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Special Guild Abilites

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Guild play in one of the most important aspects of MU Online. Guilds are communities of players, which help each other and strive towards common goals and objectives. Guild Master can assign prominent guild members to special positions. There could be one Assistant Guild Master and three Battle Masters.

On our server, we are expanding gaming capabilities of guild development and management.


When guild master or his assistant find themselves in a difficult situation and are in need of assistance, they can call upon reinforcements by using /assemble command. This command allows guild master to instantly summon Assitant and all Battle Masters that are online. They will be teleported around the GM. Assistant can summon only Battle Masters.

Assemble command can be used once an hour and only in locations: Dungeon, Arkania, Lost Tower, Arena, Atlans, Tarkan, Icarus, Aida and Kanturu. Guild members will not be teleported if they are currently participating in Chaos Castle and Team Deathmatch events.

Guild Buff

All guild members receive a special permanent buff. Its power is calculated by summing achievement points of guild members. Guild Power buff affects the following characteristics: Defense, Damage, Excellent Damage, HP and Experience Gain.

Guild Master receives 100% of buffs power
Assistant Guild Master 80%
Battle Masters 60%
Other Members 40%
Your current Guild Power is displayed in the buffs panel and is updated every hour: hBbNoCr.png


Guild Buff doesn't apply in Chaos Castle and Duel Arena.

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