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  1. popwar

    Quests and Points.

    If I'm not mistaken it has something to do with the quests where you get Levels as a reward. I'll get a more specific answer and report back.
  2. popwar

    ref reward

    Hmm, yeah looks fine. Well, i know sometimes there is a delay before you get the bonuses.. I will give this to admins to look at.
  3. popwar

    A very bad title

    I have a better solution. Perma ban on forum, GL. Closed.
  4. popwar

    ref reward

    You sure everything was ok? So the char was not bought etc etc? Can you give us a screen from your "Referrals" page?
  5. popwar

    No reason kill's and threats,offend continue

    It is a PVP game. And Bless Arena is PVP and PK zone, we can't stop ppl from killing anyone there. Try leveling in a non-pvp zone perhaps. And don't piss off other people. I don't really know what else to add. Closed. If other Senate members or admins have something to add, they will re-open.
  6. popwar

    No reason kill's and threats,offend continue

    Well, the screens are not by rules, but anyway, I don’t see any broken rules.. Top chars being obnoxious, that yes, but that’s it.
  7. As said already many times, Diablo will not merge with Aurora. In can only merge with Pandora, sometime in the future. For now, none if this is even in discussion. As for guild quests.. i agree that the quest amounts should correlate with the online of the server, some of these tasks might be nearly impossible for ordinary players/guilds.
  8. Gemstones should work, as should LRS and HRS combinations.
  9. popwar

    4.2 many times Viserion

    So? Any screens that are not older than 3 days are good.
  10. popwar

    4.2 many times Viserion

    Hmm.. well, i guess Soft Rec Viserion 4.2, also soft rec Kocur 4.2
  11. popwar

    Is this a good SM set?

    Up to you, when you feel like it. I have played in lowest anc till like almost max res, if you don't really go pvp it doesn't matter. Drops can be seen here -
  12. popwar

    Is this a good SM set?

    For the start it is OK. Later when you get stronger you should look for a better staff, and maybe an ancient set that does not need staff - like enis / anubis legendary or akki eclipse etc, or if you want defense, then of course you want an excellent set.
  13. popwar

    Viserion Rule8 ?

    I would go REC just for flippy/viserion breaking a million forum rules, including using more than 1 account, which is also ban in-game, not just perma forum. But this is all in the hands of the admins. And closed, we don't need spam, if the admins will have any questions to anyone they will ask them in private.
  14. popwar

    DL attack

    What about it? The question has nothing to do with BK, and neither does the answer.
  15. popwar

    Pet restore

  16. popwar

    Reset wait time?

    First resets start from lower levels after top25 achievers accumulate 1250 points! It is an old feature, has been working for over a year (maybe more).
  17. popwar

    Reset wait time?

    Just disregard what he said and what i answered to him Edit : re-read the question.. So, how it goes : 1) Get 400 2) Go to web, character reset, lalala, press reset (you can be in-game) 3) the page will re-load, you will see a message “you can do reset ar xx:xx” ( waiting time = 30 minutes w/o vip, 15 with vip) 4) after the xx minutes have passed and it is xx:xx o’clock, leave the game, go to web, character reset, press reset again and boom it is done. Clear now?
  18. popwar

    Reset wait time?

    What On older severs, yes, first resets start from lower levels (you can check on web Reset Character and select the char, you see level needed). However you do not need 400 to “complete the procedure”. If it says, for example, 376, then you just need 376. But i’m pretty @SuperBad means Pandora server, so only from lvl 400 there.
  19. popwar

    Reset wait time?

    Yes, before every reset you have to wait 30 minutes, 15 with VIP.
  20. popwar

    Mu Online commands

    Lol, seems like I have to catch up with updates Ok, but what happens if you just write /re on and then use F6?
  21. popwar

    Mu Online commands

    Check F9 settings and look for “Request disable” and un-tick the box!
  22. popwar

    Reset wait time?

    I saw this too, yesterday, but it changed to the right amount after i clicked the button i think... Anyway all is good, the delay time has not changed, just some purely visual problem.
  23. popwar

    Making Condor Feather.

    Hmm, there was a topic (which is now gone... wtf ) on how-to create 3rd wings and Feather of Condor etc, and it was noted there that Chaos Goblin likes +16 option the best. There is no particular reason, just that the game itself is made that way, that Chaos Goblin does not approve the "newer" game features, like +28 option @BeL4eNaK or @Arthur might explain more
  24. popwar

    VIP account

  25. popwar


    Lets put it this way, the lottery works out as us giving ppl free bonuses, because the value (shop price) of everything that players win is bigger then what ppl spend to buy the tickets.