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2 hand staff

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With this new update is added bonus dmg for use 2handed staff... well but there is no good enof 2 handed staff to compete Staff of Darkness +15+fo -.- 


Staff of Destruction +15+fo wouldn't be even equal -.-  (And its not possible to get as in Shop and GRP Shop are only 1 handed staffs)


Could add some new 2handed staff to this server?  Spite Staff if im correct is 2handed staff same level as Imperial Staff, why not add it? 

Im sure some sm-s who would give away a bit of theyr defence would like yo use such item.

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Good point, there will be changes made to current two-handed staffs and weapons, that will slightly increase their relevance. Also two-handed weapons will be added to the Shop on the website. As for adding new two-handed weapons to the game - it might happen with the new item expansion (same as when staff of darkness was added), but it won't happen soon.


In any case, two-handed weapons will never be on the same power-level as top ranked one handed staffs and dual wielding swords. Two-handeds will always be just slightly behind, but it is much easier to get them, also cheaper, cause you need only 1 item, instead of 2.

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