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  1. VeryMuch

    Quests and Points.

    It's like that in every server on every project. My guess is that it is because of the quests where u get lvl and if u had 400lvl u didn't get extra points.
  2. VeryMuch

    Is this a good SM set?

    At beginning any set is good. But i would recommend at beginning get ur self a Ichor +15 +luck+ dd8% that set will help you a lot in pve at beginning.
  3. VeryMuch

    Castle Siege.

    Isn't erohim respawn 25h? Or in lot it is different? Ohh it is a old topic. Didn't saw that.
  4. VeryMuch

    4.1/4.2/ 4.18 aka another vulgar day with StyAlive

    Lol love these internet muscles. But go on. Thats what i missed in this forum
  5. VeryMuch

    Is this a joke?

    Lol. White power doesn't work?
  6. VeryMuch

    Why do we need to use bonus points to disconnect?

    F12 minimize ur game, it is still open but hidden. Next time just press f12 again. U can try. Thats for kids so they can hide the game when parents come in room to check if they are doing homework.
  7. VeryMuch

    CS x200 Diablo

    Leave CS date how it was meant to be. I am getting ready for it.
  8. VeryMuch

    Bug or what ?!

    Because they are 0.
  9. VeryMuch

    Bug or what ?!

    It only happens in CS. So better don't use exe arrows at CS.
  10. VeryMuch

    Drop changes

    It is all about the money. Harder to get items, means more money for admins
  11. VeryMuch

    Rules reviewing suggestion

    But that is only why i check this forum. To see that juicy online drama. How people are shouting on their screens.
  12. VeryMuch

    Rules reviewing suggestion

    Freedom of speach. This is online game, not a kindergarden. Why ban someone for calling other stupid if he is.