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  1. Hi admin,


    I think there's a problem here you need to address in order to keep players. 


    First, you made mistakes in your instructions, causing players who do donation to miss the date of bonus return and nothing was done even feedback was given. 


    Second, the sanate i spoke to was not able to give a satisfactory answers and even deleted post from forum casuing players like me being annoy. 


    Third, when i go to your facebook page to talk to your people, message was seen but no answer was given until i asked why was message seen but no replies. 


    Fourth, as no answer was given and making me very angry, i dtaryed to post some nasty remarks, your admins was VERY Efficient in deleting the posts and give me warning. 


    Is this how you are looking to run your server? Is this how you want your players to leave the game? Is making your player feeling unsafe in spending is what you wanted? 


    Please do something about this and hopefully this can conclude as soon as possible. 


    do take note: I had been one of the top voting player and still have intention to do donation. Since this happens, i had not played this game at all. Only logged in once to view some message from account. Also i had not do any voting. Hope i will still be able to continue playing this game. And jist for your infomation; your sanate popwar is very rude. Please teach him some manners before letting him manage. Thanks! 

  2. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    Since nth can be done and nth the server is doing, then i think quitting this kind of server is the best. It's just too bad that i've always been voting for this server and this is the kind of server i got. If there is a chance of leaving feedbacks on the voting server, i would have bring up this kind of issue where information given is totally off from what actually is happening and what kind of joke is this server bring to their players..
  3. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    Yeah. It's still better than the drop. But like i've said. Once i read the notice, i had plans. Stated one month and posted on the 19 dec. and later on became till the end of the month. This is a joke man! This is a fking joke!
  4. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    Ok.. this is the best server ever. Due to the error of message from the admins, we paying players need to make do with the old equipments.. great job admins.
  5. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    So now i'm being ignored?
  6. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    Now this is confusing. Your initial post is on 19/12 and u stated 1 month. Now u told me it's till the end of last month. Now all my plans are ruined by this piece of news. So what can be done now? Using the old equipment and continue to play or is there anything else can be done?
  7. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    Hi, just to check~ isnt the increased bonus for returning items be higher for a month? why is it already back to normal?
  8. Forum quest: "Minesweeper"

    A5, C7, D4, G1, I9 AURORA LAM3R75
  9. Gemstone

    i tried googling it~ but always die in kanta core. just too noob
  10. Gemstone

    Hi All, sorry for the noob question but what can i do with a gemstone? i have a whole inventory full of them and have got nth to do with them. Please advise =)
  11. For all

    More like Ryki come and starts killing and mezzo said that 'this is my spot'!