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    can it actually be removed ? its so f annoying loging to the game and all u can see sam vietnam farming guild war for achievment @BeL4eNaK
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    This likely has nothing to do with ping, cc appears to have a separate synchronization problem. Players in movement are pretty much like red dragons, except you can't target ground to hit them. When enemy runs around pits it's quite often that single target skills straight up refuse to register. You can really notice it when playing elf and a bk is running at you, just cast ice arrow and nothing happens, can't hit combo since 2 of those skills are single target. This video is a bad example, but I have had it happen to me dozens of times, this sm just brings sd potions and likes to toy with enemies so he runs in circles, oftentimes you spam death stab on him and he just runs past you like nothing happened
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    So ye idk what Rule that is and im honestly too lazy to find it out.. everywhere are DLs taking over newbie Spots, if u write them they never Answer and if u kill them they stay AFK till they move back to that Spot and still wont Answer you. Alot of Maps are missing but i dont see me doing Admins Work of keeping the Server Clean. Hire someone who walks twice a day through all the Maps or give me BONS for that kinda Work coz, making those kind of Videos cost me Time/and Space on my PC wich is wasted. Each Video 20+tax and im happy, its cheap yall know that haha Anyway, keep it clean ma Boys'nGirls Greetings Baerus | DonVigil | MUXGlobal Luxor x1000
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    If I say "Ngu". "Chinese-VietNamese" dictionary : Ngu = Lucky. In the past. Vietnam is called "Đại Ngu". The thought of it is great luck. Are we insulting our country? No, Man. You said I offended you. it's just your opinion, not mine
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    i dont said "your whole family is stupid" . right ?. Show broof plz. If you say the proof is the sentence "ca nha may ngu vai ca dai" = "your whole family is stupid" . No man, you are not knowledgeable enough Regards!
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    please check chat history of char: AnVo and Emily. Emily was the first to provoke I need everything clear. Because i m newbie, I don't know all the rules yet. If ban account, Right Now plz. 1. I'm a newbie 2. this is vip account, I will lose time to use vip benefits
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    If you do not log in to the game for at least a week, you cannot vote until you do
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    He was voting for more than 2 accounts regularly. 3-4 was normal to vote for him. And he already received a warning previously, if I remember correctly. Ban.
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    Просто залезь в папку data/monster и копирни да переименуй одного из существующих монстров под Monster76.bmd
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    I understand I was wrong once I paid for this in connection with the vote, but mzu you are a fool. if I helped the guild a few times with that account, that doesn't mean I voted for that account, in any case, you'll see the result after the voting ip is verified
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    What quests, i have 281 . Are you talking about guild quest ?
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