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  1. B>Legend | Dark Raven Spirit

    bonuses on web
  2. B>Legend | Dark Raven Spirit

    crow for 50 bon
  3. Website Item Craft System

    ahahhaa this so good :D::D
  4. Goblin

    thanks, didn't knew this.
  5. Fenrir

    Lol, in bc bk can train easy, if you do it manually.
  6. Goblin

    Oficially can leave this open for goblin feed bck
  7. Goblin

    Faking goblin, i make 2 lvl wings like 20 time and still no luck, all wings on legend server what i made was with no luck. WTF ??
  8. Shadowmare

    Well i got that have some problems with this usual horse and golden one, but is thats it , or you will try to fix it ? as i got there is problem, and thats it !
  9. Shadowmare

    Guys , still wait for solution, so whats happening ?
  10. DL

    Man i need agility for more defense, so i will ask again, please fix the bug !!
  11. DL

    yes it was on, still drink ag like mad , but no extra hit !!! :@
  12. DL

    Dl agility bug, after 14k agi it start to drink ag like mad, but there dont have any extra hit for firescream ! please fix this bug, its really annoying !
  13. demon

    it is working mate ! i know 100 %
  14. Land of Trials Overhaul

    See omni, my rules
  15. Win-win Lottery

    come on even on euro million, i play 2 a week and i played like 8 times and twice i won, one time 5 eu second time 22eu so there you go from 8 times i win something, but at there from 50 i won just stones?!?!?!?!?!? Wtf???