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  1. 4.6 Atomnio

    haha =))) royal are no social life in offline mode ppl =))) guys just relax and go outside is a nice world there... and sorry for my English;)
  2. Forum quest: "Get out of the maze alive!" is back!

    shadow/auroara a1 - a2 - b2 - b3 - c3 - c4 - c5 - d2 - e5 - f5 - f6
  3. RaGNaR x300

    Peace the sh... :)) rat man event is for all idiot... don't kill elf in that event ... too many stupid players in this game...
  4. Real Rat

    "man" with no honor...
  5. theft

    @Artur @Shanahan someone can help here?
  6. hi! one post in lost property section" sinister" ( iulian) you can ceck pls

  7. theft

    k . tx:)
  8. theft

    @popwar , @Type-R , @Pigeon someone can help here?
  9. Fire Alarm :D

    @Dionysus.,/./,.>?>/?/////...,,.,,-/..---..,..,.-.,.,?.,-.-. take what you need from here and put where you thing is missing and take alsow some " abcdefgrtjhwgefkwgfkergfrekf;kigldkjfgvkjhrerhkjerhgloiheirhlgrihgo4iu5hjylk... and edit my topic with yor English pls !
  10. Fire Alarm :D

    @Dionysus so you are same sheth stupid player I know better than you I am bad in English cock suker and I made apologize many time for my English so talk about what I sayd no't about how I doo that shet eater and ps @Dionysus sorry for my English and I know you understand how what I tipe so go and clean yor glasses( aragazel)
  11. 4.9 Srinna, CrixuS

    wtf is on epic 3 players in tdm
  12. Fire Alarm :D

    @Dionysus nob you need 350 lvl and 35 rr you can stay afk for rest of 50 lvl x6 and try too kill me with that points :)) so gl with that=)) and you know werry well I can kick yor ass:))) but you never can kill me:))) . and I am tk about , admins making game more funy too play with more quest and events. so stop talk trash;)
  13. Fire Alarm :D

    verry well hawk you just say here all the story after merge...and I play this game only because is hard... I hate high xp. I play before on x1 xp old classic mu!!! I just want something more / extra quest , achivment and events.
  14. Fire Alarm :D

    Who the hell read that 😂 omg dude you have real pr...
  15. Fire Alarm :D