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Server event - Santa rescue mission

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It’s almost New Year and Santa is bringing everyone happiness and presents. But this time he needs your help! If we do not help him, then the server will be in trouble. But if we win, the association of elves will bless the server and it’s best players with gifts. The elves letter is attached.



Our Santa is headed to Arkania to give people happiness and a cheerful holiday feeling. However, he has been ambushed and his outfit and all the presents have been stolen. As far as we know, the fake Santa is located somewhere in the end of Arkania. In the north-west near the Arkania sea will be an accomplice, to whom he will be moving in **:**. There is no way we can let them meet or else we can await bad things to come. After you stop the fake Santa, you will have to kill the accomplice and find the real Santa! The administration of the server will help you with this task, so a Non-pvp mode will be turned on in the map of Arkania for the moment of the operation, so no saboteurs can interfere with the saving of the server. We wish you all the best luck!

Terms of losing:

  • The fake Santa was able to meet with his accomplice

In the case of a loss:: Happy hour will be turned of for one week


Terms of winning: 

  • The fake Santa has been killed
  • The accomplice has been killed
  • Santa has been found

In the case of a win - Happy hour will be increase x3 time


Individual accomplishments:


  • Player, who made the last hit on fake Santa - 3х Green mystery box
  • Player, who made the last hit on the accomplice – Green mystery box + Green ribbon box + Blue ribbon box
  • Player, who found Santa - Green ribbon box + Blue ribbon box
  • Any player who made at least 1 hit to fake Santa – 20 bonuses


We hope that everyone will participate in saving the holidays!


Event time on server Aurora - 27 December at 17:30


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22 hours ago, Karupapa said:



thats a total rip off for other players


Sorry, but i saw drop event on Phobos, when there was about 5 people only. Beside, on Aurora was pretty good. There is no point to make this Event on Phobos and Legend. :( 



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5 minutes ago, Weissmann said:

Thank you Artur. There is no reason to make anything for legend or Phobos. 

people from Legend and Phobos is not important you don't know that? :o is first time when you hear that? :)) on what planet you live? 

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