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    1. Much- 2. Kristaps 3. Born in Latvia, living in United Kingdom. 4. MUX Global x5000 Phobos (old one), nick- MuchVery, guild- Reloaded/Royal (same guild just change guild master) Started 2 weeks after opening somwhere at mid november, can't remeber correct date. Than when Phobos was merged to Aurora our guild was transfered to eGames x5000 Inferno, nick- MuchVery/ Much, guild- Reloaded/Eros (same guild just change guild master) played there until they opened new server on MUX Global. And it was MUX Global x5000 Phobos (new one), nick- EnvY/ Much- , guild- Furious, playing in this server since opening. Pretty much have played only in x5000 servers with the same ppl +/- (core of guild is same ppl) 5. I was advised to leave aplication here.
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    bk failed next mg fail next summoner?
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    Hide and Seek raznos ArTurOs Harvest raznos ArTurOs Countries and Capitals John NeeO papaNja gepardC NeeO Race gepardC NeeO
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    We have decided to take VeryMuch as a new senator. Thank you all for participation.
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    Download latest pacher and copy files into games folder.
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    ANTI, video is not by rules. But next time try to make correct video for reporting. Video link on youtube isn't working, video is set up as private. And the rule you think he broke is 3.1 not 4.1. And in the video if you try to catch someone doing alt+f4, you have to vrite him pm after you kill him, so we could see if he went offline or no. Print Screen button have to be pressed in a video so date would be visible. Video requirements: 1. In case if player with suspiсion of autopick usage was captured (2.1), at least 3 Zen piles obtained in a row should be visible on the video. 1.2. In case if player with suspiсion of autopick usage was captured (2.1), the F2 key should not be pressed by the operator while recording a video. Post, experience bar and obtained items (yellow and blue inscriptions) should be visible. 2. In case if player with suspicion of using any other forbidden program is captured, or while using in-game bug, on the video all the factors, which may help us to understand the whole situation objectively, should be captured. 3. Video expiration date 1 week. 4. At the end of the video, you have to press Print Screen button, in order of date and time to appear on the in-game screen during video recording. 5. In video title, it is obligatory to indicate - MUX Global MU Online and your server. For example: MUX Global MU Online - Phobos. 6. In the video description, it is obligatory to add a link to our server's statistics. Go here -> and choose the right server. For example here is a link to Phobos: https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=stats&serv=server5 7. Video must be uploaded only on YouTube
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    Golden Fenrir: Increase Physical Damage +40% - that's for everything except magic spells Increase Wizardry Damage +30% - that's only for Evil Spirits, Decay, Aqua Beam Etc. Increase Defense +40% Increase Life +5000 Increase Excellent Damage +250 As for the 4th Wings, there is actually a thing that is incorrect. Increase Wizardry Damage by: 72% - that will work for all types of damage, so the wings will be good for BMG as well. We'll fix the description in the next update.
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    UPDATE : sell / trade ************************************************** BK 216rr 400lvl 278quests Dragon set +15+28add+8%ddi Helm +l+dd+ref Gloves +l+dd+ref Armor +l+dd+ref+hp Pants +l+dd+ref+hp Boots +l+dd+ref+hp+dsr Night´s Edge +13+FO Sword Bracker +15+FO Bronze Shield +15+FO Pantheon Set +13+L+8%ddi ************************************************* MG 216rr 264quests Mayhem Set +13+L Dancer Sword +12+FO+PVP offers here via Forum or DM me in game
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    MentoC Kawej AveRa ratnik RulingSlyr
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    Maybe u know my langauge better than me ? Also thats azerbaijan langauge and too close to mine. And u guys are just provacators on forum topics with fake accounts. - hayatta daha vacip şeyler var anne- kız kardeş(bacı) sende olmayan ( most important things in life which u dont care mom and sis) he mean here u make me insult them Onları sikeyim ( i fuck them or smth like this)there is translate . So just look your job and stop provocate at every topic. Edit for the his last word peyser means As we can see here he have more than 4.6 Just write on google like what ...(which word meanin u curios for dots) means.
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    He wrote there clearly Fuck your mom and sis and more insults etc
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    they will ask for trasnlation again
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    He is selling it so I think he wants someone to pay him, let's w8 for him and see which is it if he pays then im interested too
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    Say that again!
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    I personally don't see that phrase in those pm's. Put the whole translation..