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x100 crow&sci

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1. My nickname: BTrice
2. The game server: x100 Pandora
3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.1 & 4.2
4. Name the offender: DeathCrow & Scirocco

5. Proof Screen(03_24-15_27)-0002.thumb.jpg.492cad7540a6720e930595d05faa0e81.jpg


Its not only them, but the letons all the time are using bad words and they speak in their language in post. Its not only me but i can say we had enough of this. I will start making screens everyday. I have also screens from the past but doesnt matter anymore.

As you can see they consider ReuniteD guild is a romanian guild and all the members are "cigans". Then i am asking what are those kids if we are cigans as they say!?

Btw ReuniteD is an international guild with members from 3 continents. We are not just some leton kids that use others players to accomplish theyr goals and then when all done kick all non-leton out; he have familys and kids and of course social life :D


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21 minutes ago, Weissmann said:

Merge will change many things 

dream not bad😂

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