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  1. TDM

    As @yamakasy said, this is a international server, so yes, idea sounds great. I just think the admins could adjust the event times according to when there are peak online times. What concerns me is that some people probably would go to both of them and would have an unfair advantage in the TDM ratings. So i see 2 options - either a rework of ratings/rewards for TDM as a whole; or to set a limit on 1 acc (IP maybe, if possible) to be able to join to only 1 of them. And the limit doesn't seem really right, since it would just rid the fun for the couple of people who can go to both events. So.. good idea, just needs a lot more thought before it can actually be implemented
  2. AnnaBeel

    Rec 4.6
  3. Low EXP

    Yup, probably this. The resets will be fixed, but i don't know when. @Artur knows more, hopefully he will answer sometime soon
  4. muxglobal

    Rec 4.6 And/or temp ban while the nick gets changed, it is too confusing and could be mistaken for administration.
  5. lost fo shield and itemss

    As I already asked - are you sure you followed the guide lines? If you didn't, I am pretty sure you won't get anything back. Anyway, let's wait for @Artur , he deals with these situations. And, please, no more flooding, next post should only come from the staff.
  6. lost fo shield and itemss

    About the other stuff - are you sure you followed the merge information, everything was ok? The vault in Aurora was empty or the char on which the items were on was 1 res (if no gr)? And also, please for the first post by the rules, so @Artur can process it quicker - 1. Name of the character, account and the server, where loss have happened: Normal, Castle Siege, or VIP.2. Origin of lost items: Bought by yourself in SMS shop / Bought by someone else in SMS shop / obtained in game process.3. Date and time of loss (as accurately as possible, it will accelerate recovery process).4. How items have disappeared.5. In details about lost items: upgrade level, options, and exact place where they were before the loss.6. Was the Safety Mode is activated?
  7. Merge

  8. Merge

    What merge? Data center crashed, servers are closed forever. We are working to save data to transfer all chars to Phobos.
  9. Merge

  10. new classes

    Closed for now. If the admins have something to add, they will re-open
  11. new classes

    From what I have heard - no. At least not in the nearest future. And we are based on a quite old season, so it's not even possible without upgrading to a newer one.
  12. DDI

    Each item should give +% of DD and they should all add up. Quick tip - remember that for enchanting rings to +15 you get 2% extra DD on each ring I have heard that some servers have capped the max %, for example on official webzen i think it is capped at 60%.
  13. Merging - Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    "Account achievements are also transferred. In case you have achievements on both servers you will maintain the ones from the server where you have them more. Passwords will be transferred the same way as the achievements. You will maintain your password from the server where you have more completed achievements." So if this acc on Aurora has more achievements than on Phobos, it will not be yours anymore I suggest moving everything to your very own account, just like @Karupapa said, just to be completely safe.
  14. M-Z-U 4,2 + global chat

    Edit : REC M-Z-U 4.2 , because previous cases have ended with just 4.2. About the rule, we can and will discuss later.