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  2. New x1000 server is open!
  3. There is a poll on Bless Website now:
  4. x1000 does seem to sound good. When we will have a date for a new server - the news will be on the website.
  5. Ok ok then sounds good because it’s exactly the same with mu global, I can see also that x5000 server exist on bless so x1000 sound good please tell us something about that tho, we need to know more is it going to be any time soon ? At this point too many ppl want this, at least tell us Approximately when
  6. We don't have any current plans for any new MUX servers. We have transferred all characters to our https://mu.bless.gs/ru/ project. And it now has the same game version as MUX as well. If there is gonna be a new server it will be opened on MU Bless.
  7. Is the administration considering opening a new server? I personally look forward to it.! Please give us information on this matter. My suggestion is x5000 Phobos.
  8. Some servers are more russian-speaking than others. Empire server would be the most international:
  9. MUXGlobal is not closed, there will be new servers some day. But when, you will know from the news
  10. Yes please, also it’ll be nice to tell us what will happen now
  11. я прекрасно тебя понимаю , так как сам ушел с подобного сервера ,где русских по пальцам посчитать можно было
  12. You must be joking, every english speaking player sold their accs- chars - whatever the rest from so called " MuxGlobal " were all Russians, were u online in the last months ? Olny Russian in Global Chat anyway wth haha
  13. But where are all the xglobal players who got transferred? Make a guild from all of the ex xglobal players
  14. Any plans? create new server. muxglobal? Vote for Phobos again x5000
  15. @BeL4eNaK to be real with you, it feels like im playing alone since none is capable of using the english language, if u want to join a guild | trade | have a conversation yu simply cant or its rare that someone somehow understands you. Guildless coz im not Russian, is this Racism ? No but it sucks im honestly just afk coz i cant do anything with anyone.. but ye it is how it is
  16. MU Bless in an international server. Especially Empire and Origin. Anyway merge if better that leave the server with 50 people playing.
  17. почувствуешь как все эти годы играли мы
  18. mux GLOBAL International Server went to an all Russian Only Server ? I cant communicate with anyone all i get is " RUS?! " ETA RUSKI ?! fml do i have to google translate my way through the whole server ?
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