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  1. Arthur

    Pet Rudolf

    southampton has right. You need to killing monster. Only in this case your Rudolph start to collecting zen.
  2. Arthur

    rule 8 or idk

    I've seen chat in discord before this screens. Destoyer wan't to sell BK for bons on Pandora. This time he get warning. 3) Sale of anything for real money and virtual currencies, equated to real money, as well as any type of exchange and sale of the characters is forbidden. For violation of this rule, you will receive a warning or an instant block of accounts of buyer and seller. But in next time, this kind of thing doesn't help you. Closed.
  3. Arthur

    Reset wait time?

    Right now top 25 best achievement players have only 58 points in total.
  4. Arthur

    Dark Raven attack in CC bugs or not?

    Just enjoy it Closed.
  5. Arthur

    Dark Raven attack in CC bugs or not?

    Uhm... Why you think it's a bug?
  6. Arthur

    Reset wait time?

    http://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=ratings&show=1&type=1&serv=server2 Here you can tracking a changes in reset system requirement level
  7. Arthur

    Seal of healing

  8. Arthur


    You have chance to win a jackpot from 1 ticket. Also you have chance to win nothing from 250 tickets. It's all about your luck.
  9. Arthur

    Castle Siege.

    Topic was edited. Now it's actual information.
  10. Arthur


    That's right, Full Excellent Pendant of Water +13
  11. Arthur

    cant start game

    Please show us screenshot of a problem.
  12. Arthur

    Referral Rating counts

    150 125 100
  13. Arthur

    x200 Diablo

    Now all works fine. Bonuses are on your account, now you can buy cash points.
  14. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 30/10/2018

    All done
  15. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 28/10/2018

    All done