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  1. ss

    if you can understand is perfect for me:)) so smart argazel enjoy yor ban and yes I know you now the roules it's a fact !!! this is the reason for yor ban:))
  2. ss

    you know sayng" I am a gypsy" is a verry bad word:)) I have Romanian nationality... so yes! you don't know the roules and what means 4.1:) enjoy yor ban;)
  3. ss

    archangel I have no problem when you say smething bad about me... ( 4.2 with legal words) this time was diferent , say something about me my face or somethingelse ...but no't about entire group of people...
  4. ss

    1. My nickname: shadow2. The game server: x30 aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.14. Name the offender: ArchAngel5. Proof:
  5. L33T x5000 Phobos

    how about speed ? on aurora one entire guild use speed in cs event, tdm and killing bosses... security is very low...pls ceck this status.

    un amic meu face server classic fara fo, fara shop , fara bonus , fara vip!!! o s las linku aici cnd o sa fie gata!
  7. Guild Romania

    ce grad de prietenie ai cu baiatu cu aragaz?
  8. Guild Romania

    doar pe epic nu ai m jucat pe serverele astea inainte?
  9. HACK!

  10. Guild Romania

    pe ce server ai jucat ? nova sau aurora?
  11. HACK!

    I w8 this project from admin.... no shop, no bonus , no vip and no fruit only classic mode and CM.... but probably never happened :))
  12. HACK!

    why no't ? we just take cc from donators :)) . if credit card don't work...they will tray new method using hacks ...
  13. [29.01.2017] - New server – MUXGLOBAL EPIC x300

    How about new servar low xp dinamic or no . With max stats or max 35 rr witout fo items and shop ? How about olld mu fashion game (clasic one ) with no bonus ... no vip server ? 70% from players don't donate just play for fun ?
  14. Lords of Bless Arena

    new event for donators;) verry nice one...
  15. Gold/Silver/Bronze Party BUG!