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Type-R incompetent

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I ask you to remove Type-R from senate members.

He can't judge in prison section, while he doesn't know the rules by himself.


His verdict is 4.2, but it's not by rules in any circumstances.

It's the second time when he verdicts REC where is no REC.

Previous time is here:

@Arthur @Shanahan @BeL4eNaK


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As i said you on previous complaint -


"I don't know about others, but I have absolutely no regrets about giving Rec in that topic, decision was right, and remowing ban was wrong."


You was only lucky that Artur was in Good mood, otherwise ban would not be remowed. And if you look better under my answer that remowing ban was wrong, you will see who supported my opinion.


So previous REC was absolutely correct decision, and same is here - "slut" is not a minor abuse, and also a "Fap-time" on same screen removes all the doubts about REC or ANTI.

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