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  1. Zombie

    Chaos Goblin Machine

    15 tries in Pandora from 60%, 3 successfull for feather, but its good, so when u make 3rd wings its valuable
  2. Zombie

    Kundun System FAIL (?)

    yea it would be better that it would announce like LBA monsters
  3. Zombie

    Guild Tribute at 200x

  4. Zombie

    Modified character formulas

    so is Sm's, if he uses tp instead of aqua...
  5. Zombie

    Modified character formulas

    then u must be shitty player, u can do combo while sm is doing aquabeam
  6. there nothing to check, i need 2 minutes to kill relic in K7 or silent, and 40-60 minutes in dungeon in pandora server
  7. Zombie

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    is this still actual information?
  8. Zombie

    Chance for luck on item from pink box

    dd hp mana is not easy to get,but i agree, that set will be better than most top sets only +dd or +dd+random opt
  9. Zombie

    LvL 3 wings

    ive failed now 7 times in a row on 60%, and from 15 anc +l i have made only 2 to +12
  10. Zombie

    Staff of Archangel

    yea, maybe that would bring crafting to something close to useful, cause now, in my opinion, only Dl can use this system efectlry, to get adamantine items, other classes have to spend too many jewels and profit is not worth risk
  11. Zombie


    i warned him yesterday, not to use alt f4 anymore, but he didnt listened, so...
  12. Zombie


    first alf f4 on 52nd second of the video, later more alt f4
  13. Zombie


    1. My nickname: KitKat 2. The game server: x100 Pandora 3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 3.1 4. Name the offender: ConKet 5. Proof: (Screenshot / Video)
  14. Zombie

    LvL 3 wings