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  1. popwar

    why i got ban!!!????????????????

    I pm’ed her on Skype, just wait untill she sees checks Skype Sorry
  2. popwar

    why i got ban!!!????????????????

    Umm, yeah... what i meant was that both 4.1 and 4.6 are broken I’ll pm Pigeon
  3. popwar

    ELF's attack and defense

    The balance is OK. Get the message - you are not equipped well enough and you don't have enough stats. When you get max res, max quest and get better gear, then make this topic again. Btw we have custom balance and custom formulas, so what you see when you press "C" is not correct.
  4. popwar

    ELF's attack and defense

    So i checked your char (same nick as here?), and if it is the one you talk about... you are very far from being competetive in pvp. 2nd wings will not do, you need 3rd or 4th and at least +12. Non-exe bow will not do, Stinger +L+Rate +13 would be ok for non-donate options. Also, elfs benefit from anc sets the most (together with mg), so i don't know what you are talking about.. I mean, just look at what Weismann said, the difference in the "ignore enemy defense rate" is HUGE. What else.. yeah, you definetly need a pet, Blue fen at least, Violet at best For a budget fenrir you can use Dinorant, but it will eventually die. And of course you need elemental resists, depending on what class you are battling. If you fight vs DL, then fire jewelry+12 (DD of course, dd+ref / dd+hp even better). So, yeah.. just keep grinding, farming and keep working on your overall elf pvp skills, cuz it's not just standing and shooting with multi-shot Edit: you are missing like 60 quests from top questers, which is like 4k stat points... come on. Also you need more res, for even more stat points.
  5. popwar

    ELF's attack and defense

    Proper equipment, dung/BA buffs, powerbuff from web, good set bonus + good guild buff and Elf is good to go. Remember elfs have combo, use it. Of course, elf is one of the "weaker" chars, but that is because it is mainly a support char. Btw, what server are you talking about?
  6. popwar

    Jewel of luck should ...

    For you it was 4 fails in a row, someone else got 4 successes. 150 bon it costs only in x shop, you can buy it cheaper from other players, and you get them from quests at some point as well. Anyway, it is one of the most useful jewels, so nothing will change. Personally I would make it even more expensive Better luck next time. Closed.
  7. popwar

    I sold my acc to Supreme for real money.

    Closed for public, admins will answer when there is a verdict.
  8. popwar

    4.6 Left4DeaTh x200

    Nope, we will find him anyway Edit : if you meant will it mean a longer ban... i think not, but let's see what others think.
  9. popwar

    4.6 Left4DeaTh x200

    Yeah, by now i already know that "anany" and "sikym" in any spelling forms is smut. So REC 4.6
  10. popwar

    Is this a good SM set?

    Enis Legendary Options for each item: 2 Set option: Enemy’s Defense Ignore Rate 5% 3 Set option: Double Damage Rate 10% 4 Set option: Increase Energy +125 Full set options: Increase Energy +125 Increase Wizardry Damage +5% Enemy’s Defense Ignore Rate 5% Set item parts: Helm, Armor, Pants, Boots Key here is Double damage rate and 2x Enemy's ignore rate. Also THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE, you don't need to equip the very very "shitty" Hera Gorgon Staff, you can equip what you want. + If you mix Enis + Anubis, you can get even better options, annd you still can equip whatever staff you want + a shield (more exe options, more set bonus etc etc) P.S. A link to our ancient set list, seems like the one you used does not really match - http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=ancientnew
  11. popwar


    Hmm, we got both - 4.1 and 4.6, so let's say REC either one of those (both 7 days) + extra hours. I would also recommend checking for a main account, this seems like it could be a "burner" one.
  12. popwar


    Hmm... REC 4.2 i guess
  13. popwar

    Diablo and pandora merge

    No idea tbh, but i think in case of merge, Diablo will infact merge to Pandora, just because Pandora has less stats etc etc, the transition to less stats seems easier and it usually has happened this way. But that is just my speculation. Yep, 0 res chars will not move and if you have anything on them (equipped, in inventory or in personal shop) you will obviously lose that too.
  14. popwar

    [15.11.2018] - Quest list changes

    My personal suggestion - the quest where you have to kill 150 Sapi Unus... i think it's too much. Took me like 30 minutes of running around Noria I mean it's not bad, you get to farm Noria aswell, but 150.... How about make it an even 100
  15. popwar

    Diablo and pandora merge

    First of all - you are thinking about it at least 4-6 months early Second of all - all the info will be given when the merge is announced. But if you have 5 pages full of stuff, you will have to either put them on another acc (which will need a char with res) or you will have to think of something, because usually you have to have page 3,4,5 free on the server that the other merges to (to be more understandable, let's say Diablo moves to Pandora, you will have to have pages 3,4,5 of warehouse free on PANDORA to get items that you have on Diablo.).