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  1. item lost after merg

    If you have lost something, please write here also your accounts, and items, what you have lost.
  2. about making/joining Guilds

    With this system - no any fake guild buffs on our server. Only fair play Closed.
  3. Won a quest, but haven't received bonuses?

    LordGzuiX and Mandingo from Nova server. Please write me in PM your actuals nickname on Aurora server.
  4. Quests Nova 08/01/2017

    All done! Mandingo - write me in PM please
  5. Quests Nova 13/01/2017

    All done LordGzuiX - write me in PM please
  6. Quests Aurora 08/01/2017

    All done
  7. Quests Aurora 13/01/2017

    All done
  8. Quests Phobos 13/01/2017

    All done
  9. Quests Phobos 07/01/2017

    All done
  10. about making/joining Guilds

    Your best character with 35 reset and Bank123 1 lvl have the same achievement points. So - only one character in guild from one account. It's fair
  11. [6.01.2017] - Merging – Nova to Aurora

    On aurora you need more time for take 35 reset. But you need more AFK time, because only 35 reset and in the end you can stay a lot of time on AFK. On Nova you need less time for became a 200 reset, but... You spend much more non-afk time, because reset via website, spot searching e.t.c This system is fine.
  12. MuX Photobook

    Where i can pick up my prize?
  13. MuX Photobook

    Hello! I've been in Japan trip for 2.5 weeks, it was amazing! And everybody happy new year! Rock this year c'mon
  14. Quests Phobos 27/12/2016

    All done!
  15. Quests Nova 27/12/2016

    All done!