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  1. ASELS

    Funny videos

    how is possible to play this game without?
  2. ASELS

    Bonuses return

    i want to return 3 weeks of spending time in diablo. p.s. selling sm 20rr
  3. ASELS

    Interesting screenshots

    da fak is this
  4. ASELS

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    yes! special revards for old players would be really nice
  5. ASELS

    Black fenrir craft

    wtf? why u believ what that retard telling u?
  6. ASELS

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    big + from me for no pets at all
  7. ASELS

    MZU x30 Aurora

    is this same shadow who hides in shadows? or he sold his acc for cash alreay?
  8. ASELS

    Rules reviewing suggestion

  9. ASELS

    CCCP x30 Aurora2

    now will be message smth like "how u dare to say that" and bam new topic
  10. ASELS

    CCCP x30 Aurora2

    im talking not about ur parents, but about u try to read again and again and again and again, until ur head will understand what we are saying (if its possible)
  11. ASELS

    CCCP x30 Aurora2

    ritache u are sick go outside, play with friends with ball, play hide and seek etc... ur parents or any adult person should ban u from computer. THIS IS NOT FOR U MISTER and im not insulting, im trying to help u
  12. ASELS

    is it worth it?

    why u think its fake? atm in aurora ~200 online, so why its not possible that these guilds are real?
  13. ASELS

    CCCP x30 Aurora

    CCCP, tsunamy is little kid, so all these bad words do to him bad influence(not sure this word is right) just imagine if ur kid come to u and tell u to eat his pussy btw we can make vote tsunamy is kid vs retard
  14. ASELS

    BloodyCros 4.2

    i like his smile
  15. ASELS

    Contractual deals

    everything is great, but the problem is that only few ppl from egames or bless want to trade something to this server... u guys know why urself. better and easier to sell acc from here to friends, lets say for pizza or for few bottles of beer anyway i thin its good function for egames and bless mu players