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  1. popwar

    Rules reviewing suggestion

    He is right, you know.. You all just look insane with all this name calling bullshit, like little kids. I dont think any rule changes are neccessary, what needs to change is your attitudes. Try not being dicks to each other 24/7, it is possible to communicate w/o being offensive.
  2. popwar

    CCCP x30 Aurora2

    Conspiracy theories, nothing more. Remember what i replied to him when he cried about MG? Gear + skill. And yes, this debuff combo was very much what i implied. Of course, let the admins check, but seems to me like he finally tried out new things and found what works.
  3. popwar

    WizardSM 4.2

    Single word, and a minor insult as well. Anti
  4. popwar

    MZU x30 Aurora

    Hmm, i missed the "shit sm" part at first.. ok, rec 4.2
  5. popwar

    CCCP x30 Aurora

    Talk more and i will up my rec to something longer.
  6. popwar

    MZU x30 Aurora

    Hmm, don't really feels like 4.2 here.. if you have more screens, then maybe.
  7. popwar

    CCCP x30 Aurora

  8. popwar

    Whiteman x30 Aurora

  9. popwar

    Opium 4.9

    Completely agree.
  10. popwar

    BAGIRA 4.9

    Yep, i have no clue either.
  11. popwar

    Type-R incompetent

    Closed for public.
  12. popwar

    CCCP x30 Aurora

    It is 1 word. Give me more screens, i can change my mind. Oh and btw, now i'm Rec 1.1 for you
  13. popwar

    CCCP x30 Aurora

    Hmm, not enough for 4.2 for me.. im gonna say anti this time.
  14. popwar

    Scar part 2 + bonus

    Can you guys stfu and stop spamming Prison posts, especially with insults? About this thread... Well, closed for now. If @Pigeon decideds extra hours or w/e are needed, she'll re-open.
  15. popwar