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  1. skila

    Rules reviewing suggestion

    I dont think You remember him as "skila",You piece of Shit weissmann!You are toate weak to talk about this!im IceKnight And i am skila!! you have no idea how to play it when it opened for th first time muxglobal server x30!You Cccp and many others bere You forfota how You were actually our slaves at the beginning!#cccp i want to say Something for You "suge o ceapa moldovene"
  2. thats its an unfair game wat you make!!players at aurora gets from all quest 264 12kk points and from atllas players get 26kkpoints!!for example i have 245 quest already and i get 11kk points andĀ  0zz1 the playrs from atlass with 236 quest gets 20kk points!!thats unfair

    make somenthinkĀ 

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    2. skila


      then its ok!!

    3. skila


      then why knight have 55kk stats points with 25rr and me with 30 only 45kk,can you explain that???its fair that???

      make something

    4. skila


      i dont think the quest of knight are divide by2,cause have to many points with 26rr have 56kk points and me with 30 i have only 46kk points!!!why are you lie about this,look at status knight,and tell if that its fair!!make something about this dont lie people!!