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  1. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 17/01/2019

    All done
  2. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 13/01/2019

    All done UrsuletuLL - wrong nickname
  3. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 17/01/2019

    All done
  4. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 13/01/2019

    All done
  5. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 08/01/2019

    All done
  6. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 08/01/2019

    All done
  7. Arthur

    Lost Item

    Shield in your vault.
  8. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 29/12/2018

    All done HannibaL - wrong nickname
  9. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 30/12/2018

    All done
  10. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 29/12/2018

    All done
  11. Dear players, we want to congratulate you with the already passed Christmas and the New Year to come! We wish you all the very best not only in our Muxglobal world, but also everywhere else, outside the realms of Muxglobal. We hope that the next year will be even more interesting and captivating. This year has been full of new things. We have gradually, during this year, fixed a load of various bugs and errors and we have implemented a lot of new features in the quest to make our beloved game even more enjoyable. To celebrate, there will be a Drop Event on the 28th December, on each of our gaming worlds. Aurora - 17:30 Diablo - 18:00 Pandora - 18:30 Also we have more gifts in store for you on December 31st. Thank you for being with us in this passing year. Let's meet, celebrate and spend the next year together as well!
  12. Arthur

    [27.12.2018] - The holiday comes to us!

    Just log-in on muxglobal website tomorrow and you will see.
  13. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 25/12/2018

    All done
  14. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 25/12/2018

    All done
  15. Arthur


    No, quests are our religion.
  16. Arthur

    Game Crashed

    This problem is on both sides. You client and our server. Currently we fixing one of problem with client closing.
  17. Arthur


    Sorry, but we can't change this. Closed.
  18. Arthur


    Don't sure about Maya event. Now it's just PVE event for drop and quests, and we're thinking, that this is enough. Some players can't pass the Nightmare quest. With changes, it will be more difficult
  19. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 12/12/2018

    All done
  20. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 09/12/2018

    All done
  21. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 09/12/2018

    All done
  22. Arthur

    Appeal 4.6 ban

    i'm agree with 4.6 in that case. What more can i say?
  23. Arthur


    On previous server we had separate vip server, and there was a lot of non-pvp zone. Now, when we haven't any vip servers any more, we just giving our vip players an opportunity to have some non-pvp place.
  24. Arthur

    Chat Rules

    Very soon will be changes in game rules.