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  1. popwar

    x200 Destroyer

    http://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/270-rules-for-screenshots-videos/ Nothing edited or cropped, post original screen. Edit: nevermind is Weismanns screen from your topic.. you don’t have to create a new topic, we see the screen, we will rec everyone from those screens. Closed, the verdict will be in the other topic.
  2. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    So, after all this info.. Burial & Tribunal 4.11
  3. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Teko = Burial?
  4. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Ridiculuous is trying to frame a player for things he hasn’t done, while lying to the staff, and then crying when getting punished. I, personally, wanted ban on Storm as well, cuz that char was used to talk to fake Helheim As for threats, you know the drill - topic for 4.7. If they repeat often enough, we can look at rule8.
  5. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Check the very bottom of Rules pagr. This is that situation, because it’s not an ordinary one.
  6. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    I know the description Where does it say “main” or only 1?
  7. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Ip came back to these 2 accounts
  8. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Destroyer & Burial for the act itself. Tribunal for making a basically fake thread. And yes, it is fake, cuz you knew who was actually doing it, yet you tried to blame someone else.
  9. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Well, you should have deleted the topic or said something then.. I’m guessing given the shady circumstances, i agree for rec 4.11 on Tribunal. And yes, i am saying rec for all 3 chars/accounts, don’t care if it’s 1 person or more. Just be glad it’s not rule8, it easily could have been.
  10. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    Yup, agree
  11. popwar


    Even without translation, multiple noobs & rats are enough, for mustan at least.
  12. popwar


  13. popwar


    Edit: both Rec 4.2
  14. popwar

    x200 Helheim

    He’s claiming it’s not him. However i can’t find any other spelling variation ( I i | ), so I am lost
  15. But on the other hand it kills all competition for bosses/castle, because 1 mega guild rules whole sever