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  1. WizardSM

    Ugrade item to +13

    Lol, NO
  2. WizardSM

    Kanturu domination reward bug

    pffffffff in CC guild buff don't work
  3. WizardSM

    TDM Time ???

    Sunday 17:00, rest days 20:00
  4. WizardSM

    BUG it is possible to repair ?

    Ctrl+ W or E or R you try ?
  5. WizardSM

    Pets and Mounts - all variations and mixes

    try to put black or blue fenrir in CM ,after talk
  6. WizardSM

    Pets and Mounts - all variations and mixes

    this update don't work Violet Fenrir: Chaos Machine Regular Combination Max Success Rate 80% Black or Blue Fenrir 1x Jewel of Life 5x Jewel Chaos 1x Unknown component A 1x Unknown component B 1x
  7. WizardSM

    Possible outcomes

    some information must be update there
  8. WizardSM

    WizardSM 4.2

    you wont this , and what you do ??? P.S BB dumb was for Whiteman