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  1. Kirby

    Solmyr x200 Diablo

    1.- My nickname: ImYourDadd 2.- The game server: x200 Diablo 3.-What is the point of the rule broken: 4.18: Malicious acts against the interests of the server and its players 4.- Name of the offender: Solmyr First proof: My nickname: Solmyr The game server: x200 Diablo What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.12 Name the offender: Witcher, SunShine, Notoriouz, PornStar Proof: https://scr.hu/O5e8Gl https://scr.hu/vgm68W https://scr.hu/GKeP5r https://scr.hu/O5e8Gl Second Proof: My nickname: SolmyrThe game server: x200 DiabloWhat is the point of the rules is broken: 4.15Name the offender: ImYourDaddProof: https://scr.hu/rKLAKl According to the definition of malicious: intending or intended to do harm. Is he trying to ban everyone on the game or just: Witcher, SunShine, Notoriouz, PornStar and ImYourDadd.
  2. Kirby

    4.15 ImYourDadd x200 Diablo

    Btw, stop trying to get everyone banned in order to free farm on any spot. Although is there any chance to get back my SM and BK from aurora, i gave my account to someone believing he was going to get some achieve or play with it, nor selling it...
  3. Kirby

    4.15 ImYourDadd x200 Diablo

    I've being using that name since Aurora. So why to be banned now and not before? (Year ago)