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  1. ImYourDadd 4.1

    No date, 1 very minor line... And it's not 4.1 btw. ANTI
  2. Nb0NE 4.1

    Why is this so hard to understand? It's a simple concept - don't break the rules, that is all. It doesn't matter to whom you talk. Joke or not, it is a violation of the rules, so you get punished accordingly. To report or not, that is anybody's choice. If he didn't do it, someone else could have.
  3. Nb0NE 4.1

    Why ban? "Fuck hungarians" is not enough? Who cares who reports it? Ban is for breaking the rules, and obviously in this screen, there are 3 persons breaking the rules, so, they all deserve it. Next time for your "inside jokes", try using PM, or guild chat, or whatever, this kind of stuff does not belong on /post.
  4. Nb0NE 4.1

  5. Supreme x30 Aurora forum chatbox

    RO. Closed.
  6. 3 * Weissmann 4.2

    Not relevant to the topic. This is Prison. Players report players for rules broken, we discuss only that here. Want to diss Arch? -> Tavern. Closed for @Pigeon.
  7. 3 * Weissmann 4.2

    "whahahaha we was waiting for this report little hairy beast " - not spam? And this is also not needed, you said what you have to say about 4.1, now lets wait.
  8. 3 * Weissmann 4.2

    Edit: REC 4.2. for all Spam hidden. Supreme, Function, ristache, ASELS - consider this last warning, next time RO.
  9. New Server

    What is not clear? When a new server is planned, it will be announced.
  10. Balance

    Everything not related to topic hidden. If shit like this happens again, outside of Tavern (even in there, there are limits), all of you are looking at a long RO. Keep this dick measuring competition in-game.
  11. Balance

    Well, he started the MG just after the merge, all the duels i spectated were already on Aurora Anyway, how do you imagine perfect balance in a game where all the chars have their roles, their strengths/weaknesses, and even different build possibilities? + ppl have different gears, you can have different resists etc etc. Such thing as perfect balance, where everyone is the same does not exist in mmorpg's, at least not in MU. So yeah, BK is, was and will be the strongest. Ok, i have heard that the new chars can beat him, but i have no idea and that is not relevant for us. All the others chars are already improved immensely. I mean come on, MG winning BK in a duel But yes, as a whole concept, i agree that BK should be somehow looked at, same goes for SM combo, and as I mentioned, i would also look at Elf combo. Ok, let's just agree on what we agree on and stop this unnecessary spam All these posts about balance are viewed by the administration, this can somehow influence their next actions.
  12. Balance

    Yeah, well, that was when he barely started MG.. Anyway, MG vs BK in duel, 10:0 is the most likely score, however he won top BK's in +all, right? Somehow ppl only remember the bad things, or in this case, the things that match their opinion. I watched a few his duels as spectator against top BK's, he always won. That says a lot about MG, right? If MG can win BK in DUEL, then the char is fine. But as I said, MG is being experimented on all the time, it might get something new out of the blue. Well, i'm not saying delete teleport either, but this is the slowest combo possible, i would say. And it gives SMs the chance to survive. W/o TP they would die without even getting to combo (well, the ones w/o +all or pets). Also, which is the slow skill you talk about? Nova?
  13. Balance

    Few things from me... SM can't live w/o TP, I am pretty sure it won't be taken out of the combo, that would just give SM a even faster combo, but on the other side, take away any chance of survival. TP is SM's main PVP skill, everybody should already know that. Ancient is already nerfed for SM's, so their dmg output is not that crazy as it was before. Combo, yes, this needs to looked at, it feels a little unfair that ene gives double boost to it, especially since in the start it was meant to popularize +mana items, which will not work.. DL is fine, you need a pretty maxed out DL to compete with other max chars, so it's fine in my view. Elf.. Well, yes, it's main duty is to buff, that is the point of the char. But i can assure you, go agi+vit, gold fen, w4+all, RS set+3 opt, +all bow -> top killer in TDM. Proven. BK is BK.. Ref BK is just one of the possibilities, the most stupid one (in my and many other players view), but it is a pretty smart way to play, especially if you're not max res and +all. Overall, you have to remember, BK is the strongest char in MU, always was, always will be. It is quite "nerfed" already, and it can't reach its max potential due to the not-max stats, but still.. Right equip, in the right hands, game over. However, i don't quite approve this full vit tanking thing, because if +all BK's do it, they are literally immortal to 98% of the server and they can 1-2-3 combo their opponents. MG, well, this is where it gets good. You can't judge by your char since you are, well 3 resets and 80 quests away from max possible stats. Get that, check again. 1/10 combo? Then it's all in your skills, go practice. And yes, it is a debuffer, this debuff is it's biggest advantage. MG has been upped many times already, vit gives more dmg, the def is customized and increased, it has no set bonus penalty for helm, etc etc etc. Just let me ask you this, did you see Supreme (E39530D) in action? Full res, full quest, +15 mayhem, w4+all, demon, +all weaps and jewelry, he could literally kill anyone, even top BK's, even in duels (where BK is of course the top duel char). Your char is just halfway done and you should probably get some advice from Supreme on how to use it to max potential. All in all, i think the SM combo should be reviewed. Also the Elf combo, since it's quite useless, nobody really uses it.. I didn't, i just used Multishot, was enough for me, combo just slowed me down. MG.. well, MG is always prone to changes, so maybe something will come it's way
  14. RaPhaEL 4.9

    Fair question. The thing is - if we don't ban him, even he has fulfilled all the "criteria" (so he is filmed not moving for 2 full minutes), then everyone will just say "oh, i had connection issues" etc etc. We can't be sure he had connection issues, or that he was on the phone or whatever, we see what we see and we rec/anti accordingly to our rules, this time, he checks all the boxes for REC. Exceptions can, and are, made on occasions, but on this particular rule... it's quite tricky, since we see what we see. The Senate members only see the video presented, so they act on that one. So unless we get presented a video from the accused persons side, we only act on what we see. Closed, let's wait for @Pigeon
  15. RaPhaEL 4.9

    Well, he was inactive for 2 full minutes, which is what we ask for in these videos.. soooo, it is a REC from me. Also REC Brahms 4.9 Edit: @challenger your 2 posts, that are now hidden, have nothing to do with this topic, so keep on point.