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  1. Quests Phobos 13/08/2017

    All done
  2. Quests Aurora 13/08/2017

    All done
  3. Quests Legend 12/08/2017

    All done
  4. Inventory

    All done, there was 5 boxes. Sorry for long answer
  5. Inventory

    Please log out from game, and then i will restore your boxes
  6. Crest of Monarch

    From box, which drops from Zaikan moob
  7. Quests Phobos 08/08/2017

    All done!
  8. Quests Aurora 08/08/2017

    All done!
  9. Share your music!

    Guys you know, i'm a huge Kendrick Lamar fan and i'm in love with hip-hop for a long years, especially since 2007 Kanye West Graduation album. And hip-hop have a huge problem. Most of their live shows are probably sucks. Only Eminem and Kanye West can do a live shows on the high level. And some times Kendrick Just look at the Kendrick performance in 2013 at the middle club. (but crowd is good) And in 2017 full arena of people stand on the legs and singing this (0:30) Kendrick is the best artist in this decade
  10. Website Item Craft System

    Just wondering, are here someone likes this system? What is yours ideas for improvement?
  11. Goblin

    In that case, TS need to write a bug report to his luck. For example, maybe somebody didn't know, how is working random in mu online. There is a file, with numbers: 1 2 3 e,t.c untill 100. For example, % of the luck on item will be 65%. So, from this file server will take one random number from 1 to 100. If this number will be 1-65 - your item will receive luck. If from 66 to 100 - not.
  12. Goblin

    Bad goblin
  13. Estonia

    Teh me dookinauhutula neteppaneeskajama ollaasijuhe
  14. Quests Legend 06/08/2017

    All done