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  1. Opinel 3.1 Phobos x5000

    yes i see rules 3.1 good+nice alt+f4 = baned 1 weekeend ! do it !
  2. example : DL make set+15 same dk , dk killed dl ?
  3. Example : dk and dl max point star have weapon+w4 who killed who ? dk damage not good = dl , defense not good = dw im ok , but defense dl better dk him have w3+set item4%D i can't kill die , i have w4+demon+set f.o him can kill me die !
  4. i cant kill gentlemen , ok ! but dlspark+binladen him w3 + scepter+9 why i can't kill him die ???? and him can kill me die ???? why ? now i have demon+w4+set GD F.O him can kill me die = w3+scepter+9 after DL + dk max point 2class not set item and have 1weapon+w4 , who win ?
  5. Attack him 232 hp , him attack 19k hp have w4 douple dame 30-40k and die
  6. I think post is right so bk can't kill any class from short distant , Dw use teleport so he can never kill dw , bk have w4+demon+ set FO but hit DL under 10k damage. And DL only have 3rd wing and scepter+9. and it hit Bk about 30-40k damage !
  7. baned

    omg im die alt+f4 and play games again = baned
  8. baned

    why baned acc optimus ! guild reload kill me die but not go arka because i alt+f4 and play games again , revive stay here not go arka ! im not hack
  9. x5000 3.1 Optimus

    u play games how year ? u talk Optimus hack ?? :)) !
  10. x5000 gr

    i want gm fix 1 gr = 5k or 10k point star because not point rr hard
  11. x5000 gr

    so just pay or donate have item , after reset 200-300 rr max point star , sv x5000 gr for what ? ADMIN fix 1gr gift 10000 or 5000 point star ! 1gr=100point gr after not point rr again , 3gr have 300 point shop buy 1item !
  12. Some new suggestions

    yes , byemct not wrong , review wait time rr
  13. Reloaded

    member x200 wait x5000 open !
  14. member x200 wait sever x5000 open !