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Found 1 result

  1. Gromp

    Guild AntiRage

    Why should you choose our guild? *We are a team, because MU Online is all about team play. Its not depends on one player, its depends on all GUILD. *We play for fun, if you can`t participate in all events, dont worry. (there are some rules) *We are experienced on Xglobal configuration. If you have any question, just ask. We will help to understand this game and became a skillfull player. *We help members to get equipement! *We are not looking for Pro Players, or full Donate characters. We are looking for players to make our game time more interesting. Rules of Guild, 1. We are about NO RAGE play. If you have some problems with players, there is several ways to resolve them. If you cant do it by yourself, contact GM or AGM. RAGE in /post or guild chat is forbidden. 2. There are several events to participate in game. You need to participate in, at least, 3 KA events in week. CS is mandatory for all members. Asteroth and Great Dragon is optional. 3. No KS to guild members. 4. You need to participate in Guild Quests. EVERYONE should complete minimum Guild Quest amount. This amount you can find on My Characters page. 5. You need to be at least 30 resets. Every week +5 resets to limit till 75 resets. (its easy to make 5 resets in 7 days) 6. Access in LOT have all members. BUT, top bosses kill only GUILD senate. All active members will get ancient sets, set RANK depends on your reset and activitie in game events. 7. Use of Discord is mandatory. You will get invite in PM. 9. Use only English in Discord. 10. Guild have some TAX. 2 Jewels Of Bless 2 Jewels Of Soul 2 Jewels Of Guardian every day. These jewels will go to Lord Mix in LOT. Items will be given to active guild members. More detalized rules and punishments you will find on our Discord Channel. Application Form. 1. Characters Link. 2. Age. 3. Playing times, by server time. (you play in morning or evening or only night). 4. Do you have opportunity to join Discord channel. 5. Will you participate in Castle Siege. 6. Why you choose our team. (more than 2 sentences) 7. Do you agree our rules?