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  1. Referral gifts - How does it work?

    The referral bonuses don't work with chars that are bought from web. Only if you create the char yourself and level it up from res 0 to 100.
  2. Referral gifts - How does it work?

    Did your friend actually get 100 res or is he still "close"? Did he buy any chars on his account?
  3. x5000 Phobos Miron

    Yup, screens work now - REC 4.3
  4. x5000 Phobos Miron

    Image not found or removed
  5. Retur bon

    The refund function does not work after merges, but maybe @Artur can help you, try contacting him.
  6. HustleR 4.6 :D (3th)

    yeah, i will agree on this one
  7. Fenrir

    We looked at this thread. The answer was given. Also R.O., next time think before you burst out. Closed.
  8. Rules? Heat of passion? Provoking?

    Ban for what, killing other players? As you see from the topic, he is eligible for 4.2 and i think this is not his first time, so he probably will get 1 day, but we can't ban him for killing other players, that is part of the game. We are however thinking of ways how to limit this excessive PK'ing.
  9. Rules? Heat of passion? Provoking?

    Yeah well, other locations, that is a whole different conversation.. But we, the Senate are discussing it anyway, because Mux players are not so pvp oriented as, for example Bless players, so this just kills the servers very slowly, so we are thinking of ways how to limit this to just BA. About "heat of passion" - i still think this shouldn't be added, rather we should limit/punish excessive killing, especially newbie killing, but we are working on a solution.
  10. Rules? Heat of passion? Provoking?

    Of course, killing everyone over and over and over again in BA is a dick move and hurts the online, but that is the only part where i agree. Pvp and provoking is a part of the game, if you can't hold your nerves over a god damn video game, then you should deserve a ban. In my country there is a saying, which roughly translates to "the smartest one concedes", and personally i agree and do exactly that. If there is someone killing and/or provoking at the same time, just leave, wheres the problem? Plenty of other places to level up, which are all half empty. These particular topics you mentioned, the ppl who got killed, they probably are noobs who think BA is the only place to lvl up, so they get mega frustrated and then they start talking and then Sight just adds to gas to the fire pit until it finally explodes. You know how it could have been avoided? They could have left to find another spot somewhere else and not talk at all - boom problem solved. So all of this... There would be no "heat of passion" if people would just use their brains more often, so all-in-all, I think this is all part of the game, you have to get used to it and change locations if a dick like this comes to BA.
  11. SkyLeR 4.3 + 4.6

    Doesnt work like that. If he breaks both 4.3 and 4.6 he gets ban for the rule that has the bigger punishment, as in this time - 4.6.
  12. SPARTANKA 4.6

    I don't see a super clear 4.6, i see the same 4.3 as in this topic - http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3172-skyler-43-46/
  13. HustleR 4.6

    REC HustleR 4.6
  14. SkyLeR 4.3 + 4.6

    REC SkyLeR 4.6 SPARTANKA 4.3 Sight 4.2