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Server maintenance/Upgrades/Scripts/Fixes/Whatever

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1. There should be information first before you turn off server. Main page and/or Forum. "Planned maintenance/Emergency maintenance/Update maintenance" and so on.
2. There should be estimated time that server will be off.

3. Additional information to satisfy our curiosity, but without technicalities.
4. Posted information when server is up.

5. "Hello, server will be down today" "..." "Sorry for inconvinience, we try working on it." "I like bananas". 

Today we have what I suspect - planned maitenance that you just didn't inform us of.

GM in game saying "Maitenance is needed for server to work" - yeah, but it's mandatory to inform your customers of it. It's only respectable thing to do.
If you don't do it everytime - you lose your customer respect, your brand/reputation stuffers and of course you start to lose customers.

If you forget it sometimes..That would explain few things. I'm happy to remind you. You're welcome.
Like so, but can be done better:


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Totally agree with my friend. This is just a joke. You do maintenance God knows how long in the time that there is the most active players. Whats more - you do this during the events that happen only once per day - rabbits and KD. Congrats. You are just perfect example how not to care about players.


I guess its done for today, it will be on only tomorrow.

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We apologize for this situation, we've been having technical difficulties with the network. Maintenance had to be conducted. In the future we will pay more attention to server stability and timely announcements of server shutdowns. 


I've given an additional 24 hours of VIP time for VIP members as a compensation.

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