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  1. Type-R

    Jewel of luck should ...

    I had failed 20x in row, but im well known for "good" luck
  2. Type-R

    Pandora 4.2 Chip/Unreal

  3. Type-R

    Pandora 4.2 PheoniX

    Read how to make screenshots, in prison rules topic.
  4. Type-R


  5. Type-R


  6. Type-R

    Quest system full list

    How come others can just report things without drama?
  7. Type-R

    No reason kill's and threats.

    Read reporting rules
  8. Type-R

    Quest system full list

    Such a big deal?
  9. Type-R

    Quests Diablo 12/11/2018

    Hide & Seek Abrahamm24 Blume DeathL swich69 Pharaun Where does the monster lives DeathL Pharaun DeathL -Eternity- Pharaun Encryption DeathL DeathL Pharaun Abrahamm24 DeathL
  10. Type-R

    Quests Diablo 12/11/2018

    Today 19:00 there will be ingame quests on Diablo Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. (Event time can be modified, apologize for inconveniences)
  11. Type-R

    4.2 many times Viserion

    Rec 4.2
  12. Type-R

    Is this a good SM set?

    Good for what it is
  13. Type-R

    Making Condor Feather.

    Yes, Thats what i said.
  14. Type-R

    Making Condor Feather.

    Im not sure if its a bug or a feature created by webzen, but items higher than +16add, give more % than +20,24,28. The percentage is calculated same as value of zen for item to be sold to npc, therefore, items with +28 are cheaper than +16. My guess is that this was made by webzen, because +13 +16add lvl2 wings can be sold for a huge amount of zen, but if +28 would cost more, it means that zen amount would exceed the maximum allowed in inventory.
  15. Type-R

    SG x200

    At cs ctrl sometimes helps