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  1. There is an update for our anti-cheat system. Do not forget keep the version of your game client up to date. Soon without the latest update, you won’t be able to enter the game. Objects on the Castle Siege were reinforced. Canon Tower and Battle Guard HP doubled. On-hit Canon Tower damage is increased to 20% of the player’s maximum health, Battle Guard Spearman to 8% and Battle Guard Archer to 4%. Do not forget that HP of all objects during siege depends on the total amount of stats of the lord castle owner. Items grade has now more impact on the overall Set Bonus. Now the difference in Set Bonus between items with different grades, but the same options will be a little more noticeable. Since Werewolf Hero is no longer a boss, we have adjusted its numbers in quest 163. Also, due to the fact that the number of monsters in Crywolf has increased significantly, the respawn time of all mobs on this location has changed from 10 to 20 seconds. All new items from the last update are already available in our Bonuses Shop, Grand Shop and in the Lottery. We have increased the durability of Blood Castle Gates and Statues on server Aurora. The most dramatic changes are in BC7, other floors were not affected as much.
  2. Server Maintenance

    Servers are online. Information about the updates will be available in the news.
  3. Server Maintenance

    Today, on Wednesday at 12:45, server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~20 minutes.
  4. Harmony Crit Damage

    It gives you exactly +135 additional damage to your critical strikes.
  5. Paypal Donate Issues

    That's look like all. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everything went south with this ddos attacks.
  6. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 1080 bonuses to account: nashq (1030 donate + 50 compliment)
  7. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 565 bonuses to account: cpbibuk (515 donate + 50 compliment)
  8. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 7200 bonuses to account: adeellina (6900 donate + 300 compliment)
  9. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 1080 bonuses to account: angelo_90- (1030 donate + 50 compliment)
  10. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 1080 bonuses to account: lordel (1030 donate + 50 compliment)
  11. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 1080 bonuses to account: randogogol (1030 donate + 50 compliment)
  12. hi! one post in lost property section" sinister" ( iulian) you can ceck pls

  13. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 7200 bonuses to Account: crazypacan (6900 donate + 300 compliment)
  14. Paypal Donate Issues

    Transferred 2200 bonuses to Account: tucinieks (2100 donate + 100 compliment)
  15. Game client not working

    Servers were under heavy ddos-attack. All VIP account owners received additional 48 hours to their VIP time due to game unavailability.