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    Have you ever though - "that guy deffo has macros"? Have you ever wrote to somebody - "nice combo clicker!" Have you ever wondered how does somebody can kill bc mobs with combo? SAY NO MORE FAM! Join the PRO MOUSE subscription service, for only 99.99 a month you can get this amazing PRO mouse! TypeR HeagbIKBaT - Pigi and MiLan1sT - DONT DELAY, JOIN NOW! ***PRO mouse pads not included, if you want one of those PRO mouse pads, you can choose a model from pictures above for additional 99.99 a month. (disclaimer: Pro mouse and pad will not going to give you magical skills, your gameplay level still depends on your own hands) NB! Christmas pad is only available for limited time only! Hurry!
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    Why the buyer didn’t get ban is a good question
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    Well, my apologies, if thats the reason you decided to leave x1000 .. At least, now you know, that you should play Elf only)
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    Guild Vault helps guild members to share items more easily. Every guild member can freely put items into the vault. When moving item into the vault, you need to specify conditions on how this item will be shared: with your personal confirmation, or it will be available to guild members whom you specify and they will be able to pick it up freely at any time. All operations with the Guild Vault are carried out through the Virtual Vault, so there is no need to leave the game. At the moment, Guild Vault can hold up to 50 items. Vault is located in Services > Operation with items > Guild Vault. At the initial stage, the use of the bank will be free, in the future a weekly fee will be charged.
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    Im fucking drunk and its complicated so i dont understand anything, and I Hope I can make quest tommorow properly
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    No offense but how sad you gotta be to attend a Christmas event in MU on the Christmas day when you should be spending time celebrating with your loved ones. This should have been on a different day not on the actual holiday. Maybe a thing you should think about for the future. On a brighter note i wish every player here and the administration team to have happy and joyful holidays!
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    Hellion came from market and were bought for bonuses from character Wizard Nbone was sold right after merge appeared and somebody bought it and does that means TheAce bought it?
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    Yep, this project is too tough for international players, newbies especially. I don’t really think things can change as long as tryhards from bless/egames who can’t do shit there, come and bully newbies here. Let’s say they decrease the max nr of ppl in guilds, would just result in 1-2 super guilds with full donated chars 🤷♂ Better for it to be 20-25, so that maybe some if the guilds could recruit newbs also (which they don’t...). This started to be aproblem when bless/egames players found about this project, because back at like Atlas x1000 times it was all great, the servers lived long, there was competition, there were guilds who farmed as a team to equip every noob member, there were no “14+ h a day online” requirements to join top guilds etc. Just too many tryhards that ruin the game for casual players.
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    Finally i even encouraged him to make this post as im tired of this shit. Ban me i dont give a fck ive not donated fck loads of money on some backwater server and now have to cling to it. I didnt play this game for over a decade and by luck i googled mu and found this sever. It was fun at the beggining until people like legion and sunshine guild came. Nobody can do anything, not even zen farm afk cuz these motherfuckers kill everybody overnight. Everything is being dominated by bunch of wallet warriors. There is no fun to be found on th1s shit server and its a darn shame as ive never seen so much effort put into creating a server like that only for it to fail miserably because of bunch of mentally challenged 30 year olds. i dont care what u think this is somewhat frustration post by playing on this server. Ban me if u wish im done with this server anyway, good job sunshine uve reached ur goal. this server is doomed and will die within 2 months. bye
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    I have seen ppl getting banned for /post “sell acc for $”, joke or no joke, it is enough. Especially if your account is “powerful”, makes even less sense for it to be a joke.
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    lol when senates sell items for real money they don't get ban
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    Is it possible if you would decide about verdict on all prison topics above grade of 4.2? Prison needs anyway 3 judges and since 2 of 2 prisoners right now playing in one guild versus me and others it might give us a reason to doubt on their neutral decisions on Phobos server.
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    I miss old phobos , this servers are shit , this new players to shit
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    It's fail-safe, so you wouldn't smelt an expensive item.
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    If you want attract new players - you better find a better time for a drop event.
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    Dear players, we want to congratulate you with the Christmas and upcoming New Year! We wish you all the very best not only in our Muxglobal world, but also everywhere else, outside the realms of Muxglobal. We hope that the next year will be even more interesting and captivating. This year has been full of new things. During this year, we have fixed plenty of various bugs and errors and we have implemented a lot of new features to make our beloved game even more enjoyable. To celebrate, there will be a Drop Event on the 25th December, on each of our gaming worlds. Aurora - 18:00 Legion - 18:30 Phobos - 19:00 Also we have more gifts in store for you on December 31st. Thank you for being with us in this passing year. Let's meet, celebrate and spend the next year together as well!
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    Just leave already if everything is so bad. From staffs point of view - just rule8 this guy already, years of the same negative attitude and accusations against the staff.. just get rid of the cancer in this community once and for all 🤷♂
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    While piercing set got cut ignore down to 24% , belka got an upgrade to 100% ignore.
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    Can someone explain me why no one can do Tribute(Grand reset) on LEGION 1000x server? 30 people already on 100reset 400lvl.
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    it was like max donated char saying /post S > this acc = 10 ruble
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    i dont think you will get any answer here on forum. I would suggest you to write directly to @Ivan Nebraska on Skype zgames.support
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    i already got my gadget
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    Maybe let flippy be a head-prison lead so he judge correctly with his mastermind. Weismann your the one who shit on flippy all the time and now you became best kiss friends how so? I agree with your suggestion
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    so if writes on refs takes both ban ? like this ? really im done with you. like i said always u re not fairly for the rec dude . good luck