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  1. Guillotine x5000 Phobos

    Lightning = Guillotine
  2. ss

    Texts like these have always been 4.1., doesn't matter what. Again, if you have something to report on him - you're welcome. My suggestion - do not talk to him, it's that easy.
  3. Guillotine x5000 Phobos

    This is just my opinion: But i watched the 1st video, i don't see anything. @5.13 it was 2x double dmg hits, maybe even with ignore, @6.03 - 6.13 he stopped hitting you and changed targets, @8.10 lol, combo.. Didn't even bother to watch more. You have to understand he is FULL BK (not like Flippy, who says he is "full"), just look at the char on web - DP+all+14, 2x BB+15+all, W4+15+all, Demon, Pend+all, ring+all (both fire, so he gets decreased dmg from DL's..) + 129 achievements+power buff + 20++% from set buff + vip buff + guild buff + he has MS/elf buff all the time + of course the main factor - he is BK. BK is the strongest char if you remember.. This is just my opinion, so don't flood with answers. Higher ppl will take a look and will give the final answer.
  4. Guillotine x5000 Phobos

    We already have 1 topic on him, you don't need to add more. But if you insist... then at least give us some times in the video, which are suspicios.
  5. SensatioN x5000 Phobos

    4.9 is 7 days. Other screens are max 12h, and the time will not be added, because the longest ban is applied.
  6. SensatioN x5000 Phobos

    He already has REC for 4.9 which is 7 days of ban, so you can stop posting screens for lesser offenses.
  7. ss

    Doesn't matter - you said what you said, he reported it. If you have something to report on him - you're welcome to post it.
  8. Sh user again

    All flooders got R.O. 3 days. Personally, I don't see what the fuss is about, but higher ppl will take a look at this.
  9. CCCP

    All flooders - R.O. 3 days, think what you do before you actually do it. @LorduBM -> nobody is admins "friend" or anything, stop making up excuses, it sounds pathetic. As for all the SH allegations - they will be checked if they are really "fishy". About this thread - Rec 4.2 x2 time.
  10. ss

    Yap, Rec 4.1
  11. mamamia

    Rec 4.6
  12. M1k1m4uz 4.2

    Rec 4.2
  13. White 4.2

    1 word will not be enough.. Anti
  14. I think it's good. I don't like master skills and seed options and etc etc.. Anyway, Artur answered - not now and not in the near future. Closed.