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  1. Quests Legend 19/10/2017

    All done
  2. Quests Phobos 14/10/2017

    All done
  3. Quests Aurora 14/10/2017

    All done
  4. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    No, it's technical requirement (for safety reasons) For BK will be changes
  5. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Your stats right now isn't a very good. I think, some DL from Legend should say better then me. DL: STR + ENE/2 + COM First of all - STR will be the most valuable stat. Because 1) It's gives you power 2) 1=1 for combo dmg I think, more profit will be, if you don't use command at all right now. Anyway, right now, this isn't a final version of balance.
  6. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    What stats do you have now, and what stats you had early ?
  7. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Just wait for the second part of update (probably this or next week)
  8. [16.10.2017] - Arkania Episode 4 - Update Part 1

    Problems with these zones will be fixed in next update. Yes. Choose - more defense and speed attack, or much stronger combo. Variability Bk is very strong. Better in PVP than PVE That's right. Opinion about update from players, will be very helpful for us.
  9. Quests Aurora 08/10/2017

    All done
  10. Quests Phobos 08/10/2017

    All done
  11. Quests Legend 11/10/2017

    All done
  12. Drop event!

    Okay, we will talk with senate about drop event. How often, how much boxes e.t.c
  13. Party exp go wild

    Are you sure, that in your party every class was different?
  14. Drop event!

    This isn't a problem. I'm just thinking, that 15 bonuses can be better reward, than chance of picking up a drop from box?