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Combo for all classes

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In order to gain an advantage over an opponent in battle, all our mu online characters are endowed with the ability to use combos.


Before trying to perform combos, make sure that your character has mastered the third profession (only BK can do combo after completing 2nd profession – Marlon quest).


In our game, combo - is a consistent use of three skills at a certain speed. The time interval between skills should not exceed 6 seconds. Correctly completed combo forms a bright blue shockwave.


Below you can see skill combinations for combos of each class.


Note: 2nd skill has to be single attack (just one hit) otherwise the combo will fail!



Blade Knight – You must be equipped with a weapon which has a skill! (I will use Cyclone in these combinations, but any other weapon skill can replace that)


  • Cyclone + Death Stab + Strike of destruction


  • Cyclone + Rageful Blow + Strike of destruction


  • Cyclone + Twisting Slash + Strike of destruction


  • Cyclone + Strike of Destruction + Death Stab


  • Cyclone + Strike of Destruction + Twisting Slash


  • Cyclone + Strike of Destruction + Rageful Blow


  • Cyclone + Twisting Slash + Death Stab


  • Cyclone + Death Stab + Twisting Slash


  • Cyclone + Twisting Slash + Rageful Blow


  • Cyclone + Death Stab + Rageful Blow


  • Cyclone + Rageful Blow + Twisting Slash


  • Cyclone + Rageful Blow + Death Stab


BK are the most experienced masters in combo arts. That’s why they have the most advanced combo combinations. Weapon skill always comes as first and then you can use any 2 from:


Twisting Slash

Death Stab

Rageful blow

Strike of Destruction.



High Elf – Range of Elf combo is 9


  • Multishot - Starfall - Ice Arrow


  • Multishot - Ice Arrow - Starrfall


  • Tripple Shot - Starfall - Ice Arrow


  • Tripple Shot - Ice Arrow – Starfall



Duel Master (strength) – Range of MG’s combo is 6


  • Spiral Slash - Twisting Slash - Flame Strike


  • Spiral Slash - Twisting Slash - Power Slash


  • Spiral Slash - Twisting Slash - Fire Slash


  • Spiral Slash - Power Slash - Flame Strike


  • Spiral Slash - Power Slash - Fire Slash



Duel Master (energy) –


  • Ice – Gigantic storm – Aqua Beam




Lord Emperor


  • Fire Blast - Fireburst - Electric Spike


  • Fire Blast - Fireburst - Earthquake



Grand Master -  


  • Lightning - Teleport - Aqua Beam



Video examples of Elf, DL, MG, and SM combos.









By the way - having a set with Double Damage, or lvl4 wings + all / or just with a Double Damage option, you will be able to blow the double combos time by time (Probability 10%).


Good Luck in your martial arts :)



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