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  1. Voting requirements

    Put your mouse on and see what it says. Probably you don't have enough quests.
  2. Donation is too expensive?

    It is supposed to be expensive. Want cheaper donations - try Phobos, the same $ = 2x bonuses. This server is supposed to be slow, no donate sets etc, etc. This is our gameplay concept. + we have no wipes, your account will remain as it is forever. Just look at Aurora, people are playing for a year to get good items and their achievements done. On Legend, achievements are made much more easier + they give 2x the bonuses. There are a lot of possibilities to earn bonuses via gameplay, just check this - http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/2986-mux-world-features/ . Closing this, because there is no need for further discussions.
  3. Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other

    1 in Tarkan2 and 1 in Lorencia. Also you can try and catch Zaikan in Loren deep event, everyday at 18:00 (server time). 1 Zaikan is supposed to spawn in the end of this event too.
  4. Drop Info, Bosses, Events and Other

    Tarkan2 upper island, but no set coords, he can spawn randomly, anywhere on that island. Lorencia - absolutely random.

    Killing from spots is just part of the game.. About the russian, we have a rule, only english in /post, so if you see other languages, take screens and post them here, in Prison. Also, REC, just not sure what point.. maybe even 8?
  6. Global Message 4.2 part 2

    Oukey doukey, everybody chilly your willys, next insults or all kind of nick-mocking and everything else you have done up to this point, will be punished with R.O., so let's keep it clean, keep it lean and may God have mercy on your souls.
  7. Ring of Glory

    In-game it is called Ring of Honor. Drops from mobs starting with (correct me if im wrong) Tarkan and higher. Also drops in DS and BC (havent played a while, dont remember about BC, but should )
  8. Global Message 4.2 part 2

    http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3024-i-need-an-explanation/#comment-11251 That is written by a player + REC
  9. TnrByrk 4.6

  10. Global Message 4.2

  11. x30

  12. problem with voteing

    Can you elaborate, what seems to be the problem exaclty? Xtop works fine for me..
  13. Phobos x5000

    Rules are rules, the Senate is here to decide whether the posted reports in Prison are punishable or not. There needs to be a control system, since nobody from the staff can be online 24/7 and control everyone, and nobody would have fun playing in a server where everyone is swearing 24/7 and nobody talks normal at all.
  14. x30

  15. Phobos x5000

    That is your in-game slang, we have no way of knowing this. For us "mother" in screens is 4.3, so just don't use it like that.