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  1. Pressing CTRL in the background

    Would it be possible to prevent MU Online recognizing CTRL press if we're doing something else on our computers? It's annoying mainly in Bless Arena. I can just use F7, but then I wouldn't auto-repair and auto-pick zen.
  2. [29.01.2017] - New server – MUXGLOBAL EPIC x300

    Because we were forcibly migrated to a different XP rate and now that former rate is returning.
  3. [29.01.2017] - New server – MUXGLOBAL EPIC x300

    Yeah, great job merging us from Nova to Aurora. Good to know it was FOR NOTHING.
  4. DL bug

    My observation: 14000 agi -> FS permaspam without problem 14200 agi -> A.G. goes down even if I add 4000 str
  5. [6.01.2017] - Merging – Nova to Aurora

    I don't really know how to feel about this. It just feels weird. When I was looking for the server, what I had in mind is that 100-300x exp is ideal for me. Now I'm being told that the rate is gonna change drastically. Oh well, no server lasts forever. You should at least add Guild Tribute feature to Aurora to give people something to do at max reset.
  6. inposible!!!

    LoT is the only real motivation behind trying to win Castle Siege, but I can understand the frustration seeing how superior Sheol is.
  7. Allow us to solo Chaos Castle 1-5

    Please. You didn't even bother to read. I don't understand a thing you're trying to say.
  8. If you play on this server, you know it's almost impossible to meet another player in any other Chaos Castle level than 6. The event ends if less than 2 players are present. I kind of understand this for CC 6 -- he reward matters there. However, this feature is nonsense for CC 1-5. The way things currently are, CC levels 1-5 don't even need to be there. After 76 resets I'm really convinced that this has to be changed. Just let players pick those few extra jewels along the way, even if at significantly lower drop rate than in CC 6. And who knows, maybe by doing this you'd actually motivate people to attend CC 1-5. Otherwise everyone just assumes they'd be sole attendants anyway, so why even bother trying to attend...
  9. Drop BC7

    The main issue I take with BC entry items is the inequality between how many DS invitations I get compared to BC. DS eye and key are take 1x1 area in the inventory, so it's much easier to autopick them while you're afk. The way I currently play the game, I can only attend like 1 BC out of 5. I don't think BC is such big of a deal that the entry should be this restricted.