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    Congratulations to the winning team!
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    We have long wanted to do something interesting and unusual for the MU Online community. We are glad to present the result of our collaboration with the local cosplayer – Muse Elf in Iris set. Finally, we have EE in the party.
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    Dear MUtizens, we have to inform you that our promotional campaign did not reach the desired results, therefore we have to postpone server launch for one week. We will triple our efforts and advertising budgets. It is very important for this server to have a greater amount of new players, so our community would be really be able to grow. We sincerely apologize to our loyal players who were waiting for server launch tomorrow. Server Legion x1000 will open its doors on November 28.
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    Why would anybody think that new server can kill phobos? Who cares about the rat-noobs who keep running from server to server? Respectable players will stay. Also i'm pretty much sure, that phobos will be like extreme on bless, where all other new servers who will eventualy die, will be merged with phobos, so most likely, all the players who sell chars on phobos and go to legion, will eventually be transfered back to phobos, only weaker. P.s. While TheAce is here, phobos will live.
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    S>T> FULL PVP SM +15 5000x Extreme bless = BK/DL top full Phobos 5000x Muxglobal https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-troika-&serv=server5 VIP till 14.01.2020 PM
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    I find it really funny when people say sockets and skill tree is something new . Okay, 10 years ago you could say that but it's still season 4. I wouldn't be surprised if full season 4 is right there in current build, but they disable few locations. Sure, sockets are entirely different can of worms and would completely warp around balance, but it doesn't hurt to add s4 locations and/or gold monsters(where golden tantalos is +3 and +5 are golden napins in swamp, golden iron knights in raklion). Yes it would add way more items in game, but who cares? Global servers don't live long anyway, so why not?
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    thx for killing only fun server on Mux. (I'm talking about Phobos, because everything else suck on this platform, phobos was always the best most fun server, the new phobos and old one)
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    Winter MU Online season is around the corner and we would like to start it with a bang! New high rate server Legion x1000 with the new exclusive Endless Tower event is coming in hot! Server will have all the latest features and will be fully compatible with our most successful Phobos x5000 server. It means no donate pets, wings or sets. Guild Tribute chests with f.o. items, Guild Quests, and new rankings. Comfortable 100 resets that will not take much time to complete, but will provide you with a great gaming experience. Coming off the success of Phobos, the advertising campaign will be unprecedented. We are planning to attract a multitude of new players and significantly increase our MUX community. We have long wanted to do something interesting and unusual for the MU Online community. We are glad to present the result of our collaboration with the local cosplayer – Muse Elf in Iris set. Finally, we have EE in the party. Participate in our Facebook Bonuses Giveaway and get a chance to win 500 Bonuses! Winners will be selected randomly on December 5th! Bonuses can be transferred to any MUX server. Join our Facebook event and receive 50 bonuses as a gift! Detailed information about the server is available here. New Server Legion x1000 will open on November 28 at 18:00 UTC+2:00! Update: Virtual Vault allows you to store your items on the website and trade with other players without leaving the game. Now, in order to put an item up for sale, first you need to move it to your Virtual Vault. When buying items from the market, they will also go into your Virtual Vault. For example, you want to put up for sale several items at once: Helm, Sword, Pants, Boots, Staff. To do this, you need to exit the game, move these items to your Virtual Vault in one motion, after which you can return to the game. In the market section, you will be putting up items for sale already from your Virtual Vault, while being in the game. Updating lots on the market can now be done also without leaving the game. You can store up to 50 items in a Virtual Vault.
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    after donate your bons were droping on bon-site or bon-web service. From there you could choose what server exactly you want to withdraw your bons to. Of course It only counts for bons via donation system. especially in cases like this it would be very helpfull.
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    welcome back lol
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    Just like my mother used to make ...
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    17/11/2019 12:30 there will be ingame quests on Phobos Server! Everybody is welcome to participate
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    MUXGLOBAL LEGION x1000 - GRAND OPENING NOVEMBER 28 Our exclusive game world concept: Arkania | Ruined Lorencia | Jungle Noria | Snowstorm Devias Server with high experience rates and a Guild Tribute system that itemwise is fully compatible with our most successful Phobos x5000 server. It will be the first MUX server that will feature new Endless Tower Event from the start. Guild Tribute system clears only 1 of your resets and allows to earn Guild Tribute Points (GTP), that increase the strength of your guild, expand its influence on the server and allow you to open special Tribute Chests with top Excellent items. With your characters Guild Tribute Points (GTP) you can open special chests on the website. There are 4 type of chests: Weapons, Shields, Pendants and Rings, opening a chest will guarantee you one of the items from the list for you character class. The better the item, the smaller is the chance for you to get it. For example opening a Weapons chest will always guarantee you an Excellent Bone Blade with 5 Excellent options, but also give you 10% chance to get Night's Edge instead, or 30% chance to get Flameberge/Bracker. Server has the same donate policy as all our other new servers: no sets, no 3rd and 4th wings, no Demons, Shadowmeres, Spirit of Guardians and Golden Fenrirs in the bonuses shop. All Helms, Armors, Pants, Gloves and Boots will have to be collected exclusively by available gaming methods - fighting for bosses and trading with other players. Chance of looting items with 4 Excellent options and a wide range of available Ancient sets will make the process of assembling your perfect set truly captivating. One of the distinguishing features of the server is the new system - Guild Quests. Every week, all guilds on the server will receive a task - it can be killing certain monsters, bosses, attending events, completing quests and much more. 7 days will be given to complete the task, at the end of 7 day season, all members of the guild will be rewarded with Excellent items and extra Guild Buff. Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 280 missions. For competing tasks you receive Zen, Cashpoints, Jewels, lootboxes, level-ups and additional stat points. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing all quests is over 14 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system do not disappear with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes permanently. To prevent most active players from rushing away from the others - quests become available gradually. Initially, there are 100 quests available on the server - up to the first significant Golden Dragon boss. When first 10 players successfully complete first 100 tasks, another 20 will become available, until the next boss. When 10 people perform 120 quests, 20 more will be added and so on. Similar to quests, resets will also be unlocked gradually, which will give an additional opportunity for less hardcore players not to drop out of the reset race. Reset system is divided into three parts: to unlock 31 reset 20 people must complete 30 resets to unlock 61 reset 15 people must complete 60 resets to unlock 91 reset 10 people must complete 90 resets That means, that in order for you to perform reset 31, there should at least 20 people on the server with reset 30. Reset Table: Reset cost Zen 3kk * amount of resets | Creating MG/DL - 150/220 Lvl | Guild limits 40/60 Referral rewards at 55 | 75 | 95 Reset The first Castle Siege on the server will take place on Sunday December 29 at 18:00.Crywolf event will take place each Wednesday at 21:30 PK restrictions on locations: Donate limitations, items that will never be on sale:
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    Scar move Hannibal not move, Hannibal move Scar not move. Please check IP.
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    Stem cells Q: That's almost 3 words, nice try but no
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    Servers are online. Fixed mob stuck in texture in Endless Tower. Fixed anti-cheat issues in Endless Tower (90%, if encountered again please contact us). Added a 3 second delay after respawn in Bless Arena Safe zone. It will prevent invisible chars exiting safe zone.
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    Hey, please stop flood here better sell me items if possible clean a bit topic from surplus posts.
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    Your one of a kind that doesnt like " changes " and cant adept to new things huh? If u tell me that these Copy Paste Servers arent booring after 3 month u must be something else lol. Let the season be the same, but add atleast some chars.. or 2.5 Wings since some are still strugglin with W3 Wings. Make max lvl 1050 ( 400 basic lvls, 650 Master Lvls ) OR maybe an NON-RESET Server hmmm ? 1,5x EXP and let ppl Grind ofc no Donate Server. something like we gave alot of suggestions over the years here maybe take atleast one of them..
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    Because mu is classic game, only players who like classic games play it. And usually the players who like classic mu do not like new versions, i doubt me myself would play on a server with stuff from new versions, like skill tree, sockets and etc.
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    wtf are you talking about? You only come here to talk shit or what? We are here to play game not to talk with rats like you. Like rly what are you trying to say? Go back in to your cave and don't come out of it. Attract new players? To what? To new server, not to old ones. Brainless shit.
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    Smoke meth and hail satan!
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    I don't know why people kept using Kebab to insult others when kebab is actually a very good food and has a really nice smell. Just wow