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  1. Supreme

    B>>On x100 Pandora

    B>>Pendant of lighting 13 FO = Bons B>>Ring of ice 13 fo = Bons B>>Ring of Poision 13 Fo = Bons B>>>Dragon knight items +0-+13 l dd xx = Bons B>>Flame of condor , Fenrir , Feather of condor ALL pm in game or private messenger !
  2. Supreme

    Phobos x5000

    When admins make hard mode all from boses and etc all noobs cry in forum say itss too hard we need easy so never be ok maded server here so many Cry'ers !
  3. Supreme

    Phobos x5000

    Im 100% agree , for x5000 with pets . Sets can be only in grp shop . Admins all time called new concept ok Let's see 1 of our project server like Bleess mu x30 Titan new concept ? ( Ps. Pets stafs sword shilds and yewelery in shop also w3 w4 in shop ) So please dont say shit about new concept ! and think harder litle bit what players like and new players . In this time all wants mid rates o high rates because many ppl have jobs , and many shits who cant spend in day 14h+ online
  4. Supreme

    Conversation about MUX future

    Need to find solution and thats all
  5. Supreme

    Conversation about MUX future

    Impossible never that wil be. Merge doesnt gives online and etc to stay players need new something fresh. Like bless helps new x30 here need somthing essy exp i see many international players doesnt like hard core
  6. Supreme

    Chaotic diseier

    Better rename the skill for lagg everybody and ps . Dont make that skill its useles
  7. Supreme

    B>>Char BK or MG , DL x100

    actually yes 1k is verry big price at the moment when server all 3 is dead you and some guys only here stayed who bought all but good luck to sell maybe you find idiot who gives more to stay afk at arkania 24/7
  8. Supreme

    B>>Char BK or MG , DL x100

  9. Supreme

    B>>Char BK or MG , DL x100

    hoch moch?
  10. Supreme

    B>>Char BK or MG , DL x100

    B>>BK , DL , MG = offer min 70+ res pm here or skype robiic1
  11. Supreme

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    Diablo is history there no need quest limits get down
  12. Supreme

    Unknown updates

    New update wings 3 lvl can make with exe options 1-4 options if u have many luck u can make fo wings and fire scream skill have new visual (like a shit ) its a fast explain for update
  13. Supreme

    Aurora requires add-on

    When money run out from x30 bless
  14. Supreme


    S>> full pvp sm x5000 at bless
  15. Supreme

    S>>BK 67 rr x100