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  1. Arthur

    Appeal 4.6 ban

    i'm agree with 4.6 in that case. What more can i say?
  2. Arthur


    On previous server we had separate vip server, and there was a lot of non-pvp zone. Now, when we haven't any vip servers any more, we just giving our vip players an opportunity to have some non-pvp place.
  3. Arthur

    Chat Rules

    Very soon will be changes in game rules.
  4. Arthur

    Quests Pandora 06/12/2018

    All done
  5. I've answered in your PM.
  6. Arthur

    Kanturu Core Level?

    Hmm.. Anyone also have the same problem?
  7. Arthur

    Wrong Drop form A Grade Boss LOT

    Thanks, will check it.
  8. Arthur

    Quests Diablo 28/11/2018

    All done
  9. Arthur

    Quests Aurora 25/11/2018

    All done
  10. Arthur

    Chat ban

    Chat is unblocked.
  11. Arthur

    MY VIP

    Try it now
  12. Arthur

    MY VIP

    Soon will be fixed. There was some problems after adding VIP after "Guild master bonuses" event. I will write here once again later.
  13. Arthur

    do yourself a favor do this

    MVP 2018
  14. Arthur

    Bonuses for Guild Master

    Sorry! Both GM's have received 1000 bonuses and VIP for one month. We hope, your guilds will have nice time in Arkania world.