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  1. CryAndPray 4.6

    @yourmaster can you please not SPAM every topic you are involved in? The rec/anti are already given, there is NO point of spamming anymore. Seriously.
  2. 30

    Jesus guys, get a grip. Also, all of the Senate speaks russian, so your speculations about words meaning different things is not going to work. It's quite clear from the conversation what and how you mean. You are just trying to confuse us with "alternative facts". Be careful with that, that might impact your ban time negatively.. Anyway, we have posted our decisions, now we wait for Lacrimosa, so stop flooding, seriously, there is no point.
  3. Tyrant 4.9

  4. 30

    Rec 4.2
  5. CryAndPray 4.6

    Rec 4.6
  6. 30

    Rec 4.2 from me also
  7. CryAndPray

    Specific times? Watched the whole video periodically - didn't see anything interesting.
  8. Share your music!

    Let's get some real stuff in here
  9. Elen

    That doesn't work like that either.. It is either 4.2 + extra hours or 4.11, let's see what Lacrimosa thinks.
  10. Elen

  11. x30

    Rec 4.2
  12. 4.3 Elen

    yup +
  13. SiniestroX

    Hmm.. Ok, judging by the situation i go REC 4.6 SiniestroX and also the same 4.6 for the main character, if other Senate members agree.
  14. Punisher

    Hmmm... well, ok, just to end this "rat....." bullcrap, that is going on, i'm going REC 4.2 Punisher 4.12 ASELS P.s. i also go REC 4.12 ArchAngel - because you are really pushing it
  15. Macig/GENERAL

    Don't see 4.2 (maybe some1 can translate what they wrote in their language), so for now REC 4.12 Macig & GENERAL