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  1. Today at 23:00 server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~15 minutes. This is a prep-update for the upcoming game play expansion that is coming next week. Today we've got an updated anticheat, new Lords of BA Bosses, new loot boxes and other preparations for the grand-update. And the main feature: New Kanturu Domination Event (beta-test version). Entrance from the Kanturu Core. 3 spots need to be controlled by killing monsters. Left and Rights mobs 10 Points. Top mobs 15 Points. Boss that appears after 10 minutes gives 1500 Points. Guild that gained the most points wins. Prizes are given to GM, AGM and BM's after the event. Event time 15 min. Event will run every 4 times a day for the testing period: 06:00, 12:00, 17:00, 21:00. After testing event will happen once a day. More detailed infomation about all the changes and updates will be available with the second part of the update. Don't forget to update your game client.
  2. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    Thanks for the feedback! 1. Yeap, already fixed it on the test-server. Coming live soon. 2. I suppose it would be better if DL summon didn't work there?
  3. Achievement System

    Achievement system covers all aspects of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, events, craft and trading. For completing achievements players are rewarded with bonuses and achievement points. Achievement points increase you Buff level. The higher the level, the stronger the characters on your account become. Buff affects the following characteristics: Physical Damage, Wizardry Damage, Maximum Life, Critical and Excellent Damage. Information about your buff level can be found here. Basically, it means, that now you can level-up and advance not only your character, but your account as the whole. Your current Achievement, or Power Buff is displayed in the buffs panel and is updated every hour: Also, you can find your current Power Buff on the website on "My Characters" page: Competing achievements also allows you to participate in Achievement Rating. Each achievement has 3 levels. Reaching each level you are granted with achievement points and bonuses. Completed achievement are marked with golden stars: Rewards for completing achievements: 1 Level = 1 Point, 5 Bonuses 2 Level = 2 Points, 10 Bonuses 3 Level = 3 Points, 15 Bonuses Rewards for completing Special Achievements: Voter and Barker 1 Level = 3 Point, 5 Bonuses 2 Level = 6 Points, 10 Bonuses 3 Level = 9 Points, 15 Bonuses Achievements are linked to the account and you can complete them by any character on your account. Selling or buying character doesn't affect your achievements. At the moment there 21 achievements available.
  4. Ancient bug

    Imperial, Primera and Abyss sets have this visual problem.
  5. Achievement System

    It's still in development. Current numbers will be erased when this achievement becomes operational. More info in the upcoming update.
  6. Quests Aurora 03/03/2018

    Awards granted
  7. Guild Rewards

    Guild Tribute Season now lasts 2 weeks. Prizes for GM, AGM and BM have been significantly improved.
  8. Guild Rewards

    Server Aurora x30 introduces the new Guild Tribute (GT) system, which is directly related to the new Clan Rewards system. This is the main feature of this server, which fully answers the question - what should you do next when you reach the reset cap. Guild Tribute allows to increase strength of your guild and expand its influence on the server. The system involves a number of components - getting valuable items, leveling speed, resets, buff strength, possibilities of earning bonuses and much more. To perform a Guild Tribute, your character must be in a guild, have 35 resets and 400 level. After GT your level will be dropped to 1 and stats will be given as if you acquired 35 reset. The experience rates for your character after making a tribute will be x30, and all subsequent tributes will be performed at these rates. Guild Tribute Cost: -5 Bonuses, 3 of which go to he treasury of the castle -100kk Zen, 60kk of which go to the treasury of the castle With each GT you get: +1 Guild Tribute Points for your guild in the current season +1 Lottery ticket for your account Guild Tribute Season lasts 2 weeks. Begins and ends every second Sunday at 23:30. On this day all current Guild Tribute Points (GTP) are cleared and each clan member who has made at least one tribute for their guild receives a Clan Reward. One the same day you can start making GTP in a new season. The maximum amount of GTP that guild can posses is 30. How the amount of current GTP affects the guild: 1) Each current GTP reduces reset waiting time by 1 minute for all guild members down to zero. 2) Each current GTP increases the total Guild Power Buff, depending on the amount of people in the guild: Clan Rewards: Clan rewards are divided into levels depending on the total amount of GTP that guild has collected by the end of the season: Group 8 items: Dark Soul, Great Dragon, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master can be obtained in the Craft System on the website. Clan Rewards can be received on the website in My Characters section. The presence of Luck and the amount of Excellent options on the items are random, from 1 to 4 Excellent options with the same chances as in the game drop. Examples: FAQ:
  9. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    Yeah, it feels weird, I agree...
  10. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    Still working on it... should've been today, but I still haven't finished. Half of it is actually already operational, just needs a complete description.
  11. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    I don't have any plans for Silent Grounds, excessive fog is bothering you or you have any suggestions?
  12. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    Anyone can download a map from the client and put in their game client. It's that simple. For some time we had client protection from that, but it didn't hold for long. The initial source has been our eGames MuOnline server, when we first introduced Arkania: http://mu.egames.gs TDM has been introduced in 2012 when had Season 3: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=94527 First version of Arkania has been introduced in 2013, also on Season 3 client: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=96139 Arkania Episode 3 made it's debut in 2015: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=99006 Bless Arena also has been developed in 2014: http://forum.egames.gs/index.php?showtopic=99778 The only thing that I have released publicly was Noria skin, that I also made for eGames: http://forum.x-mu.net/topic19447.html So basically all custom that you see in our client (except from Silent Ground and Ruined Lorencia skin (partially) are made by our team, we are the primary source of all those release. I thought that it was obvious.
  13. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    All our custom maps are made by me, coding by Smallhabit and now Emp. Nemesis HP will be adjusted, yes. It should respawn between 10 and 13 minutes, and should be killed in exactly 1 minutes, his HP bar should decrease by itself. Disconnect with multiple clients should be fixed with latest patch, please autopdate your client. (or download a patch manually from the website)
  14. Stop using Cheats! We will ban you! ???????

    Please auto-update your client or manually install a Patch: http://muxglobal.com/launcher2/update/patcher.zip This should resolve the problem.
  15. problem with donate

    If you any experience any difficulties with PaymentWall donate you need to contact them directly: There might be multiple reasons - they don't work with your bank, problems with the debit card, limitations or other reasons. Personally we recommend to use Paypal, they also accept standard debit cards and it's much more profitable, you receive more Bonuses for less money.
  16. Stop using Cheats! We will ban you! ???????

    Problem will be fixed soon, need to adjust anticheat settings, thanks for the feedback.
  17. Stop using Cheats! We will ban you! ???????

    What windows are you using? How many game windows are open?
  18. New Server

    Currently we are working on the updates for the Aurora server. There are lot of things to be taken care with.
  19. Server Maintenance (Pre-Update)

    Older, I've created this location in 2011. It was turned of when we made Bless Arena in 2015. Now it's back and repurposed for the new custom event.
  20. Guild Rewards

    Exactly, that was the main reason for the change. So if you buy stats on the maximum Res you won't be able to lose them in any way.
  21. Yeah... we are really sorry for that. Now everything will be right. And I've given 400 level to Mux2363 and Tzipy for your troubles. By the way, Mux2363, you can change your nickname for free on the website.
  22. Anti-Cheat upgrade

    Good news, next Castle Siege will already have a proper anticheat upgrade. Our coder Emp made a huge improvement on that part. Update with antihack and other interesting stuff is going live on Friday.
  23. Anti-Cheat upgrade

    1. Topic 'Asteroth' as been moved for detailed examination. 2. Anticheat will be updated as fast as it is possible. 3. Investigation will be held to detect (if it is possible) the ones that abused forbidden software. Topic will be updated. Please do not spread panic or disinformation. We are taking the matter very seriously and are going to deal with the situation promptly. Thank your for you patience.
  24. Low EXP

    Yeah, there really was problem with the exp on your character... sorry for that. I've fixed the problem and given you 400 level to compensate your time.