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  1. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 10/03/2019

    All done
  2. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 10/03/2019

    all done
  3. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 11/03/2019

    All done
  4. With low online it's better to have big guilds. Because anyway, there won't be 3 strong guilds. And now guild master can invite in guild every newbie players.
  5. I think, if we change CM rate to the 99%, players will still leave project, because the goblin and admins.
  6. Arthur

    Newbie guide request

    Main guide
  7. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 28/02/2019

    all done
  8. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 28/02/2019

    All done
  9. Arthur

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    After Bel4enak vacation, we will think about it. I think, this will be good solution
  10. Arthur

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    Exactly what?
  11. Arthur

    New concept for Guilds and Alliances

    This system created a few months ago, we just "turn on" it on mux global, because with low online in was more helpful for guilds. Problem isn't in this system. Problem is in strong players low activity.
  12. Arthur


    Okay, add one more resolution isn't a big problem. When Bel4enak will be back, we will talk about it.
  13. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 19/02/2019

    All done
  14. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 24/02/2019

    All done
  15. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 17/02/2019

    All done
  16. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 24/02/2019

    All done
  17. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 17/02/2019

    All done
  18. Arthur


    On which size monitor you play? And resolution of the monitor?
  19. Arthur

    [16.02.2019] - Excellent options, Stadium and bugfixes

    What exactly you don't understand? If your guild doesn't get 1000 points - you don't chance to win access to Kanturu arena map.
  20. Hello! I asking active players, and any other players, who likes this project, to participate in conversation about MUX future. Please send me in PM your skype/discord or any other options to connect with you, so i will can create a big common chat. Thank you for staying with us, and let's talk about our future together.
  21. Arthur

    Conversation about MUX future

    I have sent invite link to the discord in PM
  22. Arthur

    GD x200

    Time and nicnkname?
  23. Arthur

    Conversation about MUX future

    After some hour will created channel in Discord.
  24. Arthur

    Conversation about MUX future

    MZU, i didn't receive PM from you, where are you?
  25. Arthur

    Conversation about MUX future

    Here won't be general conversation. Please write me in PM your skype or discord, so i can invite you in chat tomorrow