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  1. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    any way, i want everything in back places how it was, new combo update sucks!
  2. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    madara is not Top player 100 %, lol man what are you thinking of your self, cheap little bk!
  3. TDM Balance

    yeah, come on admins like wtf? Whats happening ? this question and problem have more than couple of years. Do something!!!
  4. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Well honestly i think u bit forced about bk, now he is really unbeatable, but i think its not normal if full bk only with vitality can kill top players, and he dont need any pet... as he can kill people with pets and top +all items. I have bk as well, but lets face the truth you make him a bit to easy. need another formula for bk for combo.
  5. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Sounds fun
  6. Drop event!

    Well in my opinion were not talking about make bonuses, but even for nice item, when u start its nice to get some good sword or maybe some good set item, witch give u advantage for first resets as for more defense or more demage. Bonuses obwiously is good, but if have item instead as i said sword or staff for beginer is a big advantage.
  7. Party exp go wild

    more exp than usual u have only with gold party witch is 5 different class charters.
  8. Drop event!

    Well in this case, need to make an announcements in web and voting pages as well, for new people to see. I rememmber when i was 15 i liked to start new server if had some nice free items.
  9. DL

    Come on ADMINS < wtf this ignorance ??
  10. DL

    up !
  11. DL

    So, whats happening there? Can i get some answer from compitent person in this question ?
  12. Market

    About stuff witch get out of order on market, when you update item for sale, offer to chose amount of price. Cause in my case i have so much stuff in banks voult, its so uncomfortable all the time take item out when you want to change price for it. Any way, i think this is a good suggestion. Thanks.
  13. DL

    I have top DL full str full ene 17k agi and i hit astherot by 900 ?? WTF ADMINS I WANT THIS TO BE FIXED!!!
  14. Is it able to pm you ? 

  15. Hello i would like to ask about donat is it gonna be able to order bonuses from there ? ---> http://zgames.info/

    1. BeL4eNaK


      no, there will be another donate system

    2. yamakasy


      okay thanks.