? OR us reporting each other? Its just between me, mrhope, duncan and you?
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    Stop crying, like I said you yourself posted screenshots that included you starting the provocations. If you want to prove that you aren’t the one who started all these shits, go ahead and dig out pictures of us killing you/provoking you which should be 1 or 2 months ago. Remember after I bought the BK and testing duels with other BKs?? You are always there provoking me (which can be found from your own screenshots that you posted in another prison thread). In those duel pictures, did I even see you? Did I even talk to you? Did I even kill you? No, so it should be none of your business. Its just me with other BKs in the duel and you were always there talking shit to me.
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    finally someone who understood us came out thanks Tip-R
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    1. My nickname : DeathCrow2. The game server: x5000 Phobos 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.8 / 4.18 4. Name the offender: We4kneSS (M4dneSS) 5. Proof: Look this picture right here, he is still provoking other players (4.18) even though he got banned on his main character. Sorry but the rest of the pictures were taken from him, because I didn't take it as a matter when he always provoked me, but he is the one who took pictures of himself provoking people. He always kill me when I'm afk. Look, here he provoked me by saying he can kill my mg that has demon, double his achievement. Here, I am trying out pvp stats with other players, suddenly a wild guy appeared here watching our duels and started provoking me again as shown in the chat that he took screenshot of himself. This duel here is just a test and it is none of his business why is he talking so much? Also here, I was chilling in BA, and my friend asked if it was me (-Rogue) that appeared in BA, because I sold my MG (Nara). I didn't respond to him, but then this wild guy suddenly provoked me again which is also none of his business when my friend asked if that was me. As I mentioned before, this guy is always killing me when I'm afk. When I got back, he started talking shit again. Conclusion, this guy always kill me when I'm afk, and when I got back he would say something or some shit to provoke me, it is only normal that I would provoke him back. Yes of course sometimes I don't respond to him because he is too annoying.
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    You always were the one starting to provoke, now you beg for appeal hahahaha you deserve it
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    1. my nickname : 1ns4nity2. The game server: Phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.124. Name the offender: JADA ( Duncan )
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    First warning: 1. My nickname : M4dneSS2. The game server: Phobos 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.18 4. Name the offender: Nara ( he sold this one ) , DeathCrow , -Rogue (this is his new char) , ChelseaTing (on forum) 5. Proof:
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