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  1. Weissmann

    My shield has disappeared

  2. Weissmann

    x100 Stranger things

    akaPixuL might come dry out from the water but BTrice ...especially i like this line : Anonymous : rat gameplay BTrice : like ramps little sister
  3. Weissmann

    x100 Stranger things

    there is no reason to talk about anybodys family part in this game.
  4. Weissmann

    x100 Stranger things

    1. My nickname: Anonymous2. The game server: x100 pandora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: maybe soft 4.3 for educational purposes4. Name the offender: BTrice, akaPixuL 5. Proof : Just wanna go sure, if this kind of statements are OK. But tbh looks kinda weird when they attentionaly use word "sister"
  5. Weissmann

    Interesting screenshots

    :DDDDDDDD he learns
  6. Weissmann

    Chars/Accounts x200

    Following chars + acc‘s are For sell : Destroyer + acc Headshot + acc Blume + acc -Supreme- + acc Heilheim + acc Interested on bons x100
  7. Weissmann


  8. Weissmann


    again, chat window is not fully opened
  9. Weissmann

    EagLe x200

    Type-R told me to creat a separate thread about it, so i have to use these screenshots. I have posted them earlier but had to make new topic
  10. Weissmann

    EagLe x200

    1. My nickname: Tribunal2. The game server: x200 diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: i dont know exactly4. Name the offender: EagLe 5. Proof :
  11. Weissmann

    SELL/BUY x200 List

  12. Weissmann

    B> On x200 Diablo

    I got gloves 13 luck dd
  13. as long the char is beeing used by a players i find it kinda OK bcuz the way you play with 2 chars at the same time is not really dishonest way, bcuz i use them with my own hands. But if the 2nd char is there just for getting winning points while beeing afk then its a "dishonest way of getting bons" and deserves ban. PS - i dont care anymore THAT much about TDM bcuz i think this event is dead, at least since the new update with "no parties" came out. Kanturu Arena is currently the most "satisfide" 20 mins-gameplay from the whole thing.
  14. for any reports about TDM event you have to provide a minimum 2 minutes long video.
  15. Weissmann

    CHARS x200

    this 2 guys are for sell on diablo x200 server : Blume SM 187rr 221 quest Headshot MG 198rr 204 quest + Valiant set +13+l+dd+ref+mana+8%ddi + Dancer Sword +13+FO + Phantom Shield +13+FO accept bons on Pandora x100 or Diablo x200 servers