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  1. LorduBM

    Phobos x5000

    X5000/x1/x100 will not change the popularity. The only problem of Mu Online is people will go on max rr / max equipment and will become all boring. Like make lvl on an x1 server. I saw the admins have the source of this version and can make a smart and nice and unique server. some hints: -make a nice quest system(add items reward jwl/lvl) -put dungeons for items with party(ex. For 20/50rr go dungeon 1 to get some better ex don’t know now for example knight blade / kundun stuff / items same grade for all class. Make the dungeon to be done only with full party. For example put the boss that hard that elf need to heal the party /bk will tank the boss / mg will decrease the defense / sm increase the def of party ) -make the entrance on dungeon mentioned up with farm tickets. - and the market hint don’t sell all your best on shop( first year best u can get from dungeon / shop could be bone blade ) 2 year make update -new boss / dungeon where u can get flamberg for more call me ! Kidding have a nice day
  2. LorduBM

    Dont try this at home, or Fenrir Fails.

    This project 1-2 after I’m out I still come here to see if something changes!
  3. LorduBM

    Dont try this at home, or Fenrir Fails.

    U learned to keep crown on cs?? Alin here
  4. LorduBM

    Dont try this at home, or Fenrir Fails.

    If I remember right I made around 30 sets +13 at last and more then 20 wings lvl 4
  5. LorduBM

    Dont try this at home, or Fenrir Fails.

    All u done there is wrong . Try read some topics about tips( not tipis like put item there) tips with binari code. One little trick for you if 1= success if 0=faild start with this . Try find on forum Mu online chaos goblin formula . Is something I don’t share all time + rate+...\ 2 if result = 1,3,5,7,9= faild if 2,4,8= success. Hope I helped you ps (Arthur don’t cancel this) you find in client on messages what number is succes and witch one is faild with a little mathematics 🧮 u can find the success
  6. LorduBM

    Interesting screenshots

    Try make something like this!!!!!
  7. We Dont Receive Bons After Donate Can someone Come and check the site error!!!

  8. 2 week of not working CS mix !!! nobody intrested about that.... is normal?????




  9. Someone here care about this server to clean it of cheaters????

  10. CS ON PHOBOS BUG!!!!!

  11. tomorrow ppl work .... not fair 



    put it on weekend ....