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  1. lordachi33

    Can`t enter TDM

  2. lordachi33

    Can`t enter TDM

    no bro i was leveling up on arena hope he can see it, i was like 325LvL
  3. lordachi33

    Can`t enter TDM

    ok Arthur bro thx for stopping by. please u have to cancell previus points or just add 2 points for me, or we have to make some another decision.
  4. lordachi33

    Can`t enter TDM

    no system message game windows just refreshed and thats all
  5. lordachi33

    Can`t enter TDM

    that shows the guy with the same problem idk, i need answers ))) what u gonna do about this i cancell another job that i have to do because of TDM man just be serious Belka i think u need to fix some things with this new server, so iam waiting fot the answer.
  6. lordachi33

    Can`t enter TDM

    Hi i just as usually type /jointdm and press ok. i was not able to join event, me and some other guys too. Wtf bro compencate that somehow idk how but i need compansasion for that !!! Server: Diablo X200 Char Name: JuMPeR
  7. lordachi33

    TDM Time ???

    Hi to all admins Can you please tell me what time does TDM start?(usually and on sundays too :) today its sunday on web you can see that its starting after 2hours 45minutes so you know what? just look at screenshot