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Formula for calculating Crown Switch on Castle Siege event

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When you are pushing on the Crown Switch, it starts a 30 second countdown. You can successfully register Crown, if you remain in a static position for 30 seconds




The formula of crown switch is calculated from 2 variables - "accumulated" (your total accumulated seconds) and "now" (your total second in right now moment)

When you press on the Crown switch, the server is checking the condition "if" every second (accumulated + now >= 30). And only in this case, if the condition has fulfilled, crown switch will  successfully register. 


For example, your have 0 seconds of accumulated time, and you are pressing the Crown Switch. Every second the server is adding 1 second to the variable "Now" and checking the described above condition. 

If on 5 seconds you dismiss Crown Switch, the server will record your 5 second to the variable "Accumulated. With each crown switch dismiss, the system will subtract 4 seconds from your "Accumulated" time.  

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