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  1. CCCP

    Aurora requires add-on

    What about to add 4th star into achievement system? It should add some interest to play. We have 400 max buff points, from which we can get 210 from ahcv. If you add 4th star (x2 requirement from 3rd star) it can bring new life in this server.
  2. CCCP


    Remove it from quests and it will be nice for everyone
  3. CCCP

    Appeal 4.6 ban

    Where are new rules from bless? It's too long to translate them in english? Stop this shit with niggas and so on.
  4. CCCP

    guild position

    You need to set AGM and BM status twice in row. It works from second-third time usually.
  5. CCCP

    Chat Rules

    I hame started some kind of topic about one year ago about this childish rules (4.2 and so on). Kids just said "NO". Then Belka had idea to change the punishment. But no movings in that way till today. We still play kids game where we can't speak what we want. Why to block whole account for speech? There should be an option to disable in-game messaging. Thanks god they can't turn off your internet at all for your bad speech )) MUX FIREWALL
  6. CCCP

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    better and logical would be to exchange this quest with quest #272 (150 shrickers k7)
  7. CCCP

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    that new chars first going in KA is to kill 5 mini-bosses, not the easiest 10 points mobs. and quest are not only for those who are in guild. maybe someone don't need this win at all. uhm?
  8. CCCP

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    Quest #211 5 maya nemesis's It's first quest in KA Domination event and you want character to kill this kind of mini-boss? Not logical at all.
  9. CCCP

    Guild Tribute at 200x

    popwar, he asked about stats he bought. do they burn after GT? answer is NO.
  10. CCCP

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    Belka, try to run through devias and count those assasins. I guess you will find max 10 through all the map.
  11. CCCP

    Akki and Ichor?

    Ofcourse it is nice! Don't forget to mention the map in the announcement. War for boss
  12. CCCP

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    It was always hard to find assasins in devias. Increase monsters quantity on the map or decrease the needed amount to complete quest.
  13. CCCP

    Lost All Set / Got Hack

    That was stupid to leave bought char on his account.