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  1. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    So also 4.2 for him than
  2. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

  3. Weissmann

    MuX Photobook

    Helheim ingame after last prison-topic
  4. Weissmann

    [21.03.2019] - Merging - Diablo to Pandora

    this is how it should be. But sometimes reality is diff as what Admins are thinking about.
  5. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    1. My nickname: Tribunal2. The game server: x200 Diablo3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2(?) + extra hours for sure4. Name the offender: Helheim 5. Proof :
  6. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    this topic can be closed i guess for further replies
  7. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    what you need is to stay afk with 200 resets and farm jewels, bcuz there is nothing else you can
  8. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    yes, for all server ban now shut the fck up, i have enough chars to stop your guild leveling up
  9. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    nobody even talk to you
  10. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    yes, his main char is Burial. You can see it by going deeper in his Logs
  11. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    idgaf about anything, i sold my stuff already. I am even man enough to face things, but you guys are not even holding yourselves on the rules or even on your own words by twisting the situations like you want to. GL and stop feeding me with rule8 where no rule8 is reasonable. same As russian judge system, you gonna put a drunk driver for longer time to jail than a serialkiller.
  12. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    Burial was already here with his confession, but his comment has been deleted by one of GMs
  13. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    you guys have double standarts. Maybe MUX is becoming empty bcuz of this kind of moves from GM stuff ? indead, many ppl told that to Arthur in discord. This system or this systems GMs are redicoulous
  14. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    Helheim shoulded also get ban on all his accounts as he threated me 2nd time in real life. Isn´t it also some kind of other situation when ppl threating with killing other player in real life ? there you are OK nah ?
  15. Weissmann

    x200 Helheim

    there is no fck norm why 1 single player gets baned on ALL accounts he is playing on ... this is just dumb.