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[5.06.2017] - Guild TDM, Guild Buff and Castle Siege

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Guild Team Deathmatch now enters the second stage of the open beta-testing. Minimum bid for the game is now 5 Cashpoints. Achievements Gladiator and Meat are not credited on the event, only Killer and Victim (kills and deaths in PvP). In the future, we are planning to create a Hall of Fame for the winners and organize a platform for conducting organized TDM tournaments between guilds. You can find all the information about Guild TDM and put forward your suggestions here.

Once again changes to the Guild Buff calculation formulas. Critical Damage and Damage PvP were increased by 30%. Experience Gain modifier has been increased 10 times, but its maximum cap was set to 15%. Guild Masters now will get the maximum possible increase in experience of 15% at 500 guild buff points and normal guild members at 1250. This should encourage players to more actively join guilds and stimulate the development of common guilds. Slogan – join a guild and get +15% to experience for free!

Another changes to the Castle Siege, we continue pursuing the goal of complicating the process of breaking through the fortifications of the castle. Now the Canon Towers are being simply ignored by the attacking side, so we have increased its damage from 20% to 40% of the target’s maximum health. We are trying to ensure that their destruction becomes as compulsory as the destruction of other objects on the siege. In addition, health regeneration provided by Guardian Statues for the defending was significantly increased. Regeneration rates depend on the statues upgrade level.

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