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  1. Client achievement

    Because it's just a converting one currency to other. :]
  2. ACC info

    I've written to your PM.
  3. ACC info

    You have a nickname same as your friend nickname?
  4. Chaos Castle

    Demon and Spirit is working like Satan and angel. That why they works in CC
  5. Quests Epic 17/04/2017

    All done!
  6. Competitor archievement

    It's works of every floor. Achievement (winner) works only on floor #6.
  7. CryAndPlay X30

    About this duel - CryandPray is clear, there isn't any cheats. But about second video - i already started to investigation. Anyway - now cheatengine isn't working.
  8. help

  9. Delete this thread

  10. [12.04.2017] - Anti-cheat, Siege objects and other

    I can answer on that No. That action (with 80-90% bonuses return) was only for 1 time.
  11. Share your music!

    This just... Damn, you know?
  12. Bug or cheat!!!

    The same as here
  13. Cheats on Castle Siege

    Absolutely right. Anti
  14. Quests Aurora 14/04/2017

    All done!