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  1. popwar

    x100 Stranger things

    Hmm.. i agree with Weiss, REC “soft” 4.3 Next time just use the nick.. i mean who cares if they are related or not, that stays outside the game.
  2. popwar

    insult in pm

    3 days RO.
  3. popwar

    chulu boy

    Actually yes, thanks @cthulhu, the 3rd screen is too old to be taken into consideration. However that doesn’t change my recs.
  4. popwar

    chulu boy

    -Teko- 4.2 (profilactic purposes) hanro 4.2 P.s. You are getting very close to 4.18
  5. popwar


    If the minor abuse occurs enough times, it is breaking the rules. In this case i just wanna set an example that store names count also. 1 simple solution - stfu in-game and let your actions speak.
  6. popwar


    For multiple occasions - yes. How stpuid do you think other ppl are? There are basically identical text lines in the conversation in the other topic.. do you think it’s hard to solve the mystery to whom it is intended? Even if it weren’t meant for a specific player, it still can be abusive to someone.. so would count anyway.
  7. popwar


    Yeah yeah yeah, quote the full text, it also says that for a single time there is no ban. But yep, with the second screen i have seen enough for REC 4.2
  8. popwar


    Well... i don’t even know what to do with this. Tell you what - give me proof that he has done this for multiple days, then i will go rec.
  9. popwar


    @cthulhu i wrote to @cicekcikiz explaining him everything. Just stay out of topics where you don’t gave anything meaningful to say. RO 1 day. Everyone else who keeps posting useless crap will also be punished.
  10. popwar


    Edit : better now
  11. popwar


    Care to explain the store name? Means nothing to me.
  12. popwar


    I mean... i will go 4.2 this time, but you’re really pushing it. Also 4.12 LeTmeKillu -Teko- RupeTot
  13. popwar


    Try pressing print screen more than 1 time, see if it helps.
  14. popwar


    Sob for me = son of a bitch, and that for me is 4.2, since that is a commonly used saying, which has nothing to do with 4.6 in my opinion. Ok, maybe 4.2 is not enough, since it is 50/50, so maybe 4.2+12h, however not 4.3 and in no way 4.6 And this talk about “sobolan=rat”, that is bullcrap Now you can all stop spamming, let’s wait for other Senate members.
  15. popwar


    No date on screen.