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Kanturu Domination Event

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Kanturu Domination Event


New daily PvP event - competition between guilds in controlling spots.


Event schedule: 20:30 on on normal days | 17:30 Sunday

Event duration: 20 minues


Event takes place in Kanturu Domination Arena, entrance via NPC in Kanturu Core: 



The essence of the event is holding spots: every 3 seconds at three spots on the map special mobs appear, killing them gives you score-points.

Two spots on the sides give 10 points per mob, spot at the top gives 15 points per mob. In addition, there are several mini-bosses Maya's Nemesis roaming around the arena that will grant you 50 Points each.


Depending on the amount of points collected there can 3 prize-winning places. As a reward guilds receive an increase of Guild Buff until the next event, as well as valuable boxes.

One of three winning guilds will be chosen randomly and given access to the Kanturu Arena with spots for leveling-up for 24 hours. Entrance via NPC.




Maya's Nemesis - drop chance 50% - Red Ribbon Box, Box of Luck, Violet Mistery Box


Your clan needs to collect a minimum of 1000 points to get a prize.


Event has free PvP Mode, mouse pointer on everyone who is not in your guild automatically turns to combat mode (no need to press Ctrl). Achievements Killer and Victim are counted in the Kanturu Arena.


30 seconds after teleporting to the event, the speed at which your character drinks HP Potions begins to gradually decline. Thanks to this, even the strongest players will not be able to hold their positions indefinitely and eventually die from weaker rivals who have just respawned after death. In other words, the longer you are in the arena and do not die, the slower you will consume your potions. Death of the character resets this effect.


PvP Damage on the event is reduced by 50%.


After death, players appear in Kanturu Core and they need to use the NPC again to enter the Kanturu Arena. There is a small delay on the entrance to make deaths more punishing.



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Today event will already take place on a new arena, make sure your game client is up to date.

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