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  1. Gangstas Paradise

    who is this noobs, i cant get :D:D:D
  2. Gangstas Paradise

    and me
  3. Lottery

    omg are you stupid ? im not asking for all + all i used a lots of loteries in real life, and if i buy about 5 i get back about 1 ticket or the same 4 euros back, meanwhile on this one its just waste of bonuses, wtf and before for buying a 50 tickets was a discount now you take it away as well, wtf ?
  4. Lottery

    See everyone get +all item , come on i got only fcking stones..
  5. Lottery

    No guys all respect, but this is not serious, i want some solution!!
  6. Lottery

    Come on, i bought 55 lotteries and from all of them i got only jewels and best one box of kundun +5 wtf ? no serious for more than 50 tickets nothing.. WTF ?? ? ? ?

    same **** +
  8. [2.04.2017] - New items and Stadium for the Lords

    yeah , found it , thanks Bel4enok its really nice, and now there is nice spots. And now land of trials rulle, witch make it more wishable for anothers. Waaiting for someone attack !!
  9. [2.04.2017] - New items and Stadium for the Lords

    im sorry, put please bck zen spot!
  10. Newbie Guide HELP

    u get in game and start to play !
  11. Ban

    Well okay, i have another screen, but for this time i will forgive him. @Tyrant just think what you are saying.
  12. Ban

    1. My nickname: RaBBiT2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.34. Name the offender: Tyrant5. Proof: http://www.bildites.lv/a/jcyxu9rf#7gane9rg
  13. White 4.2

    Well when you use one word for many times, its the same ban.
  14. Rampage

    maybe he found some exp bug, or something
  15. Rampage

    i agree, its imposible, i play'd on x 1000 and no one did it so fast, there rate is smaller so as for me it looks weird.