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  1. S>DL 215resets x300 Epic

  2. Cheats on Castle Siege

    maybe because the switches were bad? lol they explained many times when there is people on the switches and the crown is open ever since he starting to register he is not pushable and after if at least one of the switches goes down he became s pushable again.
  3. Real Rat

    lol, what an ugly cunt
  4. 4.9 Srinna, CrixuS

    lol how much more do u need ?) if there was the end of TDM any way moldovani raduitesj )
  5. 4.9 Srinna, CrixuS

    he only tried to give u a chance( but u ruined it (
  6. 4.9 Srinna, CrixuS

    what more do u need ?) lol Prepare ur bonuses for unban i guess?
  7. 4.9 Srinna, CrixuS

    lol easy 4.9
  8. Golden Scorpion

  9. Golden Scorpion

    killed about 7 of them at the start of the server, didn't see none of them after :C
  10. Rampage

  11. Rampage

    he only got fo 3rd wings and staff lol thats it, non of the power buffs or anything would help him, i guess u were doing ur third quest at x30 ? or something like that, the mobs over there is weaker.
  12. 4.7/4.6 Phobos

    ez rule 8 =)
  13. Reloaded

  14. Opinel 3.1 Phobos x5000

    my mistake just copy and pasted the name from other video
  15. Opinel 3.1 Phobos x5000

    1. My nickname: DLsparK2. The game server: x5000 Phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 3.14. Name the offender: (making a reference to the character, as shown in the example !!) example: Opinel 4:55 of the video as u can see he died and then 5:21 he joined the game again, 5:31 screen shots are made to proof that this video isn't fake