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  1. lucky99 4.2

  2. dods 4.3

    Hmm... Feels like REC 4.3 + some extra hours for me.
  3. Change class

    Exactly. Would be unfair if people would play SM/MG to get max res & quest and then change to the strongest class possible. This won't change. Closed.
  4. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Read again - to give more options for different builds to influence mass pvps. The fact that mass pvp is non-existant, that is a whole different problem.. But let's just let the admins fully finish this update globally, then we/you/us/them/everyone/anyone can talk about specifically balancing each server.
  5. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    You are all complaining about 1 vs 1, but as far as i understand, the update was meant to give more options for different character builds to influence mass pvp like CS, boss farm on BA etc. But that is just how I understand it... I 100% agree, this balance right now is out of whack, but read the first post by Bel4enak, read what Artur said, read what I said many times -> there will be Part 2 with even more extras and changes in balance etc etc. We all need to wait for that and then we can tweak each server accordingly to its max stat cap to make the best balance.
  6. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    What Madara said. Just look at the topic @yamakasy has created. That's the way DL damage works. Regarding BK being too crazy atm, i agree.... But let's not forget, BK is supposed to be the best char, so.. why the crying? Because now you have to think what you're doing and can't just stand and press 1 button? Anyway, as I, Artur and Bel4enak already said MULTIPLE times - wait for Part 2, it will change things. P.S. of course feedback is welcomed, but please real feedback, not just crying.. tests with numbers would be best, especially from very top players.
  7. Chat rule abuse and bad manners

    Before making topics, please read this first - http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/270-rules-for-screenshots-videos/ Screen clearly not by rules, so closed.
  8. tsunami x5000

    Well, since we started REC'ing these for even 1 word, i have to go REC 4.3 Tsunami. Also REC 4.12 RaGNaR
  9. kamaneLTU x5000 Phobos

    Hmm.. I don't know about 4.2, i wanna go 4.12 this time, let's see what others think.
  10. Moved to International.. In all our main forums, please use english.
  11. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Just wait for Part 2, anc set will gets reworked, i am sure there will be some tweaks to formulas also (hopefully on each server separately) etc.. After that let's see what happens with the general balance, then we can test what is what. Anyway - the point of all these changes is that you now have more options, you can go for mega combo damage, no regular damage, use sets +mana on SM's, elfs now benefit from +def rate option etc etc, it gives you more options how to play, you have to think now what is what, what is best for your class, how to play, what set to use, what build to use and so on, and so on... not just what it was before, set +dd and roll on Just live through this sketchy state of balance, then let's see what happens after Part 2 drops and let's hope for even more interesting features and options which will require choices to be made.
  12. tsunami x5000

    No date, chat not opened fully.. If you have other screens, make a new topic, closed.
  13. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Different servers, different stats, so different outcomes. Can you please just wait for the Part 2 and then we can talk what is what and adjust what needs to be adjusted
  14. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Fire pend doesn't help against SM btw. Also, look at the new combo formulas, DL combo has lost some power since Agility is no longer used, now you need Str, ene and Command. WizardSM i see no problem with him killing you easy, he is +all all around. Spectre, that is more interesting.. Perhaps you can try some new builds for your DL and just try using FS and get him "jerking" from reflect.. In the meanwhile we will check if everything is as it should be.
  15. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    I believe SM actually lost dmg due to this update, but with the right stats + set the combo damage should be bigger. Actually funny, i checked the forums of our other projects where the same update went live, and everyone is shouting how big of a piece of sh*t SM is now Remember this is not final, so feel free to leave your feedback and the server you play on, so the administration can double check and make corrections if needed.