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  1. x30

    Rec 4.1
  2. picasso x5000 Phobos

    Well, he won't get 2 bans in the same time.. And since we gave REC for 4.3. for which punishment is 3 days and the "new" screens are for 4.2 (12h punishment), he will still get ban for 4.3 = 3 days.
  3. JADOQARI 4.11

    I think it's logical that you say it is Aurora, since there is no Nova anymore. How can this be misleading if no wrong conclusions were made? I think it is just not knowing the ss / video posting rules. Anyway, let's wait what Pigeon and Lacrimosa think about this, no need to spam here.
  4. JADOQARI 4.11

    4.11 Crafting fake screenshots or misleading server administration in any way is forbidden. Screen is not fake.. He is not misleading anyone since we saw the date. I'm thinking he is not breaking any rules, he just doesn't know the screenshot / video posting rules. Anti from me.
  5. ss

    Rec 4.2 only for JackBlack
  6. Dionysus

    Anti - screenshot is from 2 weeks earlier. Read the rules - screenshots cannot be older then 3 days..

    Rec 4.2
  8. Knight

  9. TnrByrk

  10. SmOki 4.12/4.2 x5000

  11. SmOki

    REC 4.2
  12. about making/joining Guilds

    All chars on your account have the same Power buff (from doing achievements) -> Only 1 char can be in guild and get guild buff (because guild buff is calculated from guild members power buff).
  13. TPAKTOP x5000 Phobos

    REC VirusN 4.12 DonSerega 4.12 TwOoTiNn 4.2 TPAKTOP 4.1 and 4.6 so i rec 7d for 4.1 + 7d for 4.6 = 2 weeks total
  14. picasso x5000 Phobos

    Rec 4.3
  15. ss