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  1. Quests Phobos 22/06/2017

    All done
  2. problems

  3. HELP ME

    Hello. Please read your PM
  4. Server Settings - Legend x100

    Only 5 hours left...
  5. Global Message 4.2 part 2

    A little hint: the guy who wrote this message: 1) Not ASELS 2) Wrote in this topic
  6. White Wizards Event

    We are working on this problem, but we don't know, when it will be fixed. I can't say nothing more about it this time. Closed
  7. problem with voteing

    Try it again for Topg please. Now all will be perfect (we guess)
  8. [7.06.2017] - MUX Reborn and new Legend x100

    Of course we can do a lot easier, just delete Phobos and Aurora server. But players spend money and time on this servers, that's why we won't do this. As i said thousand times - we give you an opportunity of lifetime warranty on your accounts. We giving you prizes and bonuses per TDM, If you won CS - you have a % from web trading + bosses e.t.c. On aurora server we can give you some features, like Guild tribute, clan rewards or something like this. So after 35 reset you can play further. New server = new players on our project. Some people will come to Aurora or Phobos.
  9. Quests Phobos 13/06/2017

    All done!
  10. Quests Aurora 16/06/2017

    All done
  11. Quests Aurora 10/06/2017

    All done!
  12. problem with voteing

    I didn't say it's your fault. Some of votes xtreme top don't consider. Why? We don't know why xtreme top doing this. Our system working fine, there isn't any problems. Problems only on xtreme top side.
  13. problem with voteing

    When you didn't receive bonuses from xtremetop - this isn't our fault. It's strange policies of xtremetop, when piece of the votes don't count..
  14. problem with voteing

    I voted 10 minutes ago and all work fine. Hm..
  15. problem with voteing

    Try it now