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  1. Summer Time

    Today server time has been switched to summer time (Daylight saving time). All events have been shifted. Current server time is specified on the website. And please, pay attention to the Castle Siege start schedule:



  3. Server Maintenance

    Servers are now online. Information on the updates will be available later in the news.
  4. 2 week of not working CS mix !!! nobody intrested about that.... is normal?????




  5. Server Maintenance

    Today, on Saturday at 17:00, server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~32 minutes.
  6. Skill Range

    This is standard to all Mu Online clients since the beginning of time. That how it works. Play around it, it is how it is.
  7. Hey is this possible make my 13+3 opt leather set i cant get +DD options every day wasted too much harms and no DD option ? :D

  8. Registration for the first Castle Siege on server Epic is now open. In order to register just leave the name of your alliance in the comments. You need at least 20 people in your guild and have an alliance with any other guild. The siege will take place this Sunday at 20:00 by server time. Good luck and make it a good fight! You can now upgrade your Rings and Pendants up to +14 and +15. When upgraded your jewelry will gain new additional options. More information about additional options on upgraded items is available here. Update: Now all players have opportunity to upgrade their Rings and Pendants up to +12 via website using fruits
  9. Castle Siege on x300

    This week, I will announce in the news one the website.
  10. Hello Sir, im have a Favor more or less a Question, could we Write in Privat if its Prossible? :)

    Greets, Darkeurai :)


  11. Sh user again

    Stop being so suspicious. There is absolutely nothing in the logs of anti cheat at the time of this recording. And by the way, client protection has been improved in the last update.
  12. Someone here care about this server to clean it of cheaters????

  13. All items gain additional options when upgraded to +14 and +15. Options depend on the equipment type and grade: Weapons +14 Increase Excellent Damage +X +15 Increase Physical and Wizardry Damage +1% Shields +14 Increase HP +X +15 Increase Defense +X Helm +14 Increase Excellent Damage +X +15 Increase Defense +X Armor +14 Increase HP +X +15 Increase Defense +X Pants +14 Increase HP +X +15 Increase Defense +X Gloves +14 Increase Critical Damage +X +15 Increase Defense +X Boots +14 Increase HP +X +15 Increase Defense +X Wings +14 Increase Critical Damage +X +15 Increase Excellent Damage +X Pendants +14 Additional Elemental Resistance +3% +15 Increase Physical and Wizardry Damage +1% Rings +14 Additional Elemental Resistance +3% +15 Damage Decrease +2% Additional information: "X" depends on the item grade, for example among all DK sets Leather has the lowest grade and Brave has the highest. Wings of Conqueror and Wings of Devil & Angel have the highest grade out of all items in the game. Upgrading jewelry up to +14 +15 is possible only for Bonuses.
  14. Hi how to pm u ?:)

  15. Server Maintenance

    Today, on Wednesday at 14:00, server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~30 minutes.