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Found 1 result

  1. Gromp

    Team "GUILD"

    GUILD - Play for fun or alt+f4 Why should you choose our guild? We are a team, because MU Online is all about team play. Its not depends on one player, its depends on all GUILD. We play for fun, if you can`t participate in all events, dont worry. (there is some rules) We are experienced on Xglobal configuration. If you have some questions, just ask. We have senate, there are 5 peoples who decided important questions about guild. (everyone can be part of senate, proove yourself!) We dont sell items to guild members. We help members to get equipement! (Its all up to you.) Rules of GUILD. 1. We are about NO RAGE play. If you have some problems with players, there is several ways to resolve them. If you cant do it by yourself, contact senate. 2. There is several events to participate in game. You need to participate in, at least, 2 KA events in week, CS is mandatory for all members. Asteroth and Great Dragon is optional. 3. No selling items to guild. 4. No KS to guild members. 5. Who leaved guild or was kicked will never join us! 6. You need to be at least 80 resets. (if you dont have so much, you can join our Academy. Prove yourself and one day you will be in main guild) 7. Access in LOT have all members. BUT, top monsters kill only GUILD senate. You can get sets, items for crafting feather. But drop from monsters is monitored by guild senate. Punishments for breaking GUILD rules. 1. First time 10B. Second time 20B. Third time kick out from guild. 2. First week 30B. Second week 50B. Third week kick out from guild. 3. First time 30B. Second time 60B. Third time kick out from guild. 4. This question will decide GUILD senate. Application Form. 1. Characters Link 2. Your age. 3. Playing times, by server time. (you play in morning or evening or only night) 4. Do you have opportunity to join Discord channel. 5. Why you choose our team. (more than 2 sentences) 6. Do you agree our rules and punishements? P.S. If you dont have requirements for this GUILD, you can join our Academy. (PM E100)