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  1. RaGNaR x300

    Peace the sh... :)) rat man event is for all idiot... don't kill elf in that event ... too many stupid players in this game...
  2. Real Rat

    "man" with no honor...
  3. theft

    @Artur @Shanahan someone can help here?
  4. hi! one post in lost property section" sinister" ( iulian) you can ceck pls

  5. theft

    k . tx:)
  6. theft

    @popwar , @Type-R , @Pigeon someone can help here?
  7. Fire Alarm :D

    @Dionysus.,/./,.>?>/?/////...,,.,,-/..---..,..,.-.,.,?.,-.-. take what you need from here and put where you thing is missing and take alsow some " abcdefgrtjhwgefkwgfkergfrekf;kigldkjfgvkjhrerhkjerhgloiheirhlgrihgo4iu5hjylk... and edit my topic with yor English pls !
  8. Fire Alarm :D

    @Dionysus so you are same sheth stupid player I know better than you I am bad in English cock suker and I made apologize many time for my English so talk about what I sayd no't about how I doo that shet eater and ps @Dionysus sorry for my English and I know you understand how what I tipe so go and clean yor glasses( aragazel)
  9. 4.9 Srinna, CrixuS

    wtf is on epic 3 players in tdm
  10. Fire Alarm :D

    @Dionysus nob you need 350 lvl and 35 rr you can stay afk for rest of 50 lvl x6 and try too kill me with that points :)) so gl with that=)) and you know werry well I can kick yor ass:))) but you never can kill me:))) . and I am tk about , admins making game more funy too play with more quest and events. so stop talk trash;)
  11. Fire Alarm :D

    verry well hawk you just say here all the story after merge...and I play this game only because is hard... I hate high xp. I play before on x1 xp old classic mu!!! I just want something more / extra quest , achivment and events.
  12. Fire Alarm :D

    Who the hell read that 😂 omg dude you have real pr...
  13. Fire Alarm :D

  14. Fire Alarm :D

    evritime when someone had a sugestion you in special say no....:)) how i said ... game became boring after you reach 35 rr , 350 lvl and 264 quest... yor argument achivment is no points... is more far boring to kill 10 k of same moobs for example... we w8 something new. and alsow some event for low players something easy... new players from game right now are referals of 35 rr guys from game:))) . no new players on almost deat server...( sorry for my english)
  15. Fire Alarm :D