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  1. Balance

    man this is not true, im full bk (knight) and on duels with supreme we had aroun 10-8 but i won, so there is a right strategy for MG, just need to know it. If you want to know something more about it pm me!
  2. New Server

    Please let it be full stat server, like x300 or something !
  3. MuX Photobook

    lol :D:D:D
  4. Thank you CCCP for helping MuxGlobal

    what works ?
  5. Happy Valentines Day!

    LOL MZU, U SHOULD BE PROUD :d:d:d:d:d:d::d:d::d:d:d::d:D:D:D:D:D::D:D
  6. CTRL while F12

  7. -Knight- x30Aurora

    ^^ Well in this case i was speaking with my guild master, and i said him a magical words ! then wth ristache making this topic, if i speak with my bud. DBull shit!
  8. TDM

    guys lets not forget that its international server, where people play from another side of world, so the thing is lets say if i would have to wake up at 5 in morning to make it for tdm, cause i live in another part of world, obviously i would skip it, so i think yes its will be fair for everyone to make this kinda event on morning time as well.
  9. Merging - Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    Honest its fcuking bull shit, why i have to give up my acc with more than 140 archievment points, as i trained both servers in aurora and legend as well. And besides if i sell my acc to someone how its can be not mine after merge.. just no sense!! P.s. i have on legend 140 archievment on aurora 145, and for both i spend a lots of time and money !!!!
  10. [29.12.2017] - Merging – Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    Cant wait, its in progresss 😂😂
  11. DDI

    for mobs work rate dd is only pvp option!
  12. Happy new year!

    Thank you, Happy new year Mux comunity!
  13. Bagira 3.1

    Oh my god, you are stupid. There is no bug on goblin, you just take item put it in and make it like any other else.
  14. Merging - Legend and Phobos to Aurora

    Please pm me for merge!
  15. Proposition - Merging Servers

    someone get a little bit upset