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  1. Weissmann

    ELF's attack and defense

    When Storm is 1 millimeter away from Viserion yes, she breaks his defense. Elfs dmg on BK Without resists is around 125% if I am not wrong. If i make same equipped SM or DL with same amount of stats and same sets and quest, same jewelery and weapons - I bet you gonna beat this char. But also skill is very important. I feel what you say, but you trying to compare yourself with top guys with all possible buffs, bigger amount of quests and stats.
  2. Weissmann

    ELF's attack and defense

    With ignored set you get around 25% (or more?) defense ignore while other anc sets have 5-10%(?) so it's kinda understandable about add 10% dmg with bow.
  3. Weissmann

    ELF's attack and defense

    Iris set and higher 13 Luck dd xx xx, 3rd wing +13 and a nice bow with a blue fenrir will fix this problem. For example when Storm is buffed and f7 on SD recovery Viserion can't kill her. it takes very long time to be good with elf. You have to train a lot with this char, you have equip it very good (same as DL). Think Aswell about jewelery and its resists. But in the end it's all about your Teams gameplay. Edit : guys, don't underestimate xshop/BA and dung scrolls!
  4. Weissmann

    I sold my acc to Supreme for real money.

    *JUST AN EXAMPLE* how eazy it is to FAKE something
  5. Weissmann

    4.2 or 4.6

    very important to check the date, especially if you play with multiple windows
  6. Weissmann

    4.2 or 4.6

    no date on screenshot
  7. Weissmann

    4.6 Left4DeaTh x200

    1. My nickname: Tribunal2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.64. Name the offenders: Left4DeaTh 5. Proof : annany silkym snn orspu cocgu = i fuck your mother you son of a bitch P.S. He changed spelling of words, but if you dig a bit you might find out the right translation. Annany = hidden "mother" orspu (orospu) = ho, slut sikym (sikiyim) = fuck, cock
  8. Weissmann

    4.6 Left4DeaTh x200

    kinda yes. Looks very strange, he gets 7 days ban and woops, name changed
  9. Weissmann

    4.6 Left4DeaTh x200

    It looks like he changed name after seeing this topic. Does it effect in any way the punishment ?
  10. Weissmann

    Pandora 4.2 Chip/Unreal

    Screens made not by rules
  11. Weissmann

    Is this a good SM set?

    STop asking dumb question. Just look at the options, amount of needed items, def and set bonus. Dude
  12. Weissmann

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    Atm we can't even do any quests. You set quedters limit on 10 ppl so me and Viserion have to play all the time same quests with 3 characters. What you think about this ?
  13. Weissmann

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    I don't really feel any troubles with quests. Most of them are afk-quests anyway.
  14. Weissmann

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    Quest 70 gives me feather or crest rendomly or do I have to finish this quest with DL to get crest ? also other quest with feather reward don't you thing there should be added crest Aswell ?
  15. Weissmann

    Diablo and pandora merge

    Is it just an example or will the older server go to newer one infact ?
  16. Weissmann


    few days ban
  17. Weissmann

    Staff of Archangel

    PS some new events/maybe new sets skins etc would be rlly awesome after 10years of this project PSS TDM-event dead btw. Return back posibility to creat party or improve it somehow, bcuz currently one of the main "evening-events" became "dead-event"
  18. Weissmann

    Staff of Archangel

  19. Weissmann

    Staff of Archangel

  20. Weissmann

    Staff of Archangel

    dont think it would change anything since we have "power of anc" buff etc
  21. Weissmann

    Guild "OldSkull" on x200

    PM Tribunal on Diablo Server if you wanna join our Team
  22. Weissmann

    Number of reset and level requirement

    on x30 are other rules
  23. Weissmann

    Quest system full list

    all the tears bcuz wrong reward ? stop all these complains, you better hurry up with quest and resets to be able to compete with ppl, or chill out if your reason of staying here is just farming jewels. You found a bug ? - nice, report it and forget about it. I am with you somewhere, but slowly you start to cry way to much.
  24. Weissmann

    Quest system full list

    nobody holds you here dude
  25. You probably never tried out what you suggest.