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  1. TDM

    TDM is much important then gym
  2. Quests Legend 06/01/2018

    All done
  3. Dear players. If you have lost something after servers merged, please write here by this description 1. Server 2. Account 3. What exactly you have lost Example 1. Legend 2. Knuckles 3. I lost my resets. Was 100, now only 5.
  4. Merge

  5. Merge

    That is what we was doing, when servers merged
  6. new classes

    We don't have any plans for new classes.
  7. Quests Legend 29/12/2017

    All done
  8. You will receive all your rating bonuses before merge. Monday till ~13:00
  9. Happy new year!

  10. Disconnect Game

    Do you using a router?
  11. Server event - Santa rescue mission

    All bonuses are given out!
  12. Quests Aurora 23/12/2017

    All done!
  13. Server Maintenance

    Today at 17:05 server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~10 minutes.
  14. Server event - Santa rescue mission

    Sorry, but i saw drop event on Phobos, when there was about 5 people only. Beside, on Aurora was pretty good. There is no point to make this Event on Phobos and Legend.
  15. Server event - Santa rescue mission

    3 hours left! Don't forget