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  2. this promo has been going on extreme for years, and it is limited on extreme only.
  3. Yesterday
  4. check the link for more informations and the comments below
  5. in accounts characters have been deleted my account is empty please if you can solve the problem thanks for understanding.
  6. It is uncertain. Untill no announcements have been made, enjoy the game as usual.
  7. in extrem server, i got gift character max rest, but in x100 king, no char gift, can you give 1 char max in x100 king. XD
  8. Last week
  9. this is what i read , hope will be vote in future .
  10. Hide and Seek savage Ibrahimovic savage Ibrahimovic PREDATOR Countreis and Capitals akaPixuL BadAngel akaPixuL BadAngel CringeLord Dots BadAngel akaPixuL PREDATOR BadAngel -DEAN-
  11. nobody have said anything about phobos to be merged with bless servers.
  12. About what will happend with arkania version !!! Will be a new project ? ( i hope x 75 with Grand Tribute) But i'm sad with my char akaPixuL i fight with him from x100 then x200 coming with us then merging to x5000 and now whatt BLESS . I'm waiting for fresh news i m addicted to arkania version . Peace .
  13. He asks if new server will open i suppose on muxglobal becuase he likes Arkania , by the way thats the main topic right now!
  14. 21/09/2020 21:15 there will be ingame quests on Phobos Server! Everybody is welcome to participate
  15. flipp

    Share your music!

    aaahahaha i saw some russsians repeating that one also at instagram lmao
  16. Adee


    Check it, because some accounts have been changed. You can add _m at the end of your login account.
  17. alexisivan


    My account stopped working after the server reset, what happened ????
  18. What i know at bless mode is Lorencia , Devias , Noria shop map . a new Arkania server will be open ?
  19. sry, i didn't check the news, u can close this topic. thank you
  20. Check the news, some accounts were renamed due to database merger.
  21. Try account name: nono_m
  22. Hi guys, when i try to logon my character "nono" in game, the message is "Your account is invalid". I also tried in site and the message is the same. Can u check what is happen with my character. the name in game is "leonor"
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