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  1. Supreme

    Is this a good SM set?

    option better than hera lika for example 10% ignore
  2. Supreme

    x100 buy yewels fast bons newbies

    B>>100 blees B>>100 souls B>>200 life each pack for 10 = 10 bons +tax great chance earn bonuses for vip newbies
  3. Supreme

    Akki and Ichor?

    Waiting for update in this section !
  4. Supreme

    Akki and Ichor?

    you can try make it maybe be fights for boss
  5. Supreme

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    Dont change anything that quests is too easy 1 hour at noria farm yewels and quest easy
  6. Supreme

    Quest system full list

    You started cry because u recieve +3box : D : D better starty cry when u didnt recievie anything nab
  7. Supreme

    Viserion Rule8 ?

  8. 100% agree no reason stay here if they dont remove limit of quests . so many players is unactive like me but slowly i make quests
  9. Supreme

    S> BM x200

    All time all made real money transfers here peace sukers
  10. Supreme

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Close project and dont be problems with players 🤣
  11. Lol at x200 noone get max res max quest and they open new server ? 🤣🤣
  12. Supreme

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Fuk you all admins we wasted time at diblo cant make max res max quest and etc better focus for new players not for cash rip diablo wasted all time sukers
  13. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  14. Supreme

    KA Domination

    Sometime at domination event when i use f10 dont eat hp bottles when someone attacks me . ands its terrible its bug or what ? connection i have perfect right now