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  1. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    thank you
  2. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    its ok Arthur...Thank you ! but i have a question this will happen always? i mean what if i drop them from a lottery ticket they will have durability now?? all of them ? because i don't get it ...why you guys took out the Infinity Arrows skill ??!
  3. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    or try way back.... like 1 month or 1 month and a half
  4. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    182.. but they were 255
  5. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    Hi . Queen and i think 1 week ago.. 25 - 26 june.
  6. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    Go to work and shut up kris
  7. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    Isn't about CS.. i can't use them at all
  8. Adee

    Bug or what ?!

    Is it possible that excellent arrows can finish ? Since the update which changed Infinity Arrow with Ragefull Strikes no one said something about this or when the excellent arrows appeared if they are infinite or not.
  9. Adee

    Black fenrir craft

    why did you use exe weapon ?!
  10. Adee

    kronickBM Aurora x30