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  1. Yesterday
  2. 1. Supreme , -troika- 2. Roberts 3. Latvia 4. since 2016 5. I think i can do it and i know the quest 🗡
  3. VeryMuch

    Rule 4.1 + 4.2

    Rec 4.1 MORBIUS
  4. Noticed that my bk deals more combo damage than intended. By supposed str*1.3 +maxhp/55 it comes out as 33900+-, but everywhere in the game I deal more than that for seemingly no reason. Recorded two videos where I combo different classes. 39k against elf, 44k against bk and 40k against mg. My guild buff is small and insignificant so that still doesn't explain those different numbers. For elf and mg, I don't even break their defense so it's 100% from combo and only 100 or less damage from third skill, against bk you can see my crit for 1025, but even that is still tiny and can't explain that sudden 44k combo. Am I seeing those secret character balance modifiers for every class that are different on every server? If so, why do they even apply to combo that is supposed to deal the same true damage everywhere and be easily calculated? elf.mp4 bk_mg_dl.mp4
  5. Last week
  6. But there was no other dd+ref fire ring on this account yesterday. Only the one you have now and then dd+mana appeared. Other than these, no fire rings
  7. there were 2 of those rings fire +12+dd+ref, now only 1. I traded one yesterday and took +12+dd+mana, now can´t find the +dd+ref one if i am right, this ring should be on -200 charakter
  8. Isn't it on classico character?
  9. 1. Name : classico / acc : classico / server : x10002. obtained in game process3. 16.09 around 22:304. traded to some char and cant find it anymore5. fire ring +12+dd+ref6. Was the Safety Mode is activated? - NO
  10. What is the estimated transfer time? @Ivan Nebraska
  11. ZAMAHA


    Trade char BK 100res = any char 101res!
  12. Yeap. Monsters there gonna be tougher thant in Silent Grounds, free pvp and Potion/Zen Drop from chars upon death.
  13. and yeah do a bit more and harded quests I think, on bless them 300 quests would be done in a month they are not hard at all. perhaps it's should be here as not many ppl saw it
  14. Try some drip marketing. People have seen announcement about new locations and read "it's just belka tricking us to think that Arkania and ruined maps are something new!" , same with new quest system, it can be interpreted by some that you mean these new quests from luxor and that's it, nothing more. Maybe put a random no context screenshot here and there. Everyone knows new server is looming near, it doesn't have to be a single big announcement two weeks before release with huge update list revealed only then. As far as Arkania map goes, its biggest crime is being a main difference in a redhead stepchild projects that are egames and mux. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with it, but perhaps it could be served better as a trader town, keep Devias as main location with event entrances, but focus Arkania as a place where you go to look for player stores. If not, maybe remove the other exit from dungeon that connects to area near Arkania main shop near entrance bridges. Preventing enemies from going to BC is another pleasure of playing Mu and another angle to fight back and at such favorable angle to counterattack is just broken.
  15. acc : umutdag092 lchor dark soul helm +15 serial :218867047 lchor dark soul armor +15 serial :218867055 lchor dark soul pants +15 serial : 218867060 lchor dark soul gloves +15 serial :218867051 ichor dark soul boots +15 serial :218867067 wings of devil & angel +15 serial :372584946 excellent dark legendary shield +15 serial :288181706 excellent dragon crstal staff +15 serial :271643147 excellent pendant of fire +14 serial :1434063 Upgrade + shop
  16. add chaos goblin back to devias and u better ask ppl on bless for it also
  17. We'll do. Any more suggestions for how to make Arkania map better suited for player needs?
  18. i7 10700k, 3070ti, 16gb ram - that's my video that's what I have in game
  19. your graphics looks sick, whats your setup?
  20. i thought we were brothers But ether way, you will still have to make sure i win!
  21. Добрый вечер. Попробуйте решение проблемы #10 из данной темы
  22. добрый вечер! проблема со входом в игру при вводе пароля закрывается окно
  23. There was a miscalculation with stat points for quests. We will try to fix it promtly.
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