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  1. CCCP

    Where do you find loch's feathers?

    Every day at 18:00 there is enet in loren. After 10 minutes (maybe 15) there can be found zaikan. It is better
  2. CCCP

    GuiLd Event

    Any ds for achv. Ds6 for month ranking.
  3. CCCP

    4.2 Witcher

    Never Nobody
  4. CCCP

    4.2 Witcher

    Childish rules. When people will grow up to remove 4.2 and 4.3?
  5. CCCP

    Interesting screenshots

    Nice try! Should be intertesting. Never seen shit like this at aurora.
  6. CCCP

    Read before you ban :)

    Even if there is no date? Would you take you into the logs to find the date, as you found links for given names?
  7. CCCP

    Read before you ban :)

    I like the topic. No date - no ban. Other shit also should be respected.
  8. CCCP

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    Aurora has 2 years and we have just 41 ppl with 111 and more achvs I am sure it is quite amount of possible pets at server for 2 years of game.
  9. CCCP

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    Not in shop Not in lottery Why not to give it as a reward for hard playing? Btw, I wouldn't play this server cause I have no time to be the best here. I just write what is in my mind.
  10. CCCP

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    I guess they should give pet for each acc with 111 achvs Why 111? Nice number. Full achv is too much. Very nice bonus
  11. CCCP

    BUG it is possible to repair ?

    Reinstall client
  12. CCCP

    F-A-S-T x30 Aurora 4.3

    4.3 + 120 years of ban
  13. CCCP

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    Yes, big stress for all server when 2-3 guys after 1-3 monthes would get pets. It would be the best for everyone)) Let's see. Why the lottery doen't has full stats also?)
  14. CCCP

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    spend bons to win bons ? What about simple lottery in the world? Spend money to win money doesn't confuse you?
  15. CCCP

    Server Settings - Diablo x200

    Add achievement in account: To get one desired pet you need to ... I don't know - finish all quests for example? Let's think together. It would be great then. And no pets in lottery at all. Better let there be some amount of bons in jackpot.