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  1. Rules? Heat of passion? Provoking?

    Alright guys, I hear your concerns about the situation. I agree that some adjustments should be done. Some people constantly killing off every player on the server is not doing any good for anyone. 1) Making PK Clear cost significantly higher. 2) Making PK Clear significantly longer (if not using pkclear statue). 3) Making some low-level maps non-pvp on the normal server. 4) Restricting access to some low-level locations for phonomans with the certain amount of kills.
  2. A large amount of work was done to solve Party system issues with Reconnect and Duel. There should be no more problems with PT Reconnect in the CC. During the reconnect, Party Leader is now moved on to the next PT participant in the list, when previous PL is reconnected, it will no longer be appointed as a Party Leader. Corrected recovery of the PT at reconnect, if it consisted of only two people. Strangers can no longer get into the Duel Arena and give buffs to duelists using PT RC bug (the spectator mode remains). Next, we will work on solving visual bugs with deaths in Duel Arena. Good news for Energy Elfs who like to be independent. Now monsters killed by elven summons will be counted in the quest system. In future we plan to modify the Infinity Arrow skill, which is not being used now. To make it as a buff for the whole Party, similar to Inner Strength. What effect would you be interested in seeing? Share your ideas. You can now use packs of 30x Jewels of Guardian, in the throne room Lord Mix combination. Also all errors, which caused instability of Lord Mix combinations, are now fixed. When you change the password, the session will now be terminated and you will be kicked out of the personal cabinet on the website. Actual in the event when someone has access to your account and you with the help of changing the password can immediately interrupt any of his actions with your account on the website. Only one person instead of two is now enough for the successful launch of the Chaos Castle event. This should encourage players to visit the lower floors of CC, as now they are often simply ignored reckoning that the event will not start because of the lack of players. Another work carried out on the White Wizard Invasion, thanks to the help of from outside. Let's hope that from now on, with every invasion we will have a complete set of wizards. The list of IP address bans is now shared between all our servers and projects. If you’ve been so bad that you managed to get a ban to IP address, which happens extremely rarely, then you will not be able to play on any of our servers.
  3. hi ! i whanted to ask will someone conpetetent from staff give unswer about video put in forum about hacking with claw and speed in TDM ?


    1. Ozee


      hi ! someething wrong with +4  golden drop ! 90 % of time i get  archrow items and sometimes iris and chaos staff ! no other items ! once  dark steel item but it was time some ago !

  4. Estonia

    Hello from Latvia to our Baltic neighbors!
  5. Server Settings - Phobos x5000

    Server description has been updated.
  6. Hi Sir BeL4eNaK.


    I wonder why my bons are gone?My username is

    yurimiuan on legend server.

    1. YurimiuaN


      Sorry for the wrong report, I logon to the wrong account didnt notice :( sorry for this.

  7. Server Maintenance

    Servers are online. Information about the updates will be available later on the website.
  8. Server Maintenance

    Today at 18:45, server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~34 minutes.
  9. [10.07.2017] - First Castle Siege - Legend

    First 3 guilds that applied for registration were registered. Good luck and make it a good fight!
  10. Reset stats

    I looked into the statistics, Resets Stats service is in a great demand at the current price. I don't see any viable reasons to lower the cost of the service that everyone gladly uses at the current price.
  11. help please

    Well, not a big deal actually. It's our special plugin for custom background image on the select screen. In the game I believe everything works fine?
  12. Registration for the first Castle Siege on server Legend is now open. In order to register just leave the name of your guild in the comments. To participate you need at least 10 members in your guild. Maximum number of guild that can be registered is 3. The siege will take place this Sunday at 20:00 by server time. Good luck and make it a good fight!
  13. No capital letters in login name?

    That's some heavy stuff... May be you could try using your phone number for your login? ))
  14. Website Item Craft System

    New item craft system on the website allows you to create from 3 Excellent Items of one type and grade 1 new item, that has a higher grade than initial materials. Example: 3x Excellent Pad Helms = 1x Excellent Bone Helm Initial materials should be leveled up to a certain point, depending on their grade. The chance of successful combination is 50%. In case of failure, you lose all the source materials, if for payment you use Zen. If, on payment, you use CashPoints, in case of failure you will lose only one random item. The cost of the combination depends on the grade of the original items: Zen = ItemGrade * 5kk or Caspoints = ItemGrade / 2. Examples: Leather Helm (Grade 6) in Bronze Helm = 30kk Zen or 3 Cashpoints Dark Phoenix Helm (Grade 92) in Great Dragon Helm = 460kk Zen or 46 Cashpoints The presence of Luck and the number of Excellent options on the crafted items are random, from 1 to 3 with the same chances as in the game drop. The best items that can be obtained by crafting: Dark Soul, Great Dragon, Red Spirit, Hurricane, Dark Master. Items for crafting must be on the first page of your in-game vault.