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  1. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    If some GRP items were not converted properly - it will be fixed. All IDs are logged and tracked... and dont try to sell them, it will backfire on you...
  2. Merging - Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    We are a little late with finishing the merge, some technical issues have occured. Trying to finish everything as fast a we can, sorry for the inconvience. It could take a couple more hours.
  3. Hi BeL4eNaK , i look today i have now just 3 char, but for server Legends for my other char i have holy itens +13 but now is disappeared is possible recuperate ? but i work i dont look you talk in website !!

    Help my plz ...BeL4eNaK

  4. Hello, i try to contact you in Facebook and zgames via skype - but since 16th of december no reply ! 

  5. After prolonged and heated debates it has been decided that the best course of action in the current situation is to make a merge. And as you can see, the situation on servers Legend and Phobos is quite dull. We don't want our players to suffer from boredom, thus we provide an opportunity to join communities and breathe life into our gaming worlds. Citizens of servers Legend and Phobos are going for a trip – Muxglobal Legend and Muxglobal Phobos are merging with Muxglobal Aurora. Server Aurora opened its doors in spring of 2016, has more than 400 active players every day, 11000 created characters and it is our oldest and the most solid server to date. Legend and Phobos players will be transferred to Aurora. Your characters with items, resets bonuses will be moved safely. Servers Aurora and Legend received a temporary 99% bonuses return for all items bought in the Shop on the website. We thought that players might want to change their gear in order to prepare for the heavy hitters from Phobos. Servers Aurora and Legend received 50% a permanent discount on buying bonuses. All who bought bonuses in the last 3 months including September on servers Legend and Aurora will receive additional bonuses equal 100% to the amount that they have bought. After the merge server Aurora will receive new Guild Tribute and Clan Reward systems. This merge will be accompanied by an advertising campaign, we will ensure that all our player-base gets notified about this event. We will try to bring back old players and probably attract new ones in the process. Merge will take place on January 8. Complete information about all the details of merging, detailed instructions and recommendations are located here.
  6. Servers Legend and Phobos are merging with server Aurora. Merging will happen as follows: Characters from servers Legend and Phobos will be transferred to server Aurora. Only characters that have reached 1 reset will be transferred. In case if you don’t have any characters on your account that have reached 1 reset, then no actions of transferring for your account will take place. Up to 25 characters can be transferred, if you have enough free slots for them on your account. All free slots on the account can be filled with characters. Characters having the highest number of resets and levels on your account will be transferred first; others in the descending order as long as there are enough slots for them. Along with the character all his items, inventory and Personal stored will be transferred. Resets, stats, experience, skills, quests, Zen, fruits, quest-stats and everything else connected to the character will be transferred. Account achievements are also transferred. In case you have achievements on both servers you will maintain the ones from the server where you have them more. Passwordswill be transferred the same way as the achievements. You will maintain your password from the server where you have more completed achievements. Remaining VIP time is transferred as well. Bonuses and Cash Points will be transferred if their amount exceeds 10. Character stats and resets from server Legend will be converted: Resets will be divided by 2.9. Legend 100 resets will become 34 Res on Aurora. All stats will be reset, level will be set to 400. Quest Stats will be divided by 2. All stats will be restored to the correct amount after passing a reset. Character stats and resets from server Phobos will be converted: Resets will be divided by 8.6. Phobos 215 resets will become 25 Res on Aurora. Each current GR will give you 1 additional reset. (Example: 2 GR 215 Res = 27 Res) If character has at least 1 GR and no current resets it will still count as 215 Resets. All stats will be reset, level will be set to 400. Quest Stats will be divided by 3. All stats will be restored to the correct amount after passing a reset. Amount of excellent options on the items bought in the Grand Shop on server Phobos will be reduced 2x. Armors will stay as +Reflect +Damage Decrease, Weapons: +Increase Damage 2% +Excellent Damage Rate +Damage lvl/20. Contents of your game vaults are transferred only if your vault on the server Aurora is empty. For example if you have any items in vaults 1 and 2 on server Aurora, then only items from the vaults 3, 4 and 5 will be transferred. It is in your best interest to move all necessary items from the characters that do not meet the transferring requirements to your vaults or other characters. - If a character from server Legend or Phobos has the same nickname as a character from server Aurora, then the character that has less resets and levels will have its name changed to "MuxXXXX" where X sequence number, for example "Mux0048". During the next several weeks, free nickname change will be available for them. - If a player on server Aurora has no free slots for new characters, then to make room for the transfer the character with the least amount of resets and levels will be deleted. If all characters are the same, then last one created will be deleted. Note, in this case, only one character will be transferred. - If you are playing on server Aurora, but you have characters on Phobos or Legend then please take care of free slots for transferred characters, or keep in mind the likelihood of removing the weakest character. Referral connections will be transferred. Accounts and characters that are in a permanent ban will not be transferred. Guilds memberships and guilds themselves will not be transferred. Characters and items that are on sale at the market will not be transferred. Please remove them from the market. Servers Legend and Aurora will be turned off on Monday 08.01.2018 at 14:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server Aurora will open the same day at 21:00. Servers Phobos and Aurora will be turned off on Tuesday 09.01.2018 at 14:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server Aurora will open the same day at 21:00. During the merging process login to the website will be closed. Information presented here may be supplemented or amended. Proposals are accepted until January 5.
  7. Hey 1 question about merge i have universal acc Legend and phobos  all chars merged to 1 acc or i need make new acc for chars? 

    1. BeL4eNaK


      All chars with resets will be merged to one account.

  8. Proposition - Merging Servers

    Merge will happen eventually when everything will be sorted out and decided. Soon there will be an official announcement on the website with all the details and dates. Players will have at least 7 days to prepare their characters before the merge.
  9. Proposition - Merging Servers

    So, about reset conversion formulas: Legend 100 resets will become 34 Res and 400 Lvl on Aurora (Resets / 2.9) This one for Legend, I believe, is perfectly fine because reset tables are comparable. So, let's get it out of the question. Phobos 215 resets will become 25 Res and 400 Lvl on Aurora (Resets / 8.6) This one might be a little bit more open for debate, e.g. should we include the amount of Grand Resets that Phobos characters have and how it should contribute the conversion? For example 1 GR gives 1 additional Reset: 215 Res 3 GR = 25+3 Res Aurora.
  10. Proposition - Merging Servers

    Guys, I've been reading everything... That's a difficult decision to make and I still don't have a certain opinion on this topic. As you see - it is a proposition. The only thing that I can say for sure is that Aurora's characters shouldn't be affected by the merge. It means all radical propositions like changing rates, resets, deleting resets for Aurora players etc. is out of the question. We are looking for a way to convert and transfer Phobos and Legend players to Aurora, not other ways around.
  11. is there mu helper in this server ?

  12. Datacenter Problems

    The same problem appeared again.