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Ingame Quest System

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We have developed a new fully custom and unique ingame Quest System. At the current state, there are more than 260 quests available for players.

System at its basics is quite simple, but with competent configuration, it makes a significant contribution to the gameplay and greatly improves the capabilities of your character development.

Special NPC – Quest Master is located in Arkania town, by talking to him you receive your quest. 760fde3a061f344a51b7af57b701a3d0.jpg

As a prize for completing quest you can receive different useful items, Cash Points, additional stat points, level-ups and Zen. Additional stat points are saved forever with your character. They do not disappear when doing resets.



- each quest can be completed only once
- to get a hint you can use /quest command


Full video commentary with in-depth description will be available soon.


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37 minutes ago, DievsLVx said:

If i want to VOTE on WEB, do i need to make a quests for VOTE? 

Yes you need.

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1 hour ago, Hopkola said:

I have already 40 quests done and i get only 540 points after reset on my DL. Is something wrong?

All Stat Points received from quest's after a reset remain with you.
After a reset you still receive Stat Points for reset too.

Edited by -Z-L-O-

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