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  1. angelicalx

    Show Full SCreen

    Show full screen noob or u deleting ur part of harasment idiot?i dont care this server i ca n leave any time and u? let me found ss i did with full conversation and u gona enjoy the ban with me noob police help me plz police the guy is hitting me
  2. angelicalx

    AlmostHell x200

  3. angelicalx

    AlmostHell x200

    What a sHame to true yakuza u use hes name
  4. angelicalx

    AlmostHell x200

    wow yakuza ur realy funny kiddo dont have nothing more to do nab this is game so dont pk than cry to gm. noob! go cry to your father moron
  5. angelicalx

    Server Settings - Pandora x100

    after merging first time aurora server dyed that what happened ...old players as i am or imyourdaddy/knight/cpib and i can be mentioning names like this forever... we all left... it was to booring /merge ruined economy of server/ruined all tops and well theres tons of things i can say but well i prefer to forget this and start new server with items f.o at aurora and money i spend i feel deception at how this server went.. aurora was realy nice server untill u killed it i camed back to start pandora hope u do not the same with .