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  1. item lost after merg

    Actually, this time we managed (hopefully) to transfer all market items as well. All your items that have been on the market on server Nova should be on server Aurora. If you think that you have lost something please specify your account, we will check.
  2. Hi admin,


    I think there's a problem here you need to address in order to keep players. 


    First, you made mistakes in your instructions, causing players who do donation to miss the date of bonus return and nothing was done even feedback was given. 


    Second, the sanate i spoke to was not able to give a satisfactory answers and even deleted post from forum casuing players like me being annoy. 


    Third, when i go to your facebook page to talk to your people, message was seen but no answer was given until i asked why was message seen but no replies. 


    Fourth, as no answer was given and making me very angry, i dtaryed to post some nasty remarks, your admins was VERY Efficient in deleting the posts and give me warning. 


    Is this how you are looking to run your server? Is this how you want your players to leave the game? Is making your player feeling unsafe in spending is what you wanted? 


    Please do something about this and hopefully this can conclude as soon as possible. 


    do take note: I had been one of the top voting player and still have intention to do donation. Since this happens, i had not played this game at all. Only logged in once to view some message from account. Also i had not do any voting. Hope i will still be able to continue playing this game. And jist for your infomation; your sanate popwar is very rude. Please teach him some manners before letting him manage. Thanks! 

  3. Merging - Nova to Aurora

    Merging has been successful. Server Aurora and Server Nova are now merged. Players who had Guild Tributes on server Nova will receive 30 Bonuses for each tribute made.
  4. That time has come when citizens of server Nova are going the long-awaited trip – Muxglobal Nova merges with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in the spring of 2016, has more than 300 active players every day, 6000 created characters, and currently is our flagship server. Nova players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safe and sound. Servers Nova and Aurora will be turned off on Tuesday 17.01.2017 at 13:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server Aurora will open the same day at 22:00. Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.
  5. Merging - Nova to Aurora

    Server Nova merges with server Aurora. Merging will happen as follows: Characters from server Nova will be transferred to server Aurora. Only characters that have reached 1 reset will be transferred. In case if you don’t have any characters on your account that have reached 1 reset, then no actions of transferring for your account will take place. Up to 25 characters can be transferred, if you have enough free slots for them on your account. All free slots on the account can be filled with characters. Characters having the highest number of resets and levels on your account will be transferred first; others in the descending order as long as there are enough slots for them. Along with the character all his items, inventory and Personal stored will be transferred. Resets, stats, experience, skills, quests, Zen, fruits, quest-stats and everything else connected to the character will be transferred. Account achievements are also transferred. In case you have achievements on both servers you will maintain the ones from the server where you have them more. Passwords will be transferred the same way as the achievements. You will maintain your password from the server where you have more completed achievements. Remaining VIP time is transferred as well. Bonuses and Cash Points will be transferred if their amount exceeds 10. Character stats and resets from server Nova will be converted: Resets will be divided by 5.8 (200 becomes 34, 180 becomes 31, etc). All stats will be reset, level will be set to 400. Quest System stats will be divided by 2. All stats will be restored to the correct amount after passing a reset. Contents of your game vaults are transferred only if your vault on the server Aurora is empty. For example if you have any items in vaults 1 and 2 on server Aurora, then only items from the vaults 3, 4 and 5 will be transferred. It is in your best interest to move all necessary items from the characters that do not meet the transferring requirements to your vaults or other characters. - If a character from server Nova has the same nickname as a character from server Aurora, then the character that has less resets and levels will have its name changed to "TransfXXXX" where X sequence number, for example "Transf0048". During the next several weeks, free nickname change will be available for them. - If a player on server Aurora has no free slots for new characters, then to make room for the transfer the character with the least amount of resets and levels will be deleted. If all characters are the same, then last one created will be deleted. Note, in this case, only one character will be transferred. - If you are playing on server Aurora, but you have characters on Nova, then please take care of free slots for transferred characters, or keep in mind the likelihood of removing the weakest character. Referral connections will be transferred. Accounts and characters that are in a permanent ban will not be transferred. Guilds memberships and guilds themselves will not be transferred. Characters and items that are on sale at the market will not be transferred. Please remove them from the market. Servers Nova and Aurora will be turned off on Tuesday 17.01.2017 at 13:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server Aurora will open the same day at 22:00. During the merging process login to the website will be closed. Information presented here may be supplemented or amended.
  6. hi i play on phobos server and want recover old shop items for new, can u help me?

  7. [19.12.2016] - Webshop Update

    In the last years our gaming world has undergone numerous and drastic changes. We’ve had a lot of new features added, our in-game balance has been adjusted, in-game mechanics, buffs and skills have changed which has led to new tactics used in-game. But through out this time our Shop has stayed the same and was significantly out of date. It is now time to re-new it and bring up-to-speed with our enhanced gameplay. First of all, we tried to make the new shop as clear as possible. You won’t find the same item with different item level and excellent options anymore. Now you won’t have to overthink what item, with which option to chose. There is no more discrimination between classes - all the prices, the amount of excellent options and the item levels are now alike. There is no more need to regulate the in-game balance via the shop. The more desirable options are now available on the lowest grade items and for a more reasonable price. All items for all classes now have the same options and all are now +13. Furthermore, they are now divided into 2 groups: PvE and PvP. PvE – cheaper items, which are more suitable for killing monsters and not for fighting other players. PvE items now have 4 options on weapons (+Rate +Speed +Mana +HP) and 3 options on armors (+Zen +Rate +Decrease). PvP – expensive items, which are designed for fighting other players. PvP items have all 6 possible options on weapons and shields, and 4 options on armors (+Rate +Decrease +HP +Reflect). The shop will no longer include Ancient items. These will now be the most valuable items, obtainable only in the game. In the nearest future, ancient items will await even more work done on them. The shop will no longer contain Archangel items due to the fact, that their stats don't increase with the addition of excellent options. In the nearest future these items will be given their own role and they will get new, unique features which will be tied to their in-game origins. A similar fate awaits the Chaos items: Bow, Axe, Staff. All two-handed weapons have been removed, due to their low usage because of their lower impact on the set bonus. These items also can await a rework and conquer a new niche in the game. Also, jewels have been removed from the shop, because they are now available in the Cash Shop in-game. For those who will want to change their old items for new ones - the % of bonuses returned will be increased from 50% to 80-90% depending on the server. This increased rate will be available for a month. In addition, when returning items for bonuses, the website will now take into account the amount of bonuses used for upgrading the items +14/+15 on the web. Also the prizes for the lottery are already updated and now match the items available in the Shop. 
  8. CS ON X5000

    There was a bug with the castle siege registration on the website. It's been fixed now. Next Siege will go off without a hitch.
  9. CS ON X5000

    I've restarted Castle Siege, it will begin in 15 minutes:
  10. CS ON PHOBOS BUG!!!!!

  11. Ligth the Darkness - Dark Wizard

  12. hello:

           my brother too buy 3450 bons in server nova but didn't get any lottery tickets.

           login: crazy22.  He bought on  19.11.2016  23.33 .   help

    19.11.2016 23:33 Unknown transaction

    + 3450

  13. My lottery tickets are gone without using them!?

    8 and 30 lottery tickets were credited to your accounts. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. [14.11.2016] - First Castle Siege - Phobos

    Alright, then till next weekend.
  15. Gold/Silver/Bronze Party BUG!

    We've tested in Bless Arena. If you insist - we will run some more tests, on video this time. But actually, that's really weird. May be there is something else, that may affect it.