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  1. Darkeurai

    No reason kill's and threats,offend continue

    Come to Diablo man, ur save there
  2. Darkeurai

    Mu Online commands

    How about updating our " AFK Clicker " ? with multiple Opt? Like and extra Window where u can write commands in like " Pick up only items, Jewel of Bless,Souls,Lifes " Zen could be also an Opt. but therefor is Rudolf so howabout something like that since the Game is literally about beeing AFK for a longer Time so it would be cool, or maybe make it an " VIP " thing so more ppl would be more interested in "farming Bons" for VIP
  3. Darkeurai

    cant start game

    Having ppl stronger then u, will get u faster to rr but i honestly understand you, something like that even i didnt have it but there is always 1 way, try to Instal the game with ur Anti Virus offline! If that doesnt work, try to install the game " if u have 2 Devices like 1ssd and 1 hardware drive" try the other one u didnt install it into. Maybe that works
  4. Darkeurai

    cant start game

    give Admins a bit of Time Friend
  5. Darkeurai

    S> BM x200

    Bought! if something is missing i wont Buy it.
  6. Darkeurai

    4.1/4.2/ 4.18 aka another vulgar day with StyAlive

    Ehm, excuse YOU ? Just to let you know, PHOON is PHOOON, and ME is ME Bro Phoon is jsut my Cousin, so u should maybe just ASK how bout that ? MEET ME OUTSIDE
  7. Darkeurai

    S> BM x200

    Destroyer, ill buy it
  8. Darkeurai

    Interesting screenshots

    Well then ur just Broke af Weiss
  9. Darkeurai

    Interesting screenshots

    Thats the issue! We are all logged in Pandora, not in Diablo somehow
  10. Darkeurai

    Bonuses Gone

    it will probably be fixed, when the Server " Pandora " will be out. So try to relax, Admins will work on it, when they got time!
  11. Darkeurai

    quester limits

    Well u Monkey, everyone " Sold, or Quittet " as u say " top 20 Questers " THEREFOR you jsut need to wait till others not "top 20" Questing to the Top 10 right ? Simple as it is
  12. Darkeurai

    Ugrade item to +13

    Ye Arthur Aurora
  13. Darkeurai

    quester limits

    what kinda bullshit is that? " This topic about top 10 quester not for you. " ?!??!?!?!?!! Braindamaged? Quests is everyone involved, to get to the " top 10 " questers right? SO Pharaun is on hes way :), stop crying so loud dayum.