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[9.02.2018] - Craft system and change class

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Craft System on the website has been updated. Requirements for the first and second categories have been significantly reduced. Items with the lowest grades now do not need to be leveled-up at all. In addition, new mixes have been added: three regular Archangel weapons +9 can be mixed into one Excellent AA weapon. The same goes with Chaos Weapons, but requirements for item levels are +7. In addition, we want to remind you that the chances of getting Excellent options from 1 to 4 are completely the same as in the game drop. Full information on the craft system can be found here.

By numerous requests, the class change service has been modified. You no longer need to have 400 level and undergo reset to change a class of your character. You can now change the class at any level; free points are recalculated to your new class, current reset and level. Class change does not affect the purchased stat points in any way. In addition, we are reminding you that service of resetting your stats for 1 bonus is no longer available, be careful.

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