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Expanded Dungeon - new farm zone

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Expanded Dungeon - new farm zone

Dungeon map has undergone a complete reconstruction. It is no longer divided into floors. All territories are unified and represent one huge dungeon where players will wander in search of special monsters and valuable drop.




Ancient Set Items Drop

Dungeon is the only location, except Land of Trials where from special monsters you can get Ancient items:

  • Metal Balrog - 4x - 20 min - Ancient Set Items Grade E
  • Axe Hero - 2x - 60 min - Ancient Set Items Grade D

Upgraded Death King Event

Every four hours at the end of the maze of dungeon, the head boss Death King appear | 00:50 | 04:50 | 08:50 | 12:50 | 16:50 | 20:50 |

By killing him you can get valuable Excellent items, and his strength fully corresponds to his drop.


Weapons: Kundun Staff, Sword of Destruction, Arrow Viper Bow, Dark Reign Blade, Great Lord Scepter
Shields: Chaos Dragon, Grand Soul, Elemental
Armors: Grand Soul, Black Dragon, Dark Phoenix, Divine, Thunder Hawk, Glorious



Death Bones accompany him, they respawn all over the map randomly.



They drop special buffs, that temporarily increase your characters stats. Simultaneously you can use only one buff. Buffs disappear upon exiting the game.




Addional Special Monters:


  • Ghost Warrior - 6x - 10 sec - 3kk Zen
  • Soldier - 2x - 30 min - Navy Candy Box
  • Lord Bali - 2x - 60 min - Orange Candy Box
  • Armored Goldsmith - 4x - 60 min - Jewel of Goldsmith
  • Crimson Demon - 5x - Unknown - Boxes of Kundun +1+2+3+4+5
  • Lord Kundun - 1x - 25 hours - Excellent and Ancient Items

Apart from that normal nubie spots are still intact on the map. Spot area is separated from the rest of the map in such a way that bosses from the main territory do not wander there.

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On 11/17/2017 at 8:51 AM, BeL4eNaK said:

Lord Kundun - 1x - 24 hours

25 hours now

update it

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