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    Do you want to leave the server? just say it and we're leaving that's it. ET broken 64k for flames and I still have to buy the rest of the boxes where items with zen fall. The dragon invasion is now looking for them like crazy all over the map. I don't see a strategy on your part to bring in new players. I DO NOT SEE ANY GOOD IN THIS UPGRADE I AM SORRY I AM DISAPPOINTED
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    +14 days R.O Take a rest.
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    After prolonged and heated debates it has been decided that the best course of action in the current situation is to make a merge. And as you can see, the situation on servers Legend and Phobos is quite dull. We don't want our players to suffer from boredom, thus we provide an opportunity to join communities and breathe life into our gaming worlds. Citizens of servers Legend and Phobos are going for a trip – Muxglobal Legend and Muxglobal Phobos are merging with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in spring of 2016, has more than 400 active players every day, 11000 created characters and it is our oldest and the most solid server to date. Legend and Phobos players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safely. Servers Aurora and Legend received a temporary 99% bonuses return for all items bought in the Shop on the website. We thought that players might want to change their gear in order to prepare for the heavy hitters from Phobos. Servers Aurora and Legend received 50% a permanent discount on buying bonuses. All who bought bonuses in the last 3 months including September on servers Legend and Aurora will receive additional bonuses equal 100% to the amount that they have bought. After the merge server Aurora will receive new Guild Tribute and Clan Reward systems. This merge will be accompanied by an advertising campaign, we will ensure that all our player-base gets notified about this event. We will try to bring back old players and probably attract new ones in the process. Merge will take place on January 8. Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.
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    Hello , We have right at one Admin from our Guild. We want to propose our Battle Master " LEnnor- " for this job. Thank you.
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    Now, when all the items were deleted from the server we can decide the fate of the ones involved. Rules broken 3.1 for using website exploit and 3.2 for not reporting it. Some people were involved less, others more. Someone got Guardian Pants, and someone got 10+ items and managed to sell his character to another person. I will divide perpetrators into three groups by violation severity: High, Medium, Low Low: got only 1 item kolllMap, -yamakasy- Medium: got 2 items Equlibrium Eleonora ArbuziK -lakacaka- I consider that groups Low and Medium may receive a redemption in the form of changing their ban from rule 8 to 3.1 (+5 days to Medium Group) under certain conditions: 1) Public apology to the players of the server. 2) Refund triple cost of the items they acquired (by Aurora shop prizes, e.g. Sunlight Helm 2700x3=8100 Bon) In addition, I propose to split all the bonuses from the refunds among the citizens of Phobos - give it to the 100 people in the Hall of Fame. High: got multiple items and were involved with CPbIBoK Beasty episode KENZO CPbIBoK I propose permanent ban for this group and further investigations of their traces on our project. As for -troika-, there is a new owner of that character that technically doesn't have anything to do with the GR exploit. Did he buy the character for PlayPoints or real - is yet to be determined, but that is another case that will be dealt with by another person in my team. Final decision will be made on Monday, until then no one goes free.
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    https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=services&act=grands Grandshop system from old Phobos wasn't properly turned off. Fellas figured out old the link and used the old Grand Shop. Everyone in the list will now receive Rule 8. ban with further proceedings. All items will be deleted from the server. People who bought this kind of items from other players - contact me or zgames.support.
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    Read this message, better two or more times. Look.. One thing, when one guy go and killing their enemies in BA, on golden monsters e.t.c. Other thing, if this guy going to kill everyone who see in Arkania spots, Tarkan, Icarus, and partly in BA. Just for fun. Question - why do we need this person on OUR server? What motive he have? Malicious act? For what? I've read, he wrote here something like " haha i killed everyone on all his server, it's time to get used to ". Tho much insolent huh? One button and we don't have any problems with this shit, trust me. That's why i said, this is final call for this.
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    Look we have 2 minute video of it
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    TDM is much important then gym
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    Greatest would be to remove the shop at all. I'd like to see again the server without vault blaster (no fo items at all) Demon/angel/shadowmere = 10 fenrirs (5 blue / 5 black) + jewel of luck + flame = 30% success rate and random pet in result To compensate losing money from removing the shop you can: Also add improving items from +12 to +13 for higher cost. Add OPTIONS ADDING in the services list - maximum 1 option per one item with 500 bons cost. Add boosters in the game (not like achv system), but like your spells in x-shop: +100 speed / +100 def / +100 dmg = each for 100 bons per month. Max 10 boosters at time allowed to keep the balance. To increase your online: Start to detect referrals-makers (self-referring shouldn't be allowed) and highly increase the referral bonuses reward for real referrals. Maybe people would start to invite others at FB, VK, etc. Start to pay more money for the advertisments at the top monitors. P.S. I am not playing now, cause I've tired to play on the "200+" online server with 5 afk people at BA Server needs great changes from the head to the bottom.
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    Car for my wife on the birthday. I told her that there are new winter wheels for her honda insight as the gift. But there is no honda))
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    New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files. Ctrl key will now affect only active window of the game. So you won't be killing other players by accident when playing in multiple windows, or when the game is minimized.
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    1.savage , Queen 2. Adelina 3. Romania 4. I started to play 3 and half years ago on Aurora server , then on Nova server since opening till old Phobos was opened as Anira(Clever guild). After merging Phobos with Aurora i played as Queen in Sheol guild aka GameOver now. On new Phobos i'm playing as savage , guild TheAce. 5. I will try my best to be a good quest master. This will be a great opportunity for me and i hope i can achieve it
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    That time has come when citizens of server Pandora are going for a trip – Pandora merges with Phobos. Decision to merge was decided by the poll, 80% of the Hall of Fame players were in favor. Legion players will be transferred to Phobos. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safe and sound. Servers Legion and Phobos will be turned off on Thursday 12.03.2020 at 13:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server Phobos will open the same day after ~23:00 if no problems arise, but delays are likely. Complete information about all the details of merging, instructions and recommendations can be found here.
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    1. Much- 2. Kristaps 3. Born in Latvia, living in United Kingdom. 4. MUX Global x5000 Phobos (old one), nick- MuchVery, guild- Reloaded/Royal (same guild just change guild master) Started 2 weeks after opening somwhere at mid november, can't remeber correct date. Than when Phobos was merged to Aurora our guild was transfered to eGames x5000 Inferno, nick- MuchVery/ Much, guild- Reloaded/Eros (same guild just change guild master) played there until they opened new server on MUX Global. And it was MUX Global x5000 Phobos (new one), nick- EnvY/ Much- , guild- Furious, playing in this server since opening. Pretty much have played only in x5000 servers with the same ppl +/- (core of guild is same ppl) 5. I was advised to leave aplication here.
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    Have you ever though - "that guy deffo has macros"? Have you ever wrote to somebody - "nice combo clicker!" Have you ever wondered how does somebody can kill bc mobs with combo? SAY NO MORE FAM! Join the PRO MOUSE subscription service, for only 99.99 a month you can get this amazing PRO mouse! TypeR HeagbIKBaT - Pigi and MiLan1sT - DONT DELAY, JOIN NOW! ***PRO mouse pads not included, if you want one of those PRO mouse pads, you can choose a model from pictures above for additional 99.99 a month. (disclaimer: Pro mouse and pad will not going to give you magical skills, your gameplay level still depends on your own hands) NB! Christmas pad is only available for limited time only! Hurry!
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    New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files. Wizards received a new combo: Lighting > Inferno > Aqua Beam. As a first skill you can also use Ice or Poison. To be able to perform combo your character should have third class quest completed. We have upgraded the lottery. All useless junk has been removed from Group 4. Now you can win Fenrir, VIP, Cash Points or Power Buff. Group 3 prizes significantly improved with additional items: Knight Blade, Platina Wing Staff, Kundun Staff, Staff of Destruction, Albatross Bow, Arrow Viper Bow, Shining Scepter, Great Lord Scepter, Lighting Sword, Great Reign Crossbow, Dark Reign Blade, Lord Scepter, Crystal Dagger, Bronze Shield. Ring and Pendants were removed from Group 2, added: Sword Bracker, Air Lynn Bow, Absolute Scepter, Bone Blade, Grand Viper Staff, Sylph Wind Bow, Explosion Blade, Solay Scepter, Dragon Shield, Grand Soul Shield instead. Overall we got rid of all useless slots and increased the average value of each group. Total number of items in the lottery increased, that will significantly add variability to your itemization and add excitement to your winnings. Detailed information about the lottery is available here. We have reworked View Range settings in the client, Ultra Low setting now has no texture artifacts on the edges and has a new fixed camera distance between Default and Low. This mode now will be much more convenient for those who have lag issues. Also we have optimized view ranges for Low to Medium settings, that should increase client performance in safe zones among crowds. In the throne room there are no more texture artifacts on the edges. Known issue when the opponent could come approach you from below and you won’t see him has been fixed for view ranges medium and up. You can see how it looked before and how it is now. If everything will perform correctly fixes will be made for other view range as well. Blood Castle and Devil Square ticket mixes now have 100% success rate, Zen cost has more than tripled. Enabling auto-party mode in clicker will now grant you additional 2% experience. Guild Master level no longer affects the number of Battle Masters that a guild can possess, now you can assign the maximum number of BMs at any level. If you are in VIP Arena and your VIP expires - you will now be teleported to the city. Next week we will start to test-run new Endless Tower event on MUX servers, and by the end of the week it will become fully operational.
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    1. My nickname: Flippy2. The game server: x5000 Phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.14. Name the offender: XrysT5. Proof: https://prnt.sc/plvlae
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    would you please xplain us how this is possible ? i play on x100 server since opening, and never got 1 single item with AROUND same opt. But here is someone who got FO set on server without FO sets and made it all +12, do i get it right ?
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    First (?) MUX marrige Weissmann and Bagira became family.
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    Hello i want to report senate member popwar. He gives ro and deletes my topics for no reason. Have full letter where i could see hes not in right place at all. Man you working for us, because we are customers. So this time you make me angry when you deleted my post 4 times, then closed topic. So CUSTOMER SERVICE is not working here
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    I guess you will like it It was just a picture, but @Artur decided to make it more "Mu"
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    1. Weissmann 2. Sergey 3. Germany 4. since 2016 5. Type-R is not my best friend, so other people will get good chnaces to win.
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    TheAce is guild which would never do that. They would not support you when you was just starting in first place then. They are only Happy when you attend to events, and they are sad when you don’t. They have everything they need, they do not go to events for gain, but for fun of sportsmanship. Only thing they ask you is respectfull play in return, with no abuses, just enjoyment of the game.
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    Greetings, dear ladies and gentelmen, I would like to draw your attention to a serious problem. You would guess what it is? *sad trombone sound* and the answeeeer is - Elite potion small (restores 50% HP) and it's big brother Elite Potion v2(restores 100% HP). In my opinion this "devils" potion must be removed completely it causes so much imbalance between classes/duels/events etc in few words - ruins game integrity. This topic must have been written long time ago but I needed to gather facts, arguments and experience it myself. The first reason is "Ancient Set Users" especially BK/DL/MG/(???)ELF(???) work like a charm. - The purpose of ancient set is to decrease defense to gain significant damage boost. Elite potions mitigates ancient set "con" or removes it completely. You must take a risk for higher reward wearing anc set not facerolling with it by pressing braindead potion button IMO. Secondly, have you ever seen a Dark Lord fighting and tanking 5 people with excellent set with their anormous amount of defense and absorb and pressing elites ??? dont forget the same goes with BK's this class is already imba a.k.a strongest 300k tank oneshotting everyone without pocket-swell with their combo while being under the shield and pesky "cyclone" skill which enables option to become a rogue and play hide n seek in the character models - complete check. The question is how this poor beast will survive on the battlefield!? *Big Elite Potion knocks the door*. - By removing potion it will elliminate the gap created between pot users and non users. Third reason I would say this shouldn't be in the game when one person eliminates full party of people because of elites on the +/- same equipment level. Those are the 3 main reasons in my opinion I summed up which hurts current gamestate. Let players be more equal on a server there are already good enough chunk of boosts for P2W players or you want that PvP will consist from only elite HP potion users? Feel free to comment your thoughts and give improvements, ideas. Please avoid useless flood/mockery. @BeL4eNaK @Ivan Nebraska
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    Rec rule 8 on all chars on all our servers. People like this are not welcome here.
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    We will do as you wish. We can make a poll among the Legion server players if they want to transfer to Phobos. If the majority is in favor, then we will transfer Legion to Phobos.
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    Recently the community have raised concerns that you feel uncomfortable that 2 of 2 senators who are working in prison, also happen to be in the same guild. Even though you should not worry about it, we still respect your concerns and therefore we are looking for 3rd prisoner, preferable from a Furious guild. To apply for this role, you have to leave your application in this topic using the form provided below. 1. Your Nickname and link to the character 2. Your Real name 3. Where do you come from? (Name at least Europe/Asia/America, but country preferable) 4. Your experience with our projects, and all the previous nicknames you had on them before. (where and how long, if you can remember also server / guild) 5. Why do you think you would be a good prisoner. You can also add whatever you want to add in this point, full creativity welcome here. The Deadline for applications is 10/01/2020 23:59, don't be late.
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    Congratulations to the winning team!
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    Top bk??! i should say top kebab shit bk
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    In SPA you just relaxing and nothing more. With 4 wings you can fly in Mu Online world, have great damage and absorb. 4 wings anyway is much better. Easy choice.
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    No, but in near future we will add absolutely new event, which was wrote from zero. There you will have opportunity to make Condor flame. So, it's just like a little spoiler
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    The real true is...
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    Hello our mux players! We are glad to announce, that we have increased amount of bonuses for winning quests. Now for winning in-gane quests you will earn 25 bonuses, instead of 15 And don't forget about our forum quests, there you can also get easy bonuses!
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    1) Best "Gameplay / Action " screenshot 1. AmazonE - 1000 bonuses 2. BKsparK - 600 bonuses 3. yamakasy - 400 bonuses 2) Best "massive / crowded" screenshot 1. SP00N3R - 1000 bonuses 2. LorduBM - 400 bonuses 3. ------- 3) Best "beautiful" screenshot 1. AmazonE - 1000 bonuses 2. Gaziki - 600 bonuses 3. boylaixa - 400 bonuses 4) Best screenshot from our "new locations" 1. Ego1st - 1000 bonuses 2. Gaziki - 600 bonuses 3. RedBull - 400 bonuses 5) Best "modified" screenshot 1. SP00N3R - 1000 bonuses 2. Ego1st - 600 bonuses 3. RedBull- 400 bonuses "Most Valuable Player" - AmazonE - 500 bonuses "People's choice" - RedBull - 500 bonuses "For participate " - cuty987, Famous, Vlad0S, Viserion, cheloo_tm - 150 bonuses Click on "bonuses count" to see the screen shot. Everybody - thanks for participate! Red Bull 3th place in "Modified screenshot" & "People choice"
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    We gladly announce that our most intense high-rate server Phobos x5000 is coming back and it will be glorious. This time we have incorporated the sophistication of addictive item gathering and a pure joy of easy leveling. Like on our previous servers there will be no full sets, 3, 4 level wings or special pets in the bonuses shop. All these items will have to be collected exclusively by available gaming methods - fighting for bosses and trading with other players. Chance of looting items with 4 Excellent options and a wide range of available Ancient sets will make the process of assembling your perfect outfit truly captivating. But despite that, there will be the beloved Guild Tribute system with the new Tribute Chests system. With your characters Guild Tribute Points (GTP) you can open special chests on the website. There are 4 type of chests: Weapons, Shields, Pendants and Rings, opening a chest will guarantee you one of the items from the list for you character class. The better the item, the smaller is the chance for you to get it. For example opening a Weapons chest will always guarantee you an Excellent Bone Blade with 5 Excellent options, but also give you 10% chance to get Night's Edge instead, or 30% chance to get Flameberge/Bracker. You will be greeted by reinforced monsters on all spots that will significantly slow down your progress through the locations. New pets Hellion, Seraph and Elite Horse available through crafting. Stadium open for everyone on weekends, no separate VIP server and a possibility to craft any wings with up to 4 additional options. Participate in the bonuses giveaway on Facebook and become one of 10 lucky players to win 350 Bonuses! Winners will be determined randomly on the 6 of May. Guilds Quests with different challenges every week and Individual Quest System with more than 280 tasks. New concept for Guilds and Alliances with the emphasis on siege cycles and much more. Detailed information about the server is available here. New Server Phobos x5000 will open on April 25th at 18:00 UTC+2:00! Update: Creating 4 lvl Wings has become probably the most frustrating experience that you could encounter in our MU Online worlds. Losing all your expensive ingredients at 50% rates could make even good men cruel. To calm your nerves, we have changed the recipe, now you will need more recourses, but success rate will be 90%. New recipe: 3 Lvl Wings+9, Feather of Condor 4x, Flame of Condor 4x, Jewel of Bless x30, Jewel of Soul x30 and Jewel of Chaos. Cost for 4 lvl Wings creation has been increased from 100kk to 1,5kkk, and 2 lvl Wings from 5kk to 25kk. Prize in Chaos Castle has been updated - at players request Gemstones were removed, instead we got Violet Mistery Box, Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Bless and Jewel of Life Bundle x10. Moonstone Ring drop rate slightly decreased.
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    He is right, you know.. You all just look insane with all this name calling bullshit, like little kids. I dont think any rule changes are neccessary, what needs to change is your attitudes. Try not being dicks to each other 24/7, it is possible to communicate w/o being offensive.
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    This is game, I am here to have fun and I never wanted to offend anyone because I love and respect every player! But beware!!!
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    Archangel is preparing for Date with Asteroth
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    I believe it is a good idea. Also, why don't you create a shop where you can configurate your items as you want to? Maybe I want to get +15 lvl 4 wing only with +edr or critical. Or maybe I dream about ichor pants +13 And no one can offer it. Then the shop will give the possibility to create any item you want, and calculate (using grade items) the bons I have to pay for that item, and the webpage will sell it to me for certain amount of bons calculated by the grade of the item, level, options, luck, etc etc etc I think this is also one of the GREATEST things you can make on your projects.
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    how mux community looks like, after i spent 5 constantly weeks on bles sproject
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    my set is excellent not bad this guy kill me very fast somewhere u killed balance... Every elf kill bk like a shit always. How Bk in ancient can kill bk in good excellent???
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