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  1. Shanahan

    Rule number and description

    This is an old rule. In the future will be removed.
  2. Shanahan

    Number of reset and level requirement

    Top Resets => Server has simplified reset system => Enjoy
  3. Shanahan

    Cannot Reset

    Your nickname?
  4. Shanahan

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Before the opening of the server is 2.5 hours.
  5. Shanahan

    Cannot Reset

  6. Shanahan

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    Servers like Aurora are not planned in the future.
  7. Shanahan


    Your payment date is August 11th.
  8. You need to write a character's nickname, not your account.
  9. Shanahan

    First Castle Siege

    You can register on the site in the services section. The first Castle Siege on the server will take place on Sunday July 29 at 20:00.
  10. Shanahan

    Kanturu domination reward bug

    Now your clan needs to collect a minimum of 1000 points to get a prize.
  11. Shanahan

    CS x200 Diablo

    We will not change anything. CS will take place, as was stated in the server description post.
  12. Your name, surname and e-mail write to me in PM.
  13. PayPal sees some transactions as potentially dangerous and processes them for a week. They get the status of a pending transaction. We can not do anything about this.
  14. Do you have a similar problem? Screenshot please. These 2 players from Hong Kong, maybe a problem with paypal in this region.
  15. Try to pay later, or transfer money directly to our paypal account. I sent you details in PM.